it was the summer of 04 and I just recently got with boyfriend Craig at the time and nobody knew that were together well I contacted an old friend who I knew from my first school I we hit it off  a few weeks later i met up with him along with my boyfriend and my dad was out of the country so i was looking after his flat and me and Craig all we been doing is having sex in the bedroom the living room and sometimes the shower one night me Craig and my friend Daniel were at my dads flat and were talking usual stuff till Craig told him that me and him were together Daniel and it didn't bother him in fact he told us that he was Bi so he was ok with it we sat on the couch and notice my boyfriend was rubbing his cock and so was Daniel i couldn't but noticing that Daniel had a big cock and I asked them both if they wanted to be sucked  so i started to suck Daniel's cock and he was enjoying it then started on my boyfriend cock as well after ten mins suck each one Daniel started to fuck me while i was being sucked by my boyfriend then Dan and I started to suck each other while my boyfriend was fucking me about 15 20 mins later i cam in my boyfriend's mouth and felt great  while Dan was fucking me and jerking me off at the same time i got down on my knees and the two blow their load on my face and mouth  it was the best threesome i ever had 


big ginger

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