18 year old Adam looked hopefully at his friend Josh. He'd just asked Josh to spend a couple of nights with him at his house as his parents were away for the weekend. The problem was Adam had just come out to his best friend of 11 years just five days ago. However, Josh at 18 was an intelligent young man and told Adam in no uncertain terms that he 'didn't care his best friend was gay' because he was still Adam! But, now Josh looked at his friend with uncertainty, almost as if he were afraid of him.

'Josh,' Adam said softly. 'We're best friends and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you or to drive you away from me. As soon as the others in school find out I'm gay, you're gonna be the only friend I have! Please say you'll come.'

Josh looked at his best friend and saw the young man he'd grown to love over the years. He'd come to see Adam as his little brother and had always protected him from school bullies. Adam was smaller than Josh by at least 2 inches and had a slight frame. He had curly blond hair, full red lips and his cheeks were very beautiful. He also had the bluest eyes that everybody always commented on. Josh was just the opposite. At 18, he stood just under 6 feet tall (next to Adams 5'4, he was a giant). His hair was shoulder length and black. He was muscular to Adam small build and his eyes were a brilliant green. They complimented each other. Right now Adams blue eyes were welling up with tears at his friends hesitation. Josh couldn't abandon him now.

'Of course I'll stay with you Adam. What did 'you think? I'd abandon my little brother?'

Adam smiled broadly. 'I wasn't sure for a minute there, and stop calling me little you ass wipe!'

'Gee,' Josh smiled. 'Now I can call you butt munch and really mean it!'

The two laughed as they walked down the street toward their respective homes. It was agreed that Josh would arrive at Adams that night around 7:00 well after Adams parents had left. It was ok as long as they knew Josh was coming. They knew because Adam had asked the day before. He was scared though because tonight he was going to tell Josh that he loved him.


At 7:05, Josh walked through the front door of Adams house. He'd let himself in as he'd been doing for the past eleven years. Adam also had the save privilege at Josh's' house.

Adam looked up from the beer he'd been nursing for the past hour as Josh seated himself on the living room couch next to Adam.

'I see you've started without me,' Josh laughed. 'What's the big hurry to get buzzed?'

'Ah,' Adam stammered. 'N-No hurry man...just gathering my thoughts.'

He reached to the floor and grabbed a can of beer from the bucket full of ice and handed it to Josh.

'Hey,' Josh said softly. 'What's wrong? And don't tell me nothing!'

Adam took a deep breath, looked at his friend and blurted it out.

'I'm in love with you man.'

For a while there was dead silence. Josh looked straight ahead as he opened his beer, took a long swallow, and then set it down.

'Is that all?' He asked his friend softly. He turned and looked at Adam. 'Is that what's bothering you Adam?'

Without looking up, Adam said glumly. 'Isn't that enough?''I suppose,' he answered softly. 'But would it help you any if I told you I was in love with you too?'

Adam jerked his head up and turned to look at his friend. There was a look of total disbelief on his face. He'd been in love with Josh since they were kids! How could he not know that Josh felt the same way? Unless...

'You're just fucking with me man,' Adam spat. 'And it isn't funny!'

'Really?' Josh asked sarcastically.

Without warning he grabbed Adam's beer, slammed it down on the table, gathered Adam in his arms, and brought his mouth crashing down on Adams. At first the kiss was bruising and rough, then gradually as Adam realized it was really happening, he put his arms around Josh's' neck and started kissing him back. The kiss softened and Josh slid his tongue into Adams mouth, tasting his friend for the first time. Adams senses reeled and he felt his dick start to harden until it was all seven inches were straining to get out of his jeans. Josh placed one hand on Adam's crotch and wildly groped for his zipper until he found it and pulled it down. Adam lifted his ass slightly off the couch as Josh groped around inside his jeans and found his stiff cock. He groaned as Josh's' hand came into contact with his throbbing member. As if on cue, they broke the kiss but Josh continued to pull Adams hard dick out of his pants.

'God I want you man,' Josh moaned. 'I've wanted you since...forever but I didn't know how to tell you!'

In answer, Adam unzipped Josh's pants and reached inside. What he found impressed the fuck out of him! It had to be at least nine inches and it was hard as steel! They both stood up and faced each other. Not hesitating for a moment, they tore their jeans down, kicked off their sneakers and ripped their jeans and underwear off. Josh's dick slapped up against his belly while Adams stuck straight out.

'What do we do now?' Adam panted.

'I'll show you,' Josh grinned.

He pulled Adam to him in a wild embrace and snaked his tongue down his throat once more. All the while easing him gently down to the rug until he was lying on top of him. Breaking the kiss, he turned Adam on his side, and swiveled around on his side so that their hard cocks were at each other's mouth. Gently, Josh took Adam by the base of his seven inch hard on and slowly sucked the pink head into his hot mouth. Adam gasped with pleasure as he felt Josh's hot mouth slide down his pole. Hesitating only for a second, He snaked his tongue out and licked the underside of Josh's shaft. Josh groaned around Adams cock in appreciation. Wondering for just a moment if he could take the whole thing, Adam went for broke, wrapped his lips around Josh's bulbous head, and slid his mouth down the entire length of Josh's delicious teen cock! In response, Josh growled deep in his throat and did the same to Adam causing him to spread his legs wider. By this time, both had a firm grip on the other ass cheeks as they pumped in and out of each others mouth for all they were worth! It was almost as if they were making up for lost time. The sucked, slurped and drooled down each other's cocks. It was like they were reading each other's minds! Each did the same to the other! Suddenly, Josh felt his balls grow tight against the base of his cock.

Releasing Adams cock, he shouted, 'I'M GONNA SHOOT MAN!'

He thrust his cock deep to the back of Adams throat and exploded in his friend's mouth. Adam felt Josh's cock expand in his mouth and then suddenly hot, thick cum splashed against the back of his throat! There was so much of it that it started to spill out of the corners of his mouth. Instinct told him to swallow! So, he started swallowing as if his life depended on it. Josh grabbed Adam by the balls, squeezed and slid his mouth all the way down to the base of Adams cock! Adam growled something unintelligible around Josh's cum erupting cock and felt his own cock expand and then explode!

He came so hard he actually saw stars! Josh swallowed as much of Adams sweet juice as he could, but like himself, Adam came so hard, and so fast, that it started to spill out of the corners of his mouth too. It seemed an eternity before they both started to settle down. The licked and cleaned each others balls, and made sure that no cum was left over on the others cock. When their hard on started to subside, Josh reluctantly released Adams cock, gently pulled his out of Adams mouth with a soft 'plop', and turned around so that he was facing his friend. Gently he gathered Adam in his arms and kissed him gently. They could taste one another. It was nice. Adam snuggled in close to Josh and laid his head on his chest. Josh looked down on Adam and smiled gently.

'Well?' He said. 'Say something to me best friend...lover.'

Adam looked up dreamily, smiled lazily and said, 'Gee Josh, I guess I can call you butt munch and really mean it!'

They laughed softly together and settled down. Both eager to start their much renewed friendship.



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