When the Bottom You're Fucking Doesn't Get a Hard-on When the Bottom You're Fucking Doesn't Get a Hard-on

I've heard a lot of guys complain about bottoms who don't get hard-ons when they're getting fucked. A lot of guys think that the lack of an erection means a bottom isn't enjoying himself. When Landon first sits on Eli Hunter's cock in this Sketchy Sex video, it's pretty clear that he's enjoying himself, but he's sporting a very soft dick. And Landon continues to ride Eli's bone and makes all the grunting and groaning noises that go along with enjoying a dick up your ass, but his own cock remains flaccid.

I guess if guys really thought about it, they'd figure out that we're not all wired the same. Just think about what turns you on. If I went in the other room and planted a big, wet kiss on my partner, his cock would start getting hard about 10 seconds in. Me, nothing. But if he started playing with my nipples, stuff would start happening in my shorts. I have a friend who can simply see a hot man walking towards him on the street and he's popping in his pants.

And like Landon here, I never get a hard-on when getting fucked -- and believe me, I adore a good dicking. But my boner maker isn't wired to my butt hole. Even when Landon is first blowing Eli in this scene, Eli says, "Soft ... soft" when Landon is sucking too fast. Besides, I don't know about you, but I'm more interested in watching Landon's ass sliding on Eli's big hard cock.

A couple of weeks ago, Eli Hunter did an interview with GayDemon where he talked about his filming sessions with Sketchy Sex and he gave us a bit of insight as to how those scenes developed.

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