The plane from Spain had landed and the tourists were now walking to the luggage area. I was the luggage boy to help travelers carry their bags from the luggage area to the cab. I was eighteen years old fresh out of high school. In our little island there were only so many jobs one could find. I found a job at the airport. I was well built with pronounced abs. My African hair was combed up to form a neat Afro. People said I had a luring smile that would even seduce the devil. I was a bad boy quick with anger and got into many fights. Girls loved my attitude and that got me laid almost every night.

I was in my own world listening to music in my ear phones when a tourist dropped his bags while walking. I was sure he dropped them intentionally because of how he called me.

'Hey boy! Pick my bags for me," I was brought back to the real world. I thought he was rather rude. I walked up to him and forced a smile apologizing for his clumsiness.

"I have no time for your sorriness, "he spoke broken English, "hurry up I have no all day."

I just rolled my eyes and bent to pick them up. He moved a few steps away and put on his glasses. He was trying to get the papers in his hand in order. I tried making small chat with him to subdue the unpleasantness between us.

"The weather in the island is very good, you will enjoy the warm evening breeze and the morning sun rise will take your breathe away." He wasn't paying attention. As I was getting up with the bags one of them fell and then they all come crushing down.

"el- stupido" he cursed at me in Spanish. I did not get the rest but I was sure they were mean insults. I apologized as I frantically tried to pick up the bags. At this time he was still cursing at me. I just took them all in one heap and started moving forward toward the taxi ranks.

I forgot to mention, I was wearing silk shorts because of the warm weather with no underpants. As I was walking bending forwards, the guy followed me and spanked me hard. I felt the sweat of his hand moisturize the nerves in my ass. I jumped up and the bags fell down. I turned towards him. He looked angry and signaled, "walk faster, fool." He repeated those words severally with a smirk on his face.

By that time I had had it with him. I could not take it anymore. I walked towards him and grabbed him by the collar. I was ready to punch him into next week. I kept pushing and pulling him. His glasses fell off and I stepped on them. He was a well built man. I do not know why he did not push back. Just then my boss got on to the scene. "Javier! What the hell do you think you are doing?"

I was in trouble. I let go but he had already seen. It was no use trying to act innocent.

"My boss tried to apologize to the guy and offered to bring another luggage boy."

"NO!" the foreigner insisted, "He will have to carry my bags to car."

Speaking of the cabs, we all looked outside, there were no taxis left.

"Now how am I going to hotel?" the tourist was furious, "it is you fault, fix it!" he was pointing at me.

I asked what hotel he was going to stay at. "The Standiard." My lucky day. That was the nearest hotel to the airport. I heap the bags together and signaled him to follow me.

"Wait where are you going?" the tourist seemed confused.

"To your hotel, fool,"

He looked at me and pointed at huge crate by the corner of the airport, "that is also my luggage."

"What, you have got to be kidding me, what are you carrying in there, an elephant?"

My boss suggested we start moving before it got dark. I promised the tourist that I would come back for the crate later.

Just as we were leaving the airport's doors, my boss called out to me," and when you come back, put your uniform on my desk because you will be fired."

I had no time to get upset because the tourist pushed me forward and I almost tripped. I could tell from the start that I hated him. I walked fast to stay away from him but at the back of my mind I did not want another spanking.

"Why you walk so fast? Don't you want to tell me more about the evening breeze and how the sun is beautiful, ha ha."

"If that is your idea of a joke then you are doing the right thing by talking to yourself," I was frustrated, exhausted and angry at the same time. I felt my blood boil and was ready to knock the hell out of him.

"You are still angry because of the spanking, you see in my country when you no wear underwear you are asking for a spanking." The silent went on for a while then he exclaimed, "Oh you are wet."

He grabbed me by butt cheeks using both of his hands and giggled, "Stop that!" luckily we had just gotten to the hotel. I dropped the bags by the door and called out for the bell boy to take the luggage.

I walked away fast. "Don't forget to bring my crate."

"The faster I do the sooner I will get you out of my life."

I walked to the airport, cursing at that guy. I dragged the crate to the hotel and had to take it all the way up to his room. I rang the door bell. No answer. I twisted the door knob and door opened.

"Hey rude loathsome jerk, your crate is here." I yelled as I got in the room. The water from the shower stopped running. He came out nude with the towel on his head. "Just put it over there. The key is on the table." I did not realize he was nude so I ignorantly turned "which table?" I quickly shut my eyes the second my eyes saw his manhood. "What is wrong with you? Put some clothes on "

"Says the boy who wears no underwear." He walked to the table got the key and stretched his hand to hand them to me. At this time my hands were covering my eyes.

"Are you going to stand there or are you going to do your job." I was so irritated. But then he moved closer to me. His wet masculine body was inches from me. He moved his face towards my left ear and breathed out the most sensational warm air I had ever felt. I ducked my head to the right.

"You are right the sunset over the ocean is arousing," the window overlooking the ocean was behind me. I could not move, but I slowly uncovered my eyes. The orange red rays of the setting sun reflected off his hazel eyes making them hypnotic. His wet hair still dripping of water sparkled teasingly at the moment. I was finding it hard to breathe, because his warm breathe made me weak. His red full lips were captivating as they moved up and down, his tongue flapping lazily in his mouth. The phone rang taking me out of my delusion. "I have been trying to tell you to take the keys for the past one minute and you have just been looking at me daydreaming."

I quickly came to. "Get out you is a pathetic useless juvenile prick." I was confused, why was I having gay thoughts. I punched him in the face he fell on the sofa and I dashed out. I banged the door behind me and leaned against it. My heart my racing at a millions beats per seconds, I was sweating profusely, and my knees were weak. What just happened? I asked myself. Oh and my dick my hard showing through my silk shorts. It wasn't getting flaccid anytime soon. I walked to the elevator trying to disguise my harden. When the elevator got to the ground floor, I was still hard. I run out of the hotel and to my shack. I was still hard. I tried to block the gay thoughts out of my head, but the more I tried the hornier I got. I lay there for two hours trying to get him out of my mind. I could not deny that I was attracted to the tourist. No I could not be. I tried to hide it and could not sleep; little did I know that that was the beginning of my steamy summer love affair.



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