For years I had frequented adult bookstores. I know most people think of these places as 'sleazy' but mostly, each of the guys there are a lot of the same guys I'd meet elsewhere. They are business men, married men, college student or just the normal guys I'd see at the grocery store. Only, I'm catching them at their horniest. They are needing something they might not be comfortable getting out in the open. I've met some really nice guys and some that did want to meet outside this environment later. That's fine too.

Aside from that, the sight of a man wanting his dick sucked sticking it through that hole is a very erotic experience. He's trusting me and giving me a chance to do what I love, sucking dick. There's been times when the guys bent down to the hole to compliment me, or give me instructions on what he likes. Also, I've gotten requests to join me in my booth for a more 'complete' experience.

Anyway this took place when I was still a to the ways and thrills of adult bookstores and bi-sex.

I would look around the shop a little pretending to be interested in buying magazines or something from the store. After what I felt was a sufficient amount of time browsing, I would get tokens from the clerk, always hesitating to look directly at him so as not to acknowledge what I was about to go and do. Then passing through the beaded curtain I'd enter the dark back area that housed the nasty little individual viewing booths. The booths were all constructed out of 1 inch thick particle board and cheap paneling, with doors. They were about 4x6 feet inside with cheap metal folding chairs.

Most times I would find a booth, close and lock the door. There is something sexy about the ambiance of an adult bookstore video booth. For the first timers it can be a gross place with the old cum smell and sticky floors. But once aquatinted with the shabby d├ęcor, you learn to let it turn you on. Then normally I'd drop in the tokens and take matters into my own hands until I was satisfied.

That all changed when I happened upon a store called simply XXX-Video, an Adult Bookstore adjacent to I-20 in Kennedale near the 820-exit.

What was 'new' to me at this location was the presence of glory holes in the video booths. I'd know of these holes cut between the walls of adjoining booths but I'd never been at an establishment that had them.

My initial reaction upon seeing the hole was to find another booth without a hole. I was turning to leave the booth when I felt a jolt in my pants. I realized I was getting excited by the thought of having access between the booths.

I stopped, closed and locked the door then put a few tokens in the TV monitor. The screen came alive with a video of a young girl with huge tits sucking a cock too big to seem real. All I noticed at the time was how big that dick looked. I started pushing the channel button, surfing through the movies until I came to one of a guy and a super-hot transvestite.

The guy removed the tranny's panties and out sprang another huge cock.

My cock was hard from the excitement of the hole and the images on the screen.

I sat down, unzipped my pants and opened my fly. Then I pulled my dick out and started slowly stroking it. I was in a state of pure excitement when I heard the door to the adjacent booth open and close. At that moment I froze realizing that someone was now actually in the booth next to me. That he was going to look through the hole and see me with my cock out of my pants and in my hand.

Getting nervous I pulled my shirt tail over my lap, covering my exposed erection and then looked toward the hole. I could only see his waist but I heard the man inserting tokens into his TV monitor. He immediately cycled through the movies until he found one to his liking.

Then as I watched he unzipped his pants and opened his fly. Then like I'd been doing only moments ago, he pulled out his cock and started stroking it. I had butterflies in my stomach. I'd never had an experience with a man. For some time I'd thought about the possibility, but up until that very moment it was nothing more than a fantasy to masturbate to from time to time. Now there I was in a glory hole booth with another man sitting practically right next to me, both of our cocks out. 'Oh god,' I thought, 'what was I to do.'

Without much more thought, my hand went to the hole and I put my finger on the edge, inviting the stranger next to me to put his cock through the hole. I had no idea what I was going to do if he responded.

And of course he did. He turned and carefully pushed his cock into and through the hole to my side of the booth.

There it was, a hard pulsing cock right in front of me.

I hesitated for a moment trying to decide what to do and then I reached my hand out and wrapped my fingers around it. I felt him tense with pleasure as I squeezed him. I slid my hand up and down the length of his shaft admiring the feel of another man's dick in my hand. I was mesmerized.

I am not certain how long the stranger allowed me to stroke his cock like that. I was so taken by the fact that it was even happening I could think of nothing other than feeling his manhood pulsing in my hand. I wanted him to cum from me jacking him off.

Now that I've had the time to think about the experience it has become obvious that he wanted more than a mere hand job. I was oblivious to that fact at the time because the experience was so new to me.

The scene was repeated twice more with two other men before I decided that I should leave the booth and find another one to jack off in by myself before I left the store.

As I searched each of the remaining booths I found that they all had the dirty little holes. But at that point it no longer mattered. I was so horny that I had to find relief even if I had to risk being watched.

As I stepped into the last booth at the end of the aisle I noticed the door to the adjacent booth was shut. As I entered my booth, I noticed faint light coming through the hole from the adjacent booth and I heard the sounds of sex coming from its TV monitor. Someone was most certainly in the booth. I didn't care and I even decided I wanted him to watch me.

I closed and locked the door, dropped my remaining tokens into the TV monitor and found a movie of a beautiful red head sucking off her fellow porn star. I unzipped my pants and pulled my raging hard on out of my underwear. I pointed my cock straight at the hole arched my back and began to jack off furiously.

In no time I saw something I didn't expect, even though again, after time to reflect I should have expected, it was two fingers from the man in the next booth inviting me to put my dick in the hole. I didn't hesitate. I immediately shoved my hard dick through the hole. He grabbed it with his warm hand and started stroking me just as hard as I'd been stroking myself just moments ago.

I thought I would explode right then and there, but I was able to hold off. I wanted it to last. I wanted to feel this strange man's hand stroking my cock, working to make me cum. As I was adjusting to his hand and working my hips in unison with his strokes, he stopped at the base of the hole and held his hand there applying a steady pressure. It felt good but I didn't know what to expect next.

Next was pure ecstasy. I felt something warm and moist engulf the head of my engorged cock. At that moment I realized he'd slipped his mouth down over my cock and for the very first time a man was sucking my dick.

He removed his hand and pushed his head down as far on my cock as the hole would allow. I thought I was hard, but I felt my throbbing cock grow and get even harder inside this anonymous man's hot mouth and knew I was getting ready to cum. He couldn't wait to have my cock spewing into his mouth so he picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder.

I could not stop the inevitable. Excitedly I started thrust my hip against the wall and then I shot the biggest load of cum I believe has ever escaped from my balls. The first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of the stranger's throat. He swallowed quickly but not fast enough, the second shot of cum filled his mouth and I could feel the cum dripping from his mouth as he struggled to contain it all, to no avail. I was pushing myself hard against the wall in an effort to get every inch of my dick into his perfect mouth. I'm sure my screams were heard in the main store in spite of the sounds coming from the video booths.

As the stranger was enjoying the feeling of the warm cum in his mouth, I found myself wondering how good it would feel to have some stranger's cum filling my mouth.

Finally, my cock stopped its flow of cum and just twitched in the stranger's mouth every time he ran his tongue along the sensitive underside. He didn't want to let go but once my orgasm had subsided, I withdrew my cock from the hole to find cum still dripping down my balls. It was most certainly the largest load I had ever delivered and it was because of a man's mouth. I was amazed, here I was, a man with a wife, two kids, who'd never cheated on his wife or had ever had thoughts about having sex with another man and yet I was in heaven, filling another man's mouth with my cum.

As I contemplated what had just happened. Then I heard the door open and close as someone entered the booth and then tokens drop into the video monitor. I didn't wait I stuck my fingers in the hole.

There were rustling sounds and through the hole came a firm cut cock looking at me with its large swollen head leaking a drop of pre cum. A million emotions ran through my mind as I did what any red blooded guy would do in that situation, I dropped to my knees, grabbed the protruding cock and immediately sucked it into my mouth. I was aware of what I was doing now and in complete control of my senses this time.

It wasn't a large cock but very nice sized and the soft feeling of skin in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the head felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth. I started trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. The hair around his cock and the odor was pleasant and exciting.

As this cock became more aroused I got confused because I didn't know what I wanted to do when he cummed. I wanted to taste it but I wasn't sure if I wanted to swallow it or spit it out. But the stranger helped me with my decision. Not realizing the significance I felt his cock get harder and his breathing start to quicken. When he pushed further into the hole and froze in place I knew he was going to shoot any second so I just shoved his cock into my mouth as far as it would go.

I can't describe the feelings of crossing a bridge that I knew I wasn't capable of uncrossing and how it felt for the first time in my life to have a cock in my mouth shooting it's cum and me swallowing it. I was gagging and my eyes were watering but I stayed on the cock sucking it and enjoying the feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth and back through the hole.

That was the experience that sent me down the road to being a bi sexual. Since then I've always thought of glory hole sucking as cocksucking at its purest and most elemental: It's just your mouth and the cock. I enjoy pouring all my energy into pleasing and flattering the cock with my lips and tongue, and of course reaping the ultimate reward as it spurts a load of cum for me to swallow. Plus, it's exquisitely submissive. There are some drawbacks. There is no chance for something that as an exhibitionist I love, an audience and it's difficult to thank the guy or give him your cell phone number.

I take a lot of pride in being a glory hole cocksucker.

The end..




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