Chaturbate with GayDemon: Cock in Your Face Chaturbate with GayDemon: Cock in Your Face

Want cock in your face? Of course you do. But it's been a long day at the office and you don't have time to find actual cock because the 11 minutes it takes to arrange a hookup on a location-based hookup app is 10 minutes too long. Pardon me, it's not an app unless a vowel is strategically removed like Grindr, so I'll be more clear by saying "lctin-bsed hokup pp" which just rolls of the tongue.

So fuck fucking a real guy (and your boyfriend is asleep anyhow) so enter the handy site bringing you virtual cock in your face. Just hold your face up to the screen and take that dick into your mind. There's plenty of it.

I bet if Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell had dated, they totally would have invented Chaturbate. Though they may have had to invent the internet first. And computers. Well maybe the only thing around back then that Chaturbate also requires is privacy. I think back in the 19th century, people closed their blinds and jerked off too. Which explains why blinds are generally white. It was a way to tell your neighbor, hey I'm jacking off spewing white cum right now. I'll be over for supper after and will bring the cherry cordial and the trifle.

Have you noticed some guys have cocks and some have dicks? Depends on the moment, how they hold it, what they're doing with it. Sometimes guys have pricks, but that's more rare. Out of the guys above, I'd say the top two rows are cocks. Then the rest are dicks. That includes the cuties I shoved into the bottom left. They weren't flashing dick at the time, but I swear they have them. That's why they're smiling so hard. They get to touch their dicks whenever they want.

And you can touch yours whenever you want too, including right now at Chaturbate.

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