Cash and Deanna Take Turns on Damien's Dick Cash and Deanna Take Turns on Damien's Dick

I guess my editor is pissed at me for some reason or another because he assigned me this bisexual post. I don't know what I did to get on his shit list. I guess he doesn't know that I've never seen a real, live vagina, although I have seen pictures of them. And I wouldn't know what to do with a pussy if one came right up and bit me -- they do bite, don't they?

All joking aside, I did the review for Bi Barracks and I actually quite liked the site. I thought going into Bi Barracks that I'd be watching two straight dudes sharing a woman. And they do, but this site is produced by the Active Duty people, so that means that the guys have to fuck just as much guy butt as pussy.

This scene with Damien, Deanna and Cash isn't actually the best representation of what you'll find on the site because Damien does all the fucking and Deanna and Cash do all the receiving. But in most of the other videos I watched, both guys (and there are always two guys in the videos) take turns fucking each other and the chick.

Anyway, just a little something different to make sure you're all awake and paying attention. And as for my editor, well, we writers have ways of exacting our revenge, like being late with our assignments for the rest of the week. I'm just saying.

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