I remeber it like it just happend, the smell, the look in his eyes the why he said my name. it was just perfect.

"wake up kid, we're here" said the man who picked me up a while back. i was heading home for my grandmother's funaral. the base was kind enough to give me leave for three weeks.

when i woke up i saw we were in my home town wherre i grew up, and not to far frorm my childhood home. so i got out the truk, thanked the man for bringing me this far and headed for the house. when i git there i saw him, andie. andie's built was the best i've ever seen, even in the army. it's a bidy that a greek god woukd kill to have. he was blond with light blue eyes that looks right into your soul

i wasn't to bad, hard abs, no fat anywhere on me also blond with blue eyes with a swimmers and runners body. andie was my uncle-more like the older brother i never had. i was birn when he was 3 yearsw old,so we grew up together and went to the ame school we were nor than uncle and nephew, we were best friends and knew almst everything about each other-exept for one thing. 

so i saw him on the patio taking a smoke and at first he didn't reconize me but when he did he came running and grabing me for a big hug. "man alan, how longs it been? and you've never looked beter!" andie said after breaking the big hug that nearly broke my ribs. "you haven't changed a bit andie, still a handsome devil if not more!" i said as we walked inside the house. after all the greating my mum and dad, uncels and aunties me and andie went to put my stuff in my old bedroom, to my seprise me and andie were sharing a room! we've shared a room many times in the past but those were different times, when i could still get by not rhinking of sleeping with ny uncle/brother/best friend. i figured if i could do on the base i can do it for a few nights here

so the funaral came and went, it was very sad and everyone cried. after that it was time to relax and enjoy the holiday. one day when when evryone was out for some reason i went to my room for a nice jerk off that i so desirved after living with andie for 4 nights in a row. so i git in the web, got my laptop and started watching some gay porn. i was robing my 8" dick thru my gymshorts when out of nowhere andie came out of the bathroom joining to m yroom with only a towel around him stil driping wet! i was ready to jumpo out the window when i saw this devilish smile in his face. "so you're finally readdy to have some fun are you?" now i've known that i was gay for a long long time but i never told anyone. so andie just sat down rihgt next to me and with one hand rubed my now steel hard dick an drubing his own growing dick thru the towel. "i've wanted you for so long al, but i could never make a move on you because i didn't know how you would've acteed." "y-you meen your gay?? h-how? when...UHHHHH thta feels  so good!" the he he let go of the towl and wiped my dick out and without any warrning he swallowe it into his hot, wet mouth and i almost screamd out loud when he did that. "UHHHHHHH FUCK ANDIE YEAH TAKE IT ALL!!!!! SUCK THAT FUCKING DICK" 

after about 5 min i pulled him off and brought him to my face and gave him a passionat kiss like i've never kissed befor. as we made out for what seem d a lifetime he undressed me and both of us were anked on the bed kissing like theres no tommorow. i broke the kiss and moveed down his god-like body untill i met his nippelks and sucked and bit on each on. "OHHHHH AL, FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD". after that i found his happy trail that lead to his huge (9 1/2" cock that looked like a firewose thats leaking pre-cum. i sucked it all into my mouth and it tased sweeter than mine ever did so i took his whole cock in my mouth and licked the hed of it. he then did a 69 posision on me and after about 10 min he started to give me my first rimjob ever. fuck the feeling was nothing i've ever felt before. "ANDIE YEAH BABY FUCK EAT THA ASS UHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH" he put a finger up my ass and fuck it felt so good i puched back on his hand for more the he used two fingers and then three and thats when i couldn't take it anymore and beged him to fuck me

OHHHH ANDIE FUCK ME JUST SLIDE YOUR DICK UP ME I WANT YOU SO BAD" i didn't even have to ask twice, he roled me over and used his spit to lube up his dick an dmy ass and slowlly to put hid dick up my ass, hen the head poped thru this stabing pain shot trhu my entire body "are you ok al, do you want me to stop?" "no! don't stop please just don't stop" and with that he went deeper and deeper until all of it was in. he the started a rhythem and with time ther pain became pure plesure. after a while i was pushing myself back onto him "YEAH FUCK MY MAN PUSSY YEAH UHHHHH FUCK YEAH THATS IT HARDER FUCE ME HARDER" the swet was running down him and when he looked at me i could see the love and the lust he hade for me, and the way he sayd my name, "OH AL, IT FEELS SO GOOD, YOUR MAN PUSSY FEEELS SO GOUD AROUND MY DICK" 

after a while he started to moan loader, he grunted more and his body was as hard as a rock, and then i felt his hot thick load shot up me, and thast drove me to the edge, and shot of my load over my head, on both our chests. he poped out me liced the cum of me and gave me a hard deep kiss and shared my own cum with me

afteerr that w elayd there just talking and rubing our chests and went to go clean up before veryoone got back. at dinner that night mom asked what we were uo to the whole day :oh, ya know just chillin and playying some games" finall dinner was over and it was time for bed, me and uncle andie had some 'gaming' to do

the end



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