We are invited to come in one by one, and we take our sit in silence. The place is still almost dark but i can easily see the guests sit in the places beside us, and the silence, in spite of the large quantity of people, is total; I try to find my coach and when i see him besides some places back to me I feel a little bit more relaxed. Tonight is the first night of a series of underground fights, organized by a clandestine association to enjoy a group very rich people from all over the world; we are the fighters, really selected from all over the states and the prize for the winner and his coach is a big bunch of money. We are divided in small groups of three boys, everyone is really pretty and handsome, and everyone has a brief in coloured lycra (really small and tight) marking the teams in different colours. We wear just that and a pair of elegant sandals we have to leave during the fight. There are no rules, the winner wins by knock out, after laying on the looser for three hits of the gong, and we can, or maybe we have to do, all what we want with the looser, because the audience has to enjoy the fight. Our sits go around a large iron cage and each team is divided by a net, so i can look better at my two mates and other contendents: we are almost about 20 25 years old, mostly gay, as you can easily see from some of them with quiet feminine attitudes, and really hot; especially the boy near me: he has quiet defined abs but not too skinny, big prominent pecs with huge bulging and pale pink nipples, strong thighs, round buttocks, healthy calfs and very well groomed feet in his brown sandals... his face is pretty and gentle, almost feminine, small mouth with full lips, curly dark hair on his forehead, like a botticelli angel... I can feel from his body the soft smell of good deodorant, mixed to the light and sour tone of his sweat; when his soft shoulder touches mine in the sitting, i already feel a little bit hard... i see him shivering, anxious like me, so i boldly put my arm around his shoulders to make him relax, tweaking slightly the puffy nipple with two fingers; his skin is beautifully warm and smooth, if only i could, i would just start licking him right now, even in front of the crowd! The other guy, sitted near my mate, is handsome to but more muscular and well built, and he even seems more confortable there, like he couldn't wait to start fighting... like me after all, and he doesn't care of my approach with our common mate, that at the opposite seems to appreciate my friendship: he timidly takes my hand hanging down from his neck and he gently holds it, so i embrace his body even with my other arm and put sweetly my chin on his shoulder, smiling at him. Even his curly dark hair smells good. Suddendly light turn on, brighting the fighting area, while the first two names are called to fight and two doors of the cage open: Alexander versus Mark. I surprisely see Alexander is the guy sitting near me and i feel really sorry he has to start fighting now, so i unhappily loosen up my soft and humid embrace to let him go; I can feel his tension in the meanwhile he stands up and i can only say goodluck, smiling brightly at him... he smiles at me back walking throught the iron walls of the cage. His opponent, Mark, is already inside, and he looks bold and beautiful: i have already noticed him while we were entering, he's the classic sexy little bull with italian charme; his tanned muscular body is impressive and totally covered by a dark fur from the powerful legs, on the thighs, interrupted by a bright orange brief (really thight on his hip and showing a huge package), to come out from the pubes, until it covers the big pecs and comes out under the pits; just the dark areolas of his nips pop up from the thickness of his hair. At the opposite Alex has a totally shaved body, he looks a really sexy puppy; even if he hasn't that pronounced muscles, his pecs are big and soft, his abs just marked and the thighs strong; he has a deep blue brief like mine and it can't hide a big package, looking hot and huge like the Mark's one and a really sexy butt standing up with the ass cracking coming out from his brief. The two guys are into the ring, waiting the gambles are over and the bell gives the start; sadly Alexander seems already anxious and unconfortable, like on his first fight: trickles of sweat start dropping from his pale body, and he can't look in the eyes his opponent, Mark, that he hasn't stopped to glance at him, smiling to the crowd. Alexander is now exercising in stretching the body and in little jumps that seem queit unhelpful to me now, while Mark calmly waits on the cage with crossed arms. Usually the confrontation of the eyes makes the fight starting even before the bell and the winner is already decided, so i feel queit unconfortable for Alex, looking shy and weak in front to MArk. Little time later the bell rings: gambles have given Alexander the lost... even if the weight difference is similar, the height and age almost the same, Mark has stronger muscles and his attitude, conscious of his power and strenght and willing to fight, has taken the majority; I really hope Alexander will win the fight, to have him sitted near me again, talk to him, caress him and maybe even take him in my bed. At the ring bell the two fighters suddendly throw their arm to get in a hold the other guy's body, crossing their hands, and muscles start tensing.. each of them tries to dominate the other one putting his arms over his shoulder; their arms and hands, tightened and white for the tension, go at the maximum extension and for just a second the two fighters stay in parity; but it's just a second and I can see Alexander face suffering as soon as Mark throw easily his pale hands on his back; Alexander screams weakly and steps back, trying to put his arms again in a comfortable position, but Mark still goes on and lower Alexander arms again, until Alexander's back hits the iron wall of the cage and Mark throw himself violently on the soft defenceless body. Everything seems to stop now and Mark frees Alexander's hands from his hold, relaxing his arms and forcing them to put up on the head; Alexander breaths from relief, his soft body is already slippery of sweat, dropping from his forehead, chest and from the hollow of his shaved armpits; Mark stops his fight just to look at him, almost glancing with desire that so defenceless and in that vulnerable position sexy body: he is really close to him, i'm sure Alexander is scared now and he can surely feel and smell Mark's warm breath on his face, while Mark slaps gently his pecs and licks a drop of sweat from his cheekbone. Alex, surprised from this touch, turns violently his head from the other side, fearing a punch on the face, and feeling the tongue of the guy on his skin, he weakly cries for fear. Then Mark, always licking him, moves his tongue until the right ear, and taking it in the mouth, starts rubbing inside with the tongue, and then unexpectedly bites it strongly. Alex screms again, this time in pain, and Mark leaves him on the wall of the cage, and after a little step, jabs him in the stomach with a violent elbow; the knock goes deep into the soft abs of Alex, just up on the belly button, while he is pushed against the hard iron wall, falling later on the ground, coughing and spitting all the air from his body; Mark takes him in his arm like a puppet before he falls down, but while Alex is still gasping for air, Mark easily handle him up and violently throw him down on the rought ground on his back; Alex loudly cries in pain, and screams again after Mark thows himself on the laying body, with his knee again on the belly. Alexander doesn't stop screaming and groaning, even when Mark starts rubbing him all over the smooth body, now slippery for the sweat, mixed to the oil on the skin; when i look at it i feel sorry for Alex and at the same time i start feeling really horny seein him manhandled. I see Mark's hands running throught the tighs, on the chest, on the neck, alternating his massages with some pinches, some soft and some strong, making him cry again; after this treatment he puts him up taking him by armpits and put the whole body laying on one of his knees with the belly up in a backbreaker; Alexander's body is now totally stretched on Mark's knee, like a bridge and his feet can hardly touch the ground. Again mark rubs that defenceless body a little bit more, sometimes even reaching or grabbing the bulging penis under the deep blue brief: Alexander's body is pressed against his furry pecs and i can see both of their packages start becoming hard. Then Mark applies the pressure on the Alexander's back with hands pushing the chin on one side and one leg on the other, and's Alex body is shored on his knee to the ground: Alex once again starts crying even louder in terrible pain, and some tears come from his pretty face: the pain must be enormous on his back for the innatural tension, the legs kicking the air and trying to loose the backbreaker but he fails everytime, screaming and coughting. Now even Mark is sweating from all the body, shining under the lights of the ceiling, and some drops fall down on his feet, and i can see his hand grabbing more and more the opponent's big bulging balls under his brief, squeezing them a couple of time, and Alex screams in pain again, while his really big and amazing erect penis comes out from the deep blue brief. Alex body is totally in control and tensed for the hard pain at the back, he tries with arm to stop the pressure touching the ground and his postion is really innatural and humiliating, where is bulging package is at the highest point of the body. After finishing with his torture he throws Alex on the ground and he reaches the helpless prettyguy again, forcing him to stand up pinching violently his muscles between neck and shoulder: in fact Alex suddendly screams for the new pain and gets up, while Mark embraces him; his furry body holds the soft one of Alex in his arms, and i suddendly get another hard on, seeing him starting to rub Alex again, but this time in a new, sexy and softer way: his furry pecs rub up and down the sweaty muscles of Alex, the two packages rub again, harder and bulging more and more, almost coming out from the briefs for the movememnts; and at that point Mark , with all his manly charme, passionately kisses Alex on the mouth, his lips surrounding his sweet mouth, his tongue arrogantly coming into the soft lips of Alex, digging inside more and more. I can see now the soft body of Alex relaxing and starting trembling, especially during the long long wet kiss and even when the strong hands of Mark start to explore his muscles again: from the neck they go down on the shoulder and on the smooth pecs, around the big swollen nipples; as soon as Mark starts milking his puffs, without taking off his lips from his mouth, the shivers of Alex start becoming frantic and he groans loudly, revealing his weak point; his legs are shaking from his toes and his body relaxes or tenses in the moment Mark caresses or pinches him, his mouth licks or bites his skin. Alex's groanings go from pleasure to pain and Mark, leaving his kiss, start licking down Alex's soft perfumed skin, from the neck, kissing and biting alternately, on the muscles of the arm; he lifts up Alex's right arm and starts licking his wet shaved armpit with just a shadow of hair, then violently licking all the sweat of his arm, while with the other hand he take the big pecs around the huge soft meat of the nipple; his tongues arrives at it to and quickly takes it all in the mouth, violently sucking it, making Alex screaming and shaking of pleasure, almost in ecstasy, while he goes on sucking and biting, leaving the nipple sometimes with a sonorous smack and milking him again. Everyone of us can see the fight is over, Mark is just pawing the looser prettyboy (and even making him horny) but i feel jealous because i would have loved to do the same and have alex all for my pleasure and mostly i feel sorry for the humiliation Mark is giving to my mate... i promise to myself to revenge him if i will be in a fight against that arrogant italian bull. Now Alex has gone almost out and not only for pain: his face is backward, eyes almost closed, feminine and muffled groans, he can't almost stand on his feet, until Mark, stopping to suck the big nipple, slips behind him and put one arm around Alex's neck, while with the other one, after pulling alex's brief in the asscrank, then, moves the other arm under Alex's armpit, starting pressuring around his throat in a choke hold; in the first time Alex doesn't feel the hold, but the hard bulge penis, really visible under the orange briefs, pushing onto his sweated asscrank: Alex's bubblebutt looks really soft and beautiful and start shaking a little bit with the feeling of Mark's package on it. But then the chokehold of Mark stops the breathing of a still horny Alex, while he suddendly understands the danger and starts gasping for air more and more, shaking franticly all the body. He tries to hit Mark's body in his back, cries loudly for help, coughts, but usually, when the air stops to come in your lungs, your minds goes in panic and can't help you in anyway, just looking for a way to breathe again. I see Mark love this domination, love the feeling of having the pretty guy in control and just sometimes he leaves Alex breathing again, catching air, just to choke him sometime later and enjoyning the play; Alex is totally slippery of sweat, we can feel the smell of his fear, and even Mark is wet of it, so i feel again really hard and i desperately want to have Alex for me, especially now i can see dominated, with a great boner, with Mark and his hardon pressing on his beautiful buttocks, slapping and caressing the asscrank with the hands up and down. Alex's faces has turned to red for the lack of oxygen, his tongue falls down from the soft mouth and he falls down slowly on his knees, feeling the power leaving, while MArk, gentle, follows him down and keeps him in his arm, sit on the ground. And so Mark loosens his choke and starts pawing his wet tighs and hips, neck and pecs, feet and calfs; Alex is still, he just moans sometimes, so Mark, to get him wake up, bites violently his earlobe and at the same time wrings his nipples: Alex suddendly wakes up again, squeaking shily, then he puts the prettyboy laying on the ground with belly down, and after having layed on him he surrounds his neck with an arm, in another chockehold and with the other hand he grabs one of his feet, pulling strongly it towards his head, with a painful inverse arch; Alex cries for the pain feeling his foot almost touching his head and even this time he can't put up a fight because the Mark's other muscular arm around his neck cuts off his breath again. But this time Mark doesn't take too long to free him, and while prettyboy's head and ankle fall to the ground, Mark start licking his wet leg again, almost reaching his foot. Alex is amst out now, for the weakness and the pain, we can see MArk could end the match whenever he wants but for another time he makes the humiliated guy stand up, pinching one nip again; now Alex is standing up, defenceless and beautiful, waiting for the knock out that Mark easily gives: just some steps back and a reverse kick hit him with the foot between neck and chin, with a perfect blow and a muffled hit; Alex has been thrown away by the power of the kick, falling heavily with the right arm on the back, while Mark easily and smartly touches ground again, in spite of his heavy muscles. Then he gets down on his knees near the unconscious body, taking his feet and lifting up his legs to the higher level, then he starts rubbing Alex's feet on his face, licking between his fingers, feeling the smell, licking them until the ankles, the his tongues goes on, until arriving to the hollow of his tighs. Alex cock is still hard and push the blue brief... Mark, seein it, pulls out the brief, discovering a huge erected cock and big balls; the smell of his cock is strong and Mark starts licking greedily all the wet skin of his balls and the anal sweat of his cheeks; he turns the body with the ass in the air, going deeply in it with his tongue, and I can see Alex is waking up again, for te delicious treatment on his ass; i can see Mark lightly forcing to open his cheeks and digging with his tongue inside deeper and deeper, all the sweat makes the round soft smooth bubble butt shining and really appealing to me; Alex is now moaning louder, especially after Mark grabs his warm big ball and squeezes them lightly, and his cock becomes bigger and bigger again, at the highest level of the erection, and at that point Mark takes it all in his mouth pumping it up. The salt taste of huge Alex's cock must be amazing, I can see Mark would never stop to suck it, but after a little time the soft body of Alex start shaking more and more, and screaming he violently cums a huge gush in the mouth... it's so much that Mark almost can't stand it, but then he goes on and starts masturbating his still hard cock with the end; Alex still moans and shakes, in a way between conscious and uncoscious, whith his almost fluff penis on the belly. Now i see Mark wants his time, so he forces the prettyboy to stand up again by his hair, and after having had kisses on his lips he pulls him down and surrounds his prettyface with the warm furry tighs and directly put his huge cock in the prettyface's lips; at the first time Alex try to reject but Mark forces him and take his head on the cock, so Alex has no choice and starts devouring and pumping the huge cock; the sexual excitment doesn't take much time to come and for the first time even Mark's muscular body is shaked in shivers: with a prettyboy like Alex working on your cock and with a body like that you can kiss, pinch, lick, touch while his lips pump on you, you don't need too much time to do your best cumming of the months! Infact, just few time later Mark muffles, and corking Alex's nose to make him open the mouth, he violently cums in the prettyface throath. Alex, feeling the warm cum in his mouth, tries to cought and breath, and then he's released by Mark. Mark is clearly hapy and satisfied of the prettboy, he can't stop to touch him, to feel the softness of his body, to smell his skin, and ALex moans of pleasure and sometimes pain; at the end they are both naked, Mark even doesn't hit him anymore, he just lays on the other body, pulls the leg up, tickling once the wet warm balls and buttcranck with fingers. The gongs hits for three times and someone with a microphone calls Mark the winner. He gets up, he still looks bold an beautiful with his muscular body, the italian face smiling, and rise up the wet arms in victory sign. He has worn his range brief again, but before going away takes the deep blue one of Alex, still laying semi-unconscious, and for the last time grabs the big cock pulling a little and flexing his muscles. He's really sexy and masculine. Then he steps outside the cage in a victory pose. I sadly look at the humiliated mate on the ground, beaten too easily by the winner: he's still there, his amazing bulging cock almost touching the soft bellybutton, his skin shining on the light, his breath moving up and down, while three attendants come in the ring and help him to get up; he steps outside the cage to, aching all over the body and i feel really sorry to have not the possibility to see him anymore... the other mate of my team feels just disappointed to have lost the first fight of the day.

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