Chaturbate with GayDemon: Masturbation Central Chaturbate with GayDemon: Masturbation Central

Breaking news: guys masturbate all the fucking time on Chaturbate! You may have thought Chaturbate referred to something besides masturbation. Since there are so many words that end in "urbate" like, for example, masturbate. Oh wait, there just have to be others, because if not, your confusion makes no sense. Oh, I've got it. Here they are:

  • Suburbate: live in the suburbs while definitely not masturbating because why would you need to when there's so much to do in the suburbs like mow the lawn and marvel at the freshly mown lawns of others.
  • Burburbate: masturbate in a public park in a luxurious Burberry trench coat.

  • Perturbate: totally piss everyone off by masturbating loudly during a screening of a moving, sensitive tragic French film full of serious acting and sets that look like they took a lot of time to make and required a set designer who was definitely not masturbating.
  • Oranginurbate: Obviously, drinking Orangina while masturbating. Additional meanings are when an orangatang is drinking Oragina while masturbating and when a women eats too many carrots and ends up with an orange vagina that she diddles because what else are you going to do with an orange vagina?
  • Bruce Jennurbate: what you need to do when you're married to Kris Jenner for years. But you knew this one already as it's on a Wheaties box. His second appearance since his decathlon gold medal. And yeah, I'm using "he" for Bruce because he hasn't requested the use of a different pronoun yet. But no matter the pronoun, he still Jennurbates, and you would do if you were married to Kris Jenner.
  • Brody Jennurbate: bro jacking with Brody Jenner. Sign me up
  • Poppurbate: how you misspell poppers when popper kill your brain cells

So I guess with all those other common, and totally real words that end in "urbate", I can totally see how maybe you didn't know that Chaturbate is masturbation central. But now you know. And now you'll look.

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