A Beer Bottle Up Ya Butt Just Gotta Hurt! A Beer Bottle Up Ya Butt Just Gotta Hurt!

The Fraternity X brothers were initiating Brad recently. He's a new pledge wanting in at their Frat, but little does he know what's in store for his mouth and butt hole before he can be admitted!

We catch up with him sucking cock after cock, at least four or five, all in a row, and the poor guy is being forced to deep-throat them too, but he's gagging, splattering and spluttering on each one - drooling saliva everywhere - the poor guy just doesn't know how to properly take hard cock orally yet. And naturally the frat bros were NOT impressed, and who can really blame them? It's simply not polite to gag and choke on a bros cock, especially when pledging for the frat. So after Brad's mouth and throat got too sore to continue sucking, they turned him over and started to use his butt hole for their dirty bareback pleasures. Soon tho, that got sore too and his complaining started to annoy one of the bros, so he took his half-drunk bottle of beer and poured some of it along Brad's arse crack and it ran down to his sore hole, which certainly woke Brad up, and the look on his face was a mix of shock, horror, amazement and pain! But it didn't end there either - the poor guy ended up having the beer bottle rammed up his arsehole and the beer poured out filling his arse while he got fucked with the bottle - a beer douche for this douche of a pledge!

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