Chaturbate with GayDemon: Cocky Couples Chaturbate with GayDemon: Cocky Couples

What better way for a couple to express intimacy than jacking and groping and sucking and fucking on Chaturbate for hundreds of adoring, masturbating fans? Like the first moment they met, or their first date, or first romantic walk on the beach, they'll remember their first online cockfest forever. Ejaculation tends to lock in memory.

Seriously, if you're studying for a test, try ejaculating. You'll definitely remember what you were studying that moment. Just be careful the pages of your textbook don't stick together.

Now, not necessarily all the performing couples on Chaturbate are actual boyfriends, though some sure as hell are. But at minimum, they are FWBs. And they're popular as hell. Total live sucking, making out, massage, spanking, penetration, quilt making. Okay, not quilt making, though that would be awesome if a pair of dudes sat there and sewed or knitted or made candles or some craft. But naked. I mean, isn't everything better naked? Like chess. Chess is totally better naked, especially when it's those old guys in the park playing it. Hot!

And so is watching Chaturbate. Definitely best to be naked when you do that. Unless you're watching on your phone at work. Then probably keep your shirt on. You can lose the pants though. Yes, definitely lose the pants.

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