I met a couple of guys in ty hook up site thay were looking for a little bitch like myself to fuck when thay seen I was a skinny little thing thay couldn't wait to fuck me it wasn't long & I was nocking on there door.

I was nervous as i waited then the door opened hello thay said promixuesly hi I said nervously as i walked in one of them brushed my hear as the door closed behind me well well well so your hear to suck cock are you.

Yes I mermerd nervously.

Well that makes you a little cock sucker we all now what happens to cock suckers don't we now strip you little whore.

 oh fuck I said nervously.

take those clothes off you little bitch thay yelled as I began to that wright cock sucker strip you little fagg then I was naked thay ordered me to my hands & knees then made to crawl around get up thay said as I was spanked hard & told to move move it bitch thay yelled I murmured & whimpered nervously as my ass was spanked with a wooden paddle. 

I was taken to another room totally naked it was full of naked horny men I was ordered to my knees oh fuck I said as I got to my knees & grabbed a dick in each hand as I was slapped in the face with a big cock suck my dick he said as I sucked his dick as I gave hand jobs all the time being told I was a cock sucker.

You know what's next don't you little cock sucker.

I murmured nervously that's write were gonna fuck your little ass but you new that didn't you were gonna keep you busy all night bitch.

oh fuck I said as I went from one cock to the other suck cock you little bitch thay keep saying until thay bloo in my mouth & face then it was swallow that cum you little slut.

As the guys I just sucked off walked away I was grabbed by the hear & taken to the bathroom crawling on all fours time for your enema bitch because were gonna fuck you up the ass all I could do was mone as I was spanked & dragged down the hallway. 

When we got to the bathroom a hose was shoved up my ass I moaned as water rushed inside me then it stopped thay took the hose out & made me hold it in until I was told I could let it go this was done about 6 times then i was handed a large lubed up but plug & told to shove it up my ass I moaned as it entered my hole then I was gagged & collared I felt like such a whore but I loved it.

As I was led down a narrow stairway I realized I was being taken to a sex dungeon as the door opened I could hear someone getting fucked it made me nervous but so horny knowing  I had no control I am now there little fuck toy I realized .

Thay chained me to the floor in a doggy stile position as one of them walked over to all the whips & spanking paddles what shall we do with you he said as he grabbed a lashing whip & spanking paddle I began moaning nervously as the lashing whip was brushed down my spine & over my ass cheek I seen the paddle was placed on the floor I moaned & mermerd louder then I was whipped I screamed & mermerd nervously as I was lashed .

as soon as the lashing whip was put down the spanking paddle came into play I was extremely nervous & horny at the same time the paddle was raised & i was spanked hard over & over are you ready bitch thay said as my gag was removed.

YES!! YES!! FUCK ME!! I replied please just fuck me I said as i was spanked some more as I was then put in a sling oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I said as a trolley with a lube vessel was wielded up beside me as I was restrained oh please I pleaded as my plug was removed a much larger won replaced it but this one had a handle as i sucked cock thay jerked it over & over.

I felt like such a whore there was nothing I could do but mone & pleade as my ass hole got looser & looser oh fuck oh fuck please please i said as i seen a guy lubing up his fist & arm I was gagged before I could say anything i shook wildly in the sling as I was patted on the head & told my ass was already destroyed I was then held slill I gave out a high pitched scream as the fisting began that's it bitch take it I was told as i moned & whimpered take it we now you like it I could do nothing but mone as my ass got fucked i loved it .

I woke up the next day on the floor next to the sling the door opened I was offered the door or the sling i climbed into the sling & said fuck me I'm your whore the door slammed closed & I was fucked over & over I was there for months.

It had been a year although I did not know untill 30 guy's cummed in a glass & told me to drink I drank it & swallowed as I swallowed cum ran down my chin it was then I was chosen & taken I became worried as the rest of the cum was pored on my face .




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