cory and i had sucked each other off many times and i always ended up getting fucked up the arse but we both loved cum .

one night as me and cory got naked he said he had a suprise for me i laughed as i got on my knees and began to suck his cock you like cock dont you he said .

yes i said you want lots of cock dont you yes yes i said so do i he said we both began to suck each other off it was then the bedroom door opened .

oh fuck i yelled out as we were both totaly naked cought sucking each other off the room filled up with black guys thay all had big dicks both me and cory were grabbed by our long hear and taken to the next room crawling on our hands and knees .

oh fuck cory i said nerviosly as i was taken across the room all cory could do was mone nerviosly we both sceemed like girls as thay spanked us little faggots thay  said as thay started fucking cory oh fuck cory what's going to become of us I said as cuffs & shackles were attached  .

a collar was attached to my neck i could see my fate as cory was plesuring four guys he had one in each hand one in his mouth and  one fucking him up the arse .

my arse was slapped take it bitch i was told oh fuck its my turn i thought as it began i looked across the room thay were already fucking the shit out of cory .

oh fuck oh fuck both me ane cory yelled out loud as we were surrounded by big black cock i opened my mouth as my head was forsted down onto a big hard cock i coressed his cock with my tung and mouth slurping and sucking from one cock to the other.

it was then a lead was attached oh fuck cory i wimperd with cum running down my  chin we looked at each other coverd in cum .

both me and cory were spanked hard as we were told we were cock suckers i was taken to onather room  full of bondage gear oh fuck i said out loud as i was put in a sling i was nerviose vulnrable and completly at there mersy then cory was led in and put in a sling  we both looked at each other and moned nerviosly

 i was nervouse and so was cory.

as we hung from the celling we looked at each other totaly naked and vulnrable oh fuck we both said as more guys walked in and began fucking us we got fucked hard and drank lots of cum .

we had a big night the sun was rising we were cummed on and spanked hard we will be back thay said but all me and cory could do was swallow cum we were a mess we were tierd but we were horny we maneged to get to a matruss in the corner wear we sucked each other off.

some time later i was dragged out of bed i screamed as i was gaggad so did cory we both got spanked hard it was then thay took cory away moning nerviosly as he was lead out the front door naked in the street before i new it I was next to him a van pulled up we got pushed in collars & leads were attached to us we were spanked & put in cages drove for hours woke up on a rough road the van stopped we heard lots of voices the doors opened & we were lead out suck cock bitch we were both told we both did so without hesitation as our ass's got fucked this went on all night & we were made to meet them every week for a full on gangbang because we were now there little cock sucking cock suckers .

So every night me & cory gave each other an enumer & waited to be taken away & fucked we were given collars & robes we had to be ready every time the van came this went on for a few years until cory made a deal we were ready the van slowed up the doors opened but thay only took me welcome to the rest of your life thay said as i felt a sharp jab everything went blurry oh fuck !!!! .

I woke up hours later getting wield onto a ship bound & gagged in a box I herd the gang plank drop & the ships horn blow panic set in as I realised my fate the crough moved me around the ship in my box a bunch of times roughly banging the sides of my container until i heard tbem cracking it open all of a sudden I was in full daylight on the deck of a container ship mmmm sweet I herd one of them say .




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