Austin Wilde's First-Time Bottoming Bareback Austin Wilde's First-Time Bottoming Bareback

Austin Wilde filmed his first bareback video on Guys in Sweatpants back in March when he fucked a cute bottom named Tanner. Porn bloggers were making much ado about it because Wilde had always came out against bareback sex. But times change. I used to make a big deal about these things, but honestly, there have been a parade of sites and studios going raw over the past few years that it's hardly newsworthy anymore. Hardly, but we still like to blaze the headline.

However, what's more noteworthy that the raw fucking is that it's been a few months since Austin Wilde has bottomed at all. And in his words, "My virginity has sort of grown back." Tyler and Austin had been hanging out for a couple of days, and when you get a look at Tyler's monster cock, you'll understand why Wilde decided to throw his legs in the air. Also, Tyler doesn't top and Austin wanted to show him how good that feels -- what a nice guy!

Tyler is holding the camera while Austin gets the first few looks and licks at the lad's cock. Austin's pretty impressed and rough handles Tyler's dick to get it hard. Fast forward through the blowjobs and Austin topping Tyler and finally we arrive at Tyler inching his huge bone inside Austin's hole. He gets his cock head inside, then starts pushing. Austin pants, "OMG ... hole shit ... fuck," then he reaches around and feels that Tyler's still got a couple more inches to give him. "Wow!" And things only get hotter from there.

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