Barebacking on a Billiards Table Barebacking on a Billiards Table

I always wonder about porn scenes that are filmed on billiards tables -- who the hell cleans up the felt? Some pool halls are really particular about the colour of chalk players are allowed to use, they don't want pink chalk messing up their blue felt, or in the case of this Breed Me Raw video, they don't want lube, sweat, and cum staining their tables. And here you thought I was going to lead with the yin yang tattoo on Tony Bishop's cock. Don't worry, I'm going there.

I'm pretty squeamish about my cock. I never considered piercing it because I don't fancy the pain. I'd dearly love to have my foreskin back and have thought about plastic surgery, but what if something went wrong? Like an infection. Don't laugh, each year around 250 South African men (mainly from the Xhosa tribe) end up losing their penises due to complications resulting from foreskin removal during traditional ceremonies. And I've never thought about piercing my cock like Tony Bishop here, although it does look kind of sexy. But I'm not much of shower, so what's the point? Bishop has a nice, thick cock, so he wears the yin yang symbol well. What do you think? Hot or not.

Aaron Burke joins Tony in this video and they're playing a game of naked billiards. Aaron suggests that if Tony sinks the eight ball that he'll let the blond fuck him on the pool table. "I'm going to fuck you either way," Tony laughs. They don't even make it through the entire game before they're locked in a panting kissing session on the felt. And they do end up putting down a towel before Tony rams Aaron's ass, but after seeing Tony squirting all over Aaron's hole, I'm pretty sure some of his jizz ended up on the felt, although most of it was fucked back inside.

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