I am very skinny and i never had a girlfriend, its probably cause of my confidence issues. My mom thinks i am gay cause i never had a female friend or a girlfriend, i hate it when she asks me every time

"are you gay?"

Every time she asks me that i get angry, how can she ask a son a question like that my mom thinks i am gay how embarrassing... i was so frustrated so i decided to get away from all of these stuff. I always wanted to go to Paris i always liked french girls so thats why i decided to go. And here i was on a plane sitting to a very beatfiul hot muscled black guy, i could not stop admiring his body. So that got me thinking, when i was young i had a thing for tall black guys, i remember when i found a male workout magazine that was full of half naked men i didn't understand it then but every time i would look at it i would get a hard on so i decided to masterbate to it...i kept turning pages while i jerked my dick until i found a hot muscled black guy lifting weights i kept jerking of until i cumed it felt amazing and nothing ever like straight material... so
after some time i got curios again and opened the magazine again and ofcourse my main page was the black guy, since i didnt really understand what it meant to be gay then so i took the role of a women when fantasying i would  fantasy about being on my knees and sucking a huge black cock, i would even simulate it, i would be on my knees and i would simulate a blowjob by putting a large object in my mouth, fantasying that it was a black juicy cock. the orgsams felt amazing everytime i would try something new, i would fantasise that i am in the shower with a guy being pounded in the ass like a girl, or having sex in public . i even started inserting objects into my ass and it was amazing. I did this for 4 years non stop for a while i forgot about women guys just intrested me then.... thats until my mom threw away the magazine then slowly i lost intrest and came back to straight porn even watched lesbian a lot. And here i was with a hot black guy sitting next to me.

"Whats your name? friend." i asked him.

"Ben, how about yours?"

"Nikola, nice to meet you. How did you get such good body? you look amazing?"

" Thanks, Don't ask i work out a lot, well i used to before i broke up with my boyfriend btw you look really nice i like skinny shy guys "

i was stunned by his words. i could not believe such a good looking guy was gay i started blushing...

"B-Boyfriend?" I asked him nerviously.

"Yes Nikola i am gay. why are you blushing? you're gay to?" *winks*

"N....n...no" i was unable to speak normally so i just turned away and closed my eyes.

eventually i fell asleep... a loud bang sound woke me up and the loud screaming noises around me i woke up and Ben was looking at me an in that moment we hit the water and i blacked out, next thing i knew i woke up on the island coughing up water and Ben sitting on me without his shirt he was just in a tight briefs  i could see all his abs and muscles, he is hotter then i thought, i needed to ask him what heppend.

"W-what heppend Ben? what are you doing?

"I gave you mouth to mouth, the plane crashed we are thats left, sorry about my briefs my penis is kinda sticking out"

when he said that i blushed and felt really weird a first time my mouth touched someones elses and it was a guy... i didnt know what to feel but i knew i was glad i was alive.. i looked at his briefs and i was stunned on how his cock was it was about 7 inches and it was not even erect from what i could see it looked like a fat big cock. For a moment i felt a incredible urge to remove his briefs and see how his cock looks like, how it feels, how it feels in mouth  was shocked by my craving. The sight of the cock gave me an instant hardon and i was  he saw it but didin't say anything about it, i guess now he thinks i am gay to... i had to ask him whats next

"so what do we do now Ben?

"we have some food dont worry for few days u cannot move ill take care of you

he opened the box and in the box there were some sandwiches i was suprised he wanted me to eat out of his hands i didnt mind it so i did... and all of the sudden little of the mayonnaise fell on my cheek i was just about to wipe it but then Ben closed in and licked it slowly down to my lips i was shocked

"what what what" i reacted.

"u like it?" Ben smiled.

i didnt know what to say i liked it and hated it in the same time but then all of the sudden he took alot of mayonnaise in his hands put it alot of my lips and said 

i guees u need cleaning there too kisses me harder

mhmmm.. kisses him back a little

"do you like it Nikola mm" gets inside the mouth

"N....y....nn..mmmhmm" kisses back with the tounge

my dick was hard as a rock i didnt know if i wanted him to stop or to never stop  one thing certian it felt really good kissing Ben....then ben asked me again

"are you gay Nikola come on?

"N-nno i a-am n,,,not g...gay..." feels extremely  turned on and shy.

ben stops kissing me slowly backs of his tongue slowly sliding out of my mouth using his tongue one more time  to lick my lips and says

"i think you are gay and a big one, think about it" winks at me.

few days passed with nothing happening really we have supplies to last us a few days... ben had been hunting into the woods hes a good hunter, smart and strong... one night it was so cold i could not sleep , ben saw i was shaking like crazy so he asked me to come and snuggle with him its the only way to keep warm i had no choice so we hugged each other and immediately i felt my self getting aroused my penis started to touch his huge cock but i went to sleep cause i was to a shamed. when i woke up it was sun but there was no ben.

"ben where are you!


as i searched i saw a beautiful lake near as i came closer i saw Bens briefs next to the lake as i looked closely i saw Ben in the lake bathing i hid myself i was curios so i watched him... but the more i watched him i got more and more turned on, my hand moved on its own grabbed my penis and started jerking of...

"ahh i want his cock ahhh in mmm my mmmmm mouth"

" look at ahhhh his abs i want to feel ahmmmm them how hard they are mmmmmhhhmmmm" pleasue intesifies 

"i want him inside me ahh i want to feel ahhhh his fat black hmmmm cock in my tight rectum ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"ben imm going to cum ahhhh i want you ben AhhhAHH AH"

Just when i was going to cum Ben hears a moan and turns around and sees me jerking of looking at him.. confused i run to the camp fire in my throbbing hard on... after 2 minutes Ben comes back and sits next to me.

"so what was that


you jerking of to me?


dont lie to me


good... good... what were you thinking about?

y...you... your.............c.......c......COCK!

Ben tells me to kneel on both of my knees... i do it

so tell me  are you gay?




ben pulls down his briefs in that instant  my jaw opened like my  mouth programmed for this kind of stuff i moved closer to smell it i was overhelmed how it was bigger then i thought

come on suck it gay! Ben pulls my head to choke on his dick

 the huge cockhead in my mouth, It was sopping wet with precum. I pulled the foreskin back and the huge head slipped into my mouth. It was just the most amazing cock! my hand moved down his rock-hard abs his cock was throbbing and quivering in my mouth loved every second of it

"How much you want this cock you bitch? ahhhh"

"a lot please! please mmmoree!!!! mmmmm"


"ammmmm mmmhmhm"

"i sucked and gagged on it like there was no tomorrow i wanted it more i wanted it inside me i wanted to be gay!"

what are you?! BEN pulls aways my head from the black cock

ahhhh MHMMM00i am gay!



open your mouth! tongue out!

i opened my mouth and let my tongue, Ben slaps his cock on my tongue! so fuucking hot! and quickly pulls my head back on the cock

"mmhmmm b-been i ahhh wanttt you hmmhmhm to fuck me!"

ben quickly pulls out his cock but i quickly gather all the saliva that are dripping from my mouth so i can svalow everyting 



Ben grabbed both of my hands and handcuffed me with his right hand his left hand was in my mouth 

"are you going to fuck me good please mmmmm??"

"you bet i will! my bitch! this i s why i love skiny weak guys they are so
 hot to fuck and vulnerable!"

big thick cock and aimed it at my hole. The big head was slipping in and stretched me ... ahhh! Oh fuck! What a sensation to be penetrated with a nice big black cock!

"AHHHH FUCK ME AHHH HARDER!  please i love your juicy hot hard cock
 it fuffils me so much"

felt his cock growing even bigger and harder. He was groaning and was fucking me fast and deep.


now he started fucking me with long deep thrusts
I groaned and held my breath as cockhead slid over my prostate I felt the precum and a little cum being squeezed from my piss slit. Ahhhh! Oh godd! It was so nice! Yes! Oh fuck yes!

"i am going to cum nikola in your ass! ahhhhh"


ushing his cock deep into me and was spasming. He held his cock deep inside me and shuddered

 "Oh fuck! I'm going to cumm! Oh fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah! Hnnnngghhhhnnngghh! Ahhhhh! Oh  IM CUMMING AHHHHHH"

Ben cumed in my ass filling me up and finally satasfying me i didnt want to cum i just wanted to suck cock and be filled in with cum in my hole but Ben kept going and going my legs begun to shake from all the pounding, cum that was in me started to drip on my leg to the ground


as i cumed ben let me go, i fell on my knees my legs were shaking vigerosly still  just as i cumed ben saw a rescue boat!

"look gay! there is rescue boat!"

"WHAT?! Nooo!"

"ill give you 2 options Nikola if you want to go we can go but you will never be allowed to be gay... but if we stay here we can have gay sex all the time make love and no one will ever hating for being gay..."

"i want to stay here!"

"then lets go in the lake "

ben and me go to the lake start love kissing.. i get penetrated again by the cock we make love in the lake and the boat leaves and we are forever stranded and gay on the island. <3


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