Deep in gay heaven there was a new arrival. He was cool, hot and sweet.

Across to the other cloud stood a tall toned figure of a man. He had a strong jaw line with a bronze tan. He was quiet, modest, and patient, But he had a touch of spicy chilli about him.

The new arrival looked up and his eyes met the gaze of the bronzed man. Their eye contact locked in awe. The clouds they both stood upon drifted towards each other. As did two other very exciting things.

Heavenly silk covered their lower halves. They stood in silence with both their breath held. An emotional surge was going to ascend on high. The two men regarded intently the others torso. simultaneously their strong cocks thrusted into the air like magic.

Jaws dropping the desire founded an almighty yearning for each other. Blood pounded from their hearts intensifying their erections. They longed to make love.

Just at that moment their clouds intertwined. They were free to be together. Free to smell touch and taste the sweet and spicy mix of their bodies locked as one. Two delicious lustful about to be incredible lovers smiled at each other.



'wow one said...this is amazing'

'if it's a dream said the new arrival, i hope it lasts forever.'

'don't worry about that said the bronzed man, as his penis dripped a drop of pre-cum into the air.

Then silence dominated the situation. The breath of the two men was held tight. Such an attraction. it really was breath-taking.

Without saying another word they stepped finally towards each other. Curved lips seemed to lead the moment and they leaned in towards to kiss.

So smooth was the feel of the juicy, sexy lips kissing. Almost on the point of contact did now a stream of pre-cum shoot out of the bronzed man's solid boner. He was hardcore. He was hard horny. He was ready to embrace the sleek slender creamy cock of the new arrival. Oh how he craved every corner and chic little curve of the man's body.

Like magnets their mighty penis's collided under their silky cloths. lifting the material up the two cocks started to caress. The bell ends were beautiful. The shafts shined with shiny pre-cum lubing the friction. Oh how good it felt for their dicks to embrace each other. Magnificent. They froted and froted and kissed and tongued and sucked the other's nipples and squeezed the others ass. Pulling back each others forskin with style it couldnt get any hotter....

To be continued....




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