Chaturbate with GayDemon: Dick on the Brain Chaturbate with GayDemon: Dick on the Brain

Maybe I've had dick on the brain, but I just got that Chaturbate is a play on Chat and Masturbate. Despite the hoards of naked guys chatting and masturbating on Chaturbate (both show-offs and watchers), I'd thought it was a site about guys from Chattanooga who ate a lot while wearing turbans. Which I'm totally still right about that, except all those guys from Chattanooga are also masturbating.

Let's turn that "maybe I've had dick on the brain" into a "definitely" shall we?

But I still have enough of my brain to suggest the launch of Perturbate which is a bunch of pissed off (perturbed) guys masturbating. Also known as the hotel sauna at the Republican National Convention.

And there ought to be Exacerbate, which is a site that takes any problem or situation, and adds masturbation to the mix, which somehow makes the situation worse. Now that probably won't have a lot of viewers since masturbation (except when caught doing it at work) tends to make situations better.

Blurbate wouldn't be far behind. It would be masturbation in short bursts with character limits on the chat to keep everything blurb length. Now that would be strange.

But not as potentially strange as the Disney movie inspired Flubberbate. Which is when guys jerk off with a lube that causes their hands to bounce off their dick with every attempted strokes. This lube also makes it nearly impossible to put clothes back on as they keep bouncing off. A true miracle lube.

For now, Chaturbate is here to meet your chatting and masturbation needs. Yeah, all the guys you see above are Chaturbate fellas. And they've given me a serious case of dick on the brain.

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