Chaturbate with GayDemon: Chest Obsession Chaturbate with GayDemon: Chest Obsession

Look at my fucking tits! That's what each and every one of these guys is saying, flashing his pecs for the world to see and salivate over. Look at my fucking tits! And cock. And ass. And cumshot. And Chaturbate is where they say it.

Are you a chest lover? Yeah you are. And here's the hilarious thing: lots of guys tease showing their cocks, rubbing themselves through their underwear, keeping that cock just out of frame until that moment of sweet reveal, but when you're a chest lover, you'll find most guys flash their bare chests from the very beginning. And you'll see it all.

It sure pays to be more than cock-centered. It sure pays to be into a man's entire body. Okay, maybe not ears. Fuck ears. But chest and nips? Damn and damn.

I am forgetting something else a guy has. Like brains or something. As long as he has the brains to take his shirt off, I'm good. If I want wit, I'll read some really edgy greeting cards. Or go to a play or something. I really just want to see those pecs flex as a guy jerks off. And if some cum happens to splatter all over his chest (whether his or a buddy's), I'm totally good with that.

Makes me want to take out a roommate ad saying: "If you ever feel like jacking off and shooting on your own massively muscular chest, feel free. Then take out the trash."

Head on over to Chaturbate and see what chests you can find.

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