Beefy Hunks Raw Sling Fuck Beefy Hunks Raw Sling Fuck

Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels are two hairy, beefy and masculine models getting together for a hot raw fuck over at Breed Me Raw.

The guys meet up and go back to Brad's place where he maintains a fully equipped sex room, complete with all the gear needed to fulfil all his sexual needs. Things start off with the guys getting naked, except for their socks and sneakers, and kissing each other passionately. Cocks are fondled and both are soon rock hard. Shay lays himself down on a bench so that his mouth is the perfect height for Brad to easily feed him his cock and be able to face-fuck him. It is really exciting watching and listening to Shay as he moans and groans while deep throating Brad's cock - he obviously loves every inch, despite the occasional gag, and it's hot to see his copious saliva as it's gushing down Brad's cock and cascading off his balls like a waterfall! Not content just to get a blow job, no matter how good it feels, Brad gets Shay on his back and settled into a sex sling. He now has total control of his lovers butt and arsehole and pushes his cock deep into that warm tight hole - completely raw! Shay can do nothing but lie there, feeling Brad's bush against his nuts as every inch of Brad's cock fills his hole. He lies there moaning and groaning with each thrust of Brad's cock, occasionally stroking his own rock hard boner, until Brad's pumping reaches it's climax and both guys finally get off on the whole experience!

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