'damn man i cant think of anything.' Ludachris and Trey Songz were in the studio together today working on there new song together Sex Room but one problem they cant think of anything. 'damn man i got the words for the hook i just cant get it together' trey said as he threw his pen at the wall in anger.I what you mean i cant think of any lyrics man uts suppose to be a sexy song man how am i going to make this a hit if one i cant think of anything and 2 i havent had sex in like a year. luda knew his label wanted the song soon but he just wasnt ready yet. man me to luda i get all these girls around me everyday and icant touch on any of em cause my label dont want me to ruin my image or get into any baby mama drama.

man just thinkin bout the last time i had any pussy makes my dick hard.said luda as he rubbbed the buldge outside his pants. trey looked as luda rubbed on his dick. me to bro i remember when i had this chick who gaved me the best head i ever had. how good was it? asked luda man it felt like the bitch didnt have any teeth bro. luda felt like his dick grew another inch he could imagene some sexy chick lips wrapped around trey's dick while trey's lips wrapped around his. luda knew what he wanted...he wanted trey.

luda been on the DL for awhile also hes fucked usher omarion bowwow chris brown and tank! you said she gave you good head? asked luda as he scooted his chair close to trey yea bro it was awsome said trey as he noticed his dick was gettin hard from thinkin bout it. show me then said luda as he started to unzip his pants. what!!? hell no i aint bout to suck on you dick bro i aint gay. come on bro luda as he got up and stood infront of trey you aint gay all you doin is helpin me get off thats all bro. man bro that shit still gay. look bro its just me and you in here calm down aight just close your eyes relax and imagine your sucking on a lollipop aight luda said as he unzipped and pulled out his long thick brown, veiny dick leaking with pre-cum. trey hold back for a sec but thought it aint gay if you just helpin out your bro. and with that tre put his hand around luda's dick and stroked it using the pre-cum as lube.

trey did as luda said. he closed his eyes imagine he was the girl who gave him head and took luda's dick in his mouth. luda had a big dick so trey did as his fan did and stayed on the head till he was ready to swallow all of luda. rollin his tounge all on luda's dick flickin his tounge on luda's piss slit as he did all this he could hear luda moan from it all. trey kissed and sucked all over luda's head as he felt luda slide him down more on his dick when trey open his eyes he saw luda had pushed him into his pubes fucking his face hard and deep. trey pulled back as he started to gag.

who bro i aint no female you gotta be easy wit me. my bad bro its just....you looked so sexy wit yo lips around my dick and your mouth just felt so good. take it easy tre said as he slid luda's dick back in his mouth sucking every inch he could he started to feel a funny feeling on ludas dick the next thing he knew he heard luda scream OH SHIITTT!!!! as he started to cumm in trey's mouth making tre swallow every drop. he raised up out of his chair my turn bro. i got you bro luda dropped to his knees unzipped tre's pants and pulled out tre's dick which was 10in. damn you got a big dick luda said as he slid every last inch in his mouth down his throat.

tre moaned as he felt luda did the same thing he did to him usin his hand to glide luda's head down his dick the way luda was sucking it wouldnt be long for tre to cum. shit bro im bout to cum br... before tre could warn him he shot about 7 loads of cum in luda's mouth. luda felt it slide down his throat. as luda pulled off of tre's dick the door had opend and walked in pharell...what the fuck...

to be continued....



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