Well we all were so happy fucking and sucking each other I was really in heaven it was so nice to have a four sum with 2 boys I diddnt actually know

So the next 6 dayes they spent the day and night at my house not leaving just being thete with us readdy to play when me and jaco were all of us headded back to my house the following morning after the camp out all 4 of us slept in a 1man tent and. I insisted that we all sleep naked so we can do with each other as we like and we all agreed on that and we made a packt on that !!

So we got ho.e unpa ked all of the camping gear and headed for the shower I don't think I told you I have. Masive shower more tha 10 people can fit in there we all had washed our beutiful bodies and then nathan droped the sope so I went in for the killi I drove my dry rock hard cock in to his tight hole and he schreemd likd a little girl and he instantly started moaning and he grunted with pain and plesure short after I did that jaco and the other boy. Had a wonderfull time jerking eachother off while waching us go the job nathan moaned and I moaned ooohh yeahhhh you are sooo gight you wnna make my cum right away

Jaco shifted over behind me and pulsed his cock in my hole and started fucking me hard. Teffen on the other hand went to nathan's head and pushed his dick into his awaiting mount warm from the breathing and filled with seliva he faced fucked nathan and again we had a four sum this was the best sex I ever had in a groupe it was so intence and wonderfull ...

I finnly get go the climax and shared my cum with nathans ass and shoft after than teffen came in nathans mouth and jaco saw the cum dripping of his mouth and cum imediately jacobent down to eat nathans ass out and cleaned all the cum up teffen rimmed me like he was hungry for my ma pussy he was so gentel but so good I thought he was a pro ass eater it fwlt so good

The lads nathan and teffen had left and there me and my cussen were ba k together alone on the farm so I took him go see how things happen on the farm the next morning .....

Well by my seprised one of the cows was on heat and the bull diddnt think twice of getting it on with her. Acctually he diddnt stick his penis in her pussy he went for the hole and I was turned on by the sight of the show and jaco also admired the sight and asked me if that was normal I gold him yes it was normal ( a white lie doesn't hurt that much ) we went to the horses and the semin collector was there and he had the hlrse by his dick and milking him for his semin

We went to the barn yeard to get some of the pellets that the chickens eats and when we came back the semin collector was gone so jaco had this weard idee of getting the horse. All horney and let the horse give us plesure so we took the horse to the barn yeard. And tight him up so he can't move I for some weard reason had a pocket lube in my jeans so I used it for me and jaco

Jaco asked me are u the first one or must I co firts ??

I told him he can go firts and he kneeled underneeth the horse and I took the dick directing it to his man pussy !!

He horse diddnt think twice to get his big fat sloppy rock hard co k up jaco's hole and he fuck him till he had bo more power to be fucked jaco pulled the horsed dick out of him and stood up and told me now its your turn I went underneath the horse and directed his dick to my eagerly hole the horse had no shame he started fucking me right away I was so shocked and in heaven of how this felt. I really enjoyed it I then got to my climax and started so moan like no one have ever moaned ooohh fuck. This thing is uge he I going te tear my ass apart aaaaahhhh yeahhhhb your such a good boy fuck my pussy harder and I felt the horses dick getting bugger and bigger and felt a warm feeling inside of me the horse cumed so much even jaco had a injection in his hole when I had him fill me up with his animal juses and jaco had an idee again

He said he wnts to see how much does a horse cum and he took a bottle shoved it up his hile and the cum started filling the bottle up about half way the bottle cilled up now it was my turn and I shoved the bottle up my pusse and the juses came flouding out of my hole the bottle was full and jaco had another bottle waiting to be filled up so I shoved it up my hole and the juses flowed again the bottle was almost filled up and both bottles were 1.5L bottels so we made a quike math test and the horseroduced 3 L of semin that is so much flr a horse but if I had a xick like that horse I would also be able to produce 3 L of semin

We went home showerd ate nd right into bed we were to tierd for sex or even hand jobs we just layed there with each others hands on ouer boddies !

Tat was the nicest day on the farm I had ever had

Thank you for reading

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