Hi my name is Eric. And I live in South Africa I am from a town called Rustemburg. Lve on a farm you should notice when you have read my previous stories ..

Well I am going go try so.thing new this time so please let me know if it works or not !!

One of my high school buddies was gay we all knew it and it passed our mind in tha locker rooms so what if he saw us naked we have the same things just bigger and better than his

All the senior rugby players were on the field playing we were on fire the other team had given up because we have a can do spirit well that leads us to winning we all cheered and screamed and shouted

When we were done celebrating out on the rugby field we slowly but surely went to the locker rooms to take a shower and put our normal clothes back on and have a meeting ......

We all thought our trainers going to be happy that we won in the finals. Hey guys good news he wasn't happy !! The other team forfeited because we had more intelligence than they did .

We had the normal 2 hour meeting in the practice and workout rook but something didn't feel right

I started looking around and then just behind me I see JB sitting there all smiles ( JB is the gay guy on our team ) well I was sitting cross legs on the office chair and because of that my playboy jock strap showed a little bit. But why me there is a lot of guys out there

Meeting was finished and I quickly made my way out of the room going to my car. Just as I wanted to exit the room I hear Eric see my in my office please

So I went back in and went to his office. Our trainer was very impressed with my playing skill on the rugby field I said thank you sir and was on my way out again then I hear footsteps behind me.... It was JB hey man can u give me a ride home

I said sure where it your house, on Melclenor street of the hi way I said okay that in the same street that I lived in .. Weird but okay

I wasn't speeding but was doing a good 60km/h in the main road and suddenly JB gasps and said did you see that I asked him see what see said I am going to suck our dick now that what your gonna see .... Now this guy if you didn't to what he said he will destroy your life so I let him fondled his way into my pants and he took my soft cock and asked me why isn't it rock hard I told him I jerked of twice today. That's maybe why am all of a sudden I feel something warm an feeling sooo nice ..

Well I looked down at what he was doing and omfg he had my dick and my balls in his mouth ... I couldn't believe what I was seeing I was shocked as hell

My soft cock was 5 inches long when it was soft and 10 inches long when it was erect. An my balls were the size of tennis balls...

How the fuck did he do that ?????

Well while I was looking at him I went past the turn off and about 80 km further I realized it and turned around an went to his house he said good bay and thank for the lift and he gave me a cell number and a house number. And said with a evil look on hi face give me a call big boy I then ran the car to my house took my bag and went inside sitting on the bed having a smoke and then I got the paper the he gave me ...

The paper said if you want to have a good time call me and I will come over and the other part said I know you want my ass and the number of the house that he lived in so I called him and asked him what was it all about he didn't reply he just kept giggling and saying come to me big boy ...so I went over and knocked on the door the person shouted the door is open I opened the door and went inside....

I was surprised what I have found laying on the bed stretched out with a dick the size of mine and he then said strip all your clothes off and join me ......

I didn't think twice I took all my clothes off and took my jockstrap off when I was on the bed with him he said give me the jock strap I cave it to him and he buried it in his nose and he then said who is doing what are you fucking me or am I fucking you ...

I told him I like to get dick up my ass. ..

He said no problem. I then leaned over to suck his now very rock hard 11 inch cock head and it was smelling so nice the musk smell of sweat and body flued mixed together aaaaaaaawwwwwwww fuck man you smell so manly ...

He reaches under the blanket and pulled out 2 cherry flavoured condoms and cranberry lube !! So he lube me up and started fingering me I felt 2 fingers the first time and then the second time 4 fingers

He then said brace yourself I am going to fuck you like I fuck my brother now that another story he started off by inserting his large mushroom cock head and then inch by inch of his dick and soon I reached his pubes I could feel then tickle my bum and he said are you ready for this I said only if you are ...

He started a normal fucking pace that was a normal 2 count and then h sped up he was wild he made me feel so dam good I wanted more of this guy not just sex, blowjob and rimjobs I want him to love me every night like this than all of a sudden I feel him pulling out and he said put your head in a pillow you are going to scream like you did on the field today ....

He puches his dick head in nicely and then he counted down 5........4........3........2....... 1. . He slammed his dick hard in my and I was knocked out. I laid there asleep and a bit later I woke up still feeling tat monster cock in me, I asked him how far are you from cumming he said a good 30 min then I will shoot so it became intense because his dick wa rubbing my prostate and hhhhooolllyyyyyy gggggggoooooddddd that felt so good it felt like the devil was dancing on my prostate well he flipped me on my back and gold me I must shoot first an I shot all over me and his body he was smiling at me like he was in love with me.

He said he is ready to cum and he pulled out and put his dick to my fa e and said if you mess one drop you will have to suck me till I cum again !!I opened my mouth and waited it took a good 5 min for him to cum but it was worth it he splurted his man juices all over my face most of it my mouth and then sucked him dry

I stood up and leaned in for a cum swapping kiss and we swapt cum and tasted both of our cum

Hour said thanks for being a good boy I will see you again tomorrow if you are in for it !!

Thank you for reading




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