Chaturbate with GayDemon: Amateur Cocks Chaturbate with GayDemon: Amateur Cocks

How can you tell an amateur cock from a professional one? The amateur one does whatever the hell it wants. The professional one has a script to follow. However loose, it's still a script. And Chaturbate, with the exception of moonlighting porn actors, is chock full of amateur cock.

It's at this point you should remember that, in general as it's the intent, Olympians are amateur athletes. So when it comes to jerk off material, amateur is often the way to go. Because pros and amateurs both take their pants off one leg at a time. If they even ever have pants on to begin with.

For my next trick (the first one was so impressive you already forgot I did it) I'll read the minds of these amateurs.

  • Row 1: "I have tight twink abs and a big uncut penis and I'm touching my penis because it's there."
  • Row 2 (left): "I got my money's worth on this body oil and afterwards I'll use it to roast some vegetables."
  • Row 2 (right): "I'm a brick house. Mighty. Mighty. Letting it all hang out."
  • Row 3 (left): "Fuck, my watch doesn't match my underwear. Maybe nobody will notice."
  • Row 3 (right): "I hope my husband doesn't catch me doing this. Again.
  • Row 4 (left): "Drilling for oil in the Arctic is destructive to the Earth and there's only one Earth. Hopefully if I masturbate hard enough, oil company executives will be too distracted by my dong to go through with the drilling."
  • Row 5 (right): "I know my dick's not in a cunt right now, but as long as I don't look maybe it actually is. I mean there's a small chance that's what's happening here."
  • Row 6 (left): "Why the hell did you stick me all the way down in row 6, bitch!?"
  • Row 6 (right): "Penis. Dick. Porn. Up. Porn. Down. Squeeze. Squirt. Repeat."

You can solve the mystery of what these amateurs are thinking by heading to Chaturbate now and asking them yourself in the chat rooms.

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