I have told my story about my first homosexual relationship with a older man, my lover, my master, my teacher and how it turned into more then just him and i, i entertained his other gay male friends, one by one, or they took turns, how i was turned into a effeminate acting and looking pretty boy and how i thouroughly enjoyed it for a few years.

Well this is what took place after id done all that with men and had tried to be a straight man, i worked normal hours, paid very well and i was off at night and usually home, i decided to date woman and see how that was, to see if i was physically attracted to them, so i did, i dated a number of them, and we got along fine, i even had heterosexual sex with them, and it worked fine, then i meet a very special woman she was 23 i was 36, she was very good looking and built very well, proportioned just right, i really enjoyed her company, we went out alot then we started to spend time at each others houses. we got serious and we were sleeping together, her naame was Rebecca or becka for short, we had been together for about six months and all was great, i had started to think about sex with another man and missing sucking a hard cock, being fucked by the same, i kind of missed being submissive, with her it was more on equal ground, One night after we had finished having sex we were laying there together and i was kind of drifting off with it in my mind and she noticed, she asked what i was thinking about, i didnt come right out and say it but i asked if she really loved me, i mean really, she rolled half on to me and said yes i love you more than anything in this world, i said enough that so if you heard something ive done that you really thought was wrong youd still love me, she said yes it wouldnt matter to me it that we are so happy together now that counts, i thought for a second and said ok i hope this doesnt destroy us, i told her that in my early to late teens id had some different type of experiences, she asked like what, i said well i had sex with older men, she looked at me and said how much sex and how many men, i said all types of sex if it could be done we did it and with a few mwn, she asked if i had liked it, i said yes i did, she asked if it was voluntary on my part, i said well i was seduced at first but then it was voluntary, she asked my age i told her then she said what are you thinking about it for, i said well to me it was satisfying sex, i got things from it that i cant get from you, so your thinking about finding a guy to have sex with, i said thinking about a guy to have sex with yes, but to have sex with no, i love you and want this to go on, she asked if i had any thoughts on how to take care of my needs, she said and i cant give you my cock to suck so thats out, i said i know, she asked what all about it do you miss or did you do, i said to be honest i like done to me what you like done to you, really she said, she reached and took my nipple in her fingers, rolling it twisting it, not hard to hurt but hard enough to feel really good, ishe said there does that excite you, i looked at her and said yes very much, she did it for a few more minutes and then moved her hand down rubbing my belly some, she leaned in and started to kiss and suck on my neck, i moaned lightly, she did this for a few, by then her hand was between my legs, she pushed on my legs and said spread em, so i opened my legs, she felt around for my ho;e, she started to push a finger in me, it felt great so i spread them further, she used one finger to finger fuck me, then she pulled her hand up to her mouth looked at me and stuck two fingers in her mouth then reached back down and pushed them in, it was a tiny bit uncomfortable but i didnt care, she fingered me more and then she pulled them out and said wow you really liked all that, i said yes and i know you like it to, she said yes, so she said if you want that figure out how we could do it and we can try, ill try i want you happy and i want you with me,just me.

Well about a week later i had what i needed, i had bought a strap on dildoit was 7.5 inches long and fairly thick, i had lube, i had enemas to clean before, and id shaved all the hair off my ass and around my hole, i awaited her, she showed up, we went upstairs to my room and started to make out, we stopped a minute and i said are you ready to do what id like you to, she said yes what is it youd like me to do, i said make out with me get me hot and horny kiss and lick my neck, nipples, play with my ass then get on me and fuck me good with your big hard cock, she smiled at me and said ive got a cock now, yes, let me see it, so i grabbed it and gave it to her, i told her how it works, it had about a two inch long dildo for inside the woman as she fucks so it will give her a climax, she said so i get to get off from my fucking you in the ass, yes i said, she said lets do it, she got up and put on the hard cock and harness, she was not very big so she looked rather intimidating with a large cock, ok and we started up, she kissed me, she was the dominate one i did as she wanted so i kissed back then my neck i rubbed her back and arm while she did this and i let out low moans so she knew i enjoyed it, the she rubbed my very hard cock, she said thats interesting when she touched it, then she played with my pussy as she called it, if she had a cock then i had a pussy, after fingering me and loosing me up she kissed me again then moved between my legs, i was on my back thats how i liked it, she pushed my legs apart with her legs, she said open them wide because im going to fuck the hell out of your nasty ass, then she called me her bitch now.

She moved up till the head of her cock touched my hole, she was watching, she looked at me and smiled a small smill, she said i think im really going to enjoy being the one that fucks you hard with my cock and she pushed it in, it took some effort on her part but the head popped in it hurt some but i was ok i expected what was happening, i told her to push more in, she did she kept up steady pressure and it slowly went into me, soon she had her thighs against mine, she said hows that feel you have it all inside your pussy, I was so fucking excited, i had a long hard cock buried in my pussy agaim, and it was the girl i love who had it there, and she was really into it, she started to fuck me slowly then a little more in and out, then harder, untill she was pullong it out almost all the way, then puxhing it all the way back in, over and over, she had been fucking me for more then a few minutes and i was moaning and groaning telling her to fuck me, harder, yes fuck your bitches pussy good i need it, i was loving it, and she was starting to get off on it, she wwas coming close to her orgasm, she fucked me hard, then she moaned out really long and really hard, she pushed the cock into me deep and held it there as she came, and she came really good, she collapesed on top of me kissing me again and she said that was one of my best orgasms ever, she said yes this will work ill be your womam most of the time. but ill be your man some time, she asked if that tool care of my thoughts and needs now, i said yes it took care of both, that felt so awesome thank you, she got up to take things off i cleaned up and we went to bedd to sleep, both satisfied, well we were together for three more years before she had to go away to school, it was my decision when i wanted to change roles with her, i did that two or three nights a week, and she loved it, so i got to be a biitch again, and get fulfilled, thanks for reading this, for a additional note, when i started writing i had put on a pair of black tight streach pants, like a second skin, i have on what are a sprapless bra it two cups with some sort of aadhesive in them, you put them on each breast and hock them together they pull your nipples and some of the breast out, it makes me feel like what i think it might feel as a female, gives small titties, and stimulates the nipples, then i have on a white silk camasol top, well as i got into the story i got up and took off the streach pants, naked from the waist down same on top, then i lay back down to write more and i brought my 9 1/2 inch long and 6 1/2 in diameter latex dido with me, i put it running up between the cheels of my ass, after a while i got upgot lube and lay down put the head in my hole and worked it in me, well about 20 minutes before finishing the story i had 9 1/2 inches buried inside of me, why, because i still love a big fat hard cock deep in my man pussy, im now 52 and if i could find a in control man for a lover i would in a second or a woman willing to make me happy, let me know if this is a syory you like, ive many more, ill write if you like them.



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