I met him in a gay chat room called "Wet and Messy". I was signed in as TrkerPP and in my profile I told that I liked piss play among other things. He was signed in with just initials and no profile. We chatted and I told him I was a 47 year old Trucker and I liked hot, dirty, "PIG"

sex. He was very vague, only telling me he was 38, married with a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. We did find out that we only lived about 40 miles from each other. He was a professional businessman and because of his job and family could not reveal his true identity. He did admit that before he got married, he messed abound with a couple of guys but the desires that brought him to that chat room were only a few months old.

This went on for several weeks, with small talk I learned his married sex life was reduced to almost nothing after his wife had surgery. He had driven home from a business trip late one night and needed to piss bad, but could not find a restroom and was afraid to stop on the side of the road, that he would be arrested. Finally he could not hold it any more and let go in his pants while driving down the interstate. He experienced that warm all over feeling, as his underwear and suit pants became soaked in his hot piss. He worried about what it would do to the leather seats but there was not anything he could do until he got home.

It was about 3 AM when he got home, everyone was in bed asleep. He got a towel and dried off the leather car seat, then went upstairs, undressed, showered and went to bed.

The next morning his wife was up before he was and she found the suit pants, still damp along with his yellowed underwear. She demanded and explanation and when he told her, she threw the underwear in the trash can and ordered him to take his suit pants to the cleaners and explain to them what had happened so they would have the opportunity to refuse to clean them. She made an issue out of it again at the breakfast table in front of the kids. As they walked outside the house to go to work and school, the 17 year old son told his dad that it was alright, he had done it by accident too! Then he confessed that he had even done it a couple of times just because he liked the way it felt. The only difference was he always made sure his jeans were dry before his mom found them.

He could not get his son's comments out of his head. He did like the way he felt that night. He had spent hours thinking about how it would feel to be soaked from his shirt to his sox. As time went by, we met in this chat room a lot. One night we were pvt, and he asked if I would get together with him and help him play out this fantasy. He said it would be a double fantasy to be with a big, harry trucker and he would even like to taste my cum. That was on Wednesday and we made plans for Saturday night at my apartment.

When he arrived, he was just what I expected! He was about 5'9" tall and weighed about 145 pounds. He was wearing a starched white shirt with a neck tie, and a dark pinstripe suit. I invited him in and we sat down on the couch. For the first time, he told me his name was Tim Logan and that he was Vice President of a bank. I told him everybody called me Buckwheat. I only have an efficiency apartment so it is just one room with a raised area for the bedroom. I had put a rubber sheet on the bed with an old mattress cover on top of it so it would not be so cold.He took his suit coat off and I started to take his shirt off and he stopped me. He wanted everything WET. With this, we went to the bedroom. He took off his shoes and laid down waiting for me.

I told him I had been drinking beer all afternoon and was ready to hose him down. He asked me to get nakedso he could enjoy everything he saw.

When he saw my 8" uncut dick, he said it was just what he had dreamed about. He was laying on the edge of the bed with me standing beside him when it happened. I let loose a hot stream covering his white shirt and tie. Because of the starch, it took it a while to start soaking into the shirt. I was about to move to his pants when I noticed them getting wet from inside. He had emptied his bladder in his pants. I helped him finish getting his pants wet but still had more piss. I came back up pissing on his necktie, then neck and finally pissed in his face. He opened his mouth just as I was finishing but I got a little piss in there too, just before I stuck my dick in his mouth and told him to suck it!

It might have been 20 years since he fooled around with a guy, he couldn't deep throat, but he knew how to suck a dick!

I was really hard by now fucking his hot mouth, when there was someone at my door. I asked who it was and he replied it is Richey. He is a young guy that works at the garage that services our trucks. He had been to my apartment a few times before and loved to suck my dick. I assured Tim he was cool and went to the door and let him in. Richey is a little 18 year old guy, about 5'2" and 110 pounds. He had just gotten off work, changing the oil in big rigs, so he was fairly greasy. We had never done any piss play before so he asked, what is all this? I introduced him to Tim and told him this was Tim's fantasy. I climbed back on top of Tim and suck my now softer dick back in his mouth. He started sucking me again and I got my hard back real quick.

Richey was watching us and I invited him to join us. It did not take him long to shad his clothes and show his 5" little dick with a hard-on. Tim did take one long look at Richey once he had his clothes off. His little body iscovered with tattoos and both of his ears and his tongue are pierced. Then he said that he needed to piss. I told him to climb up and piss on my dick as it was sliding in and out of Tim's mouth. When he started instead of hitting my dick, he hit Tim right in the eye, then up his nose. He chocked and gagged for a minute but never resisted or stopped sucking my dick. Richey was still pissing when I reached my climax and shot my hot loads into Tim's mouth. His first impulse was to spit it out like he had done years before. With Richey and I both on top of him, I told him to swallow it. He did!

We all got up, Tim took off his wet clothes that were now cold,and dried off ourselves and the bed. Tim wanted to take a shower but I convinced him to wait. This was the first time we had seen his dick. It matched the rest of him, about 6 1/2", thin and clean cut. We all sat down and I got out some beer and put a gay movie in the VCR. Weeach drank about 3 beers and watching the fuck film, we were all hard again. I asked Tim if he had any other fantasies, and he said he had never been fucked in the ass or fucked a guy's ass. We decided that Richey would fuck him first, then I would let him fuck me. Well, that was the plan anyway!

We had Tim to lay down on his back at the edge of the bed. I helped hold his feet up over his head giving Richey a open path to his hole. The first thing he did was to go down and rim him working his tongue in and out of his virgin hole. You could tell Tim was enjoying that as he let out a few moans. I had brought out a bottle of WET which Richey used to lube Tim's hole and his dick. Finally it was time and Richey eased his way in. Even as little as Richey's dick was, Tim was in pain to begin with. I told him to relax and after a minute or so, he did. Once the pain was gone you could tell he was loving the feeling of getting fucked for the first time. Richey was really worked up too and about the time that Tim realized that he was getting fucked by a complete stranger, without a rubber, Richey shot his hot load deep into Tim's ass. It was only now that we told him we didn't use rubbers!

Now it was my turn to get fucked by Tim. I assumed the same position and waited for Tim to get me lubed up. My ass hole is like the rest of my body, hairy. Tim tried to rim me but got hair in his mouth. He stopped and tried to spit it out. We all know, that's easier said than done.

While he was doing that, I let a ripe fart loose. After that, he asked if he could just move on to the WET lube. He had more on his dick than in my ass, but it worked fine. He was in me and I guess it felt good to him. He was better at sucking than he was at fucking but in about 15 minutes he shot his load in me. With that done, we took another beer break.

We weredrinking our second beer from this break, when I asked them I they had noticed anything wrong. Both of them said they had not when I told them that I was the only one that had not gotten to relieve my hard-on up somebody's ass. I suggested that Tim and Richey flip quarters to see who's ass my dick was going to cum in. It really should have been Richey but for some reason I wanted it to be Tim. They agreed, flipped the coin, and Tim lost. I was going to get my chance. We went back to the bed and this time, Tim knew what to do. He pulled his legs over his head and I added more lube to what Richey had already put on him, plus Richey's cum would make it real slick inside. I had just started when Tim stopped me saying he could not take my big dick. I assured him that he could and I would not hurt him more than he could stand. I kept working to get my head inside and he kept squeezing me out. This time I told him to push out, like he was trying to take a shit, and when he did, I slid right in. Once inside, I let him have time to adjust to me being inside him. About that time, Richey came out of the bathroom with a bottle of poppers. He opened the lid and told Tim to take a sniff up both sides of his nose. Once he did that, and had adjusted to me, his whole attitude changed. He now liked getting fucked with a big dick. We were both enjoying it when I discovered another problem. Before I could say anything, Richey said he had to go piss. I told him I had the same problem, lets fill Tim up! Timyelled out, NO, but by then, Richey was straddling Tim's face andgetting his little dick in Tim's mouth, and I was already empting my hot piss up Tim's ass. Richey had to tell him to swallow, but he soon got the hang of it. Once we were finished, Tim said he had to get up and go to the bathroom QUICK. It was my apartment so I pulled my dick out of his ass and turned him loose. The sound was vivid as he splashed into the comode.

He was still sitting on the comode, calling me a son-of-a-bitch, when I reminded him that he had to get up before I ever shot my load. I brought my dick up to his face and he tried to push me away. It's nasty, he said, and it was. Richey came in the bathroom too and we both told Tim he had to suck me off. It took a few minutes but he finally took my dick in his hand and started licking it clean. Then he got on the head and started sucking like he did before. It wasn't long until I blew my wad in his fucking mouth and ordered him to swallow "bitch".

Once we had all gotten off, it was time to shower and clean up. Tim took a pair of sweats out of his gym bag and put them on. I got his wet suit pants and shirt for him to put into his gym bag, and we began to tell each other what a great time we had. We agreed to meet again in the chat room and make plans for another 3-way. As soon as Tim left, Richey asked why we had never played with piss before. He want some more! That would take us late into the night and a big mess to clean up.

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