My first story told of how I was wanked off for the first time by another man my second story told how I was fucked for the first time by a man. This story will tell you about the first time I fucked another boy. My curiosity was getting the better of me and the more I didn't want to think about the possibility of man to man sex the more my mind wondered to it, thought about it and desired it.

Even though I was tried to resist my temptations my BMW seemed to have a mind all to itself in finding its way to the beach where I knew I would get what I most desired. Being a fit and really attractive male finding a willing partner to play with was never a problem. If my wife only knew what I'd been up to excuse the pun. Up until now I'd avoided fucking another male but I knew in my mind that I desired it .It was just a question of time before I would give into my temptations.

It happened in a quite unexpected way. It all started when I and my wife went camping friends our friends Peter and Cathy. Peter and Cathy had an 18 year old son by the name of James who came with. James had always been a sport good looking boy .He was very popular with the girls and even at his young age he had left a string of broken hearts behind him .I'd never looked at James as anything more than the son of a friend of mine but with my recent man to man sexual awakening that was about to change.

It all started when one night I wondered into the bathroom to take a leak and heard the showers going. It was late at night and nobody else was around. Being a relatively rural camp site the showers were an open plan environment and to my astonishment when walking in I saw James in the shower. He had the perfectly toned body of a Greek God with six pack to boot. James had his back to me and he did not see me enter the room. My eyes were transfixed on him and that now familiar feeling of my cock stirring to attention was making my pants pitch a huge tent. I needed relief and I hid around the wall where James could not see me watching him shower. At first I started rubbing my rock hard boner over my pants in fear that I'd be caught watching this young stud shower but as I got more and more excited I took my cock out of my pants and wanked myself off more and more frantically until I exploded my load right there on the bathroom floor where anybody could have seen. I knew I wanted James and over the next few weeks I found myself wanking myself off regularly at my fantasy of having him.

I thought it was just a fantasy and nothing would come of it but I was wrong. Around three weeks later Peter sent James around to borrow some tools from me. I was alone at home and as soon as the doorbell rang and the minute I saw James standing there my cock stood to attention. I wanted him so badly at this point .I knew by the way my raging hard on was feeling in my pants that I was ready to take risks to have him no matter what that meant. I had to play my cards close to my chest.

I invited James into our house and offered him a drink. It was a hot day and James was sweaty from the cycle over to my house. I suggested a swim before he returned home and was amazed when he asked if he could skinny dip as he had no swimming trunks with him. I watched drooling while I hatched my evil plan as this gorgeous specimen swam naked in my pool. I deliberately didn't give him a towel and took his clothes with me inside so that he was forced to walk in naked.

I put a porn movie on and waited for James to come in. I heard his footsteps coming and heard him gasp as he saw what was on my huge flat screen TV. I watched him out the corner of my eye as he was watching the two girls on the screen going at it. He was rock hard and I wanted him even more now than ever. He noticed me watching him and tried to hide his bone. He walked over and grabbed a towel to dry himself which he wrapped around his waist. I decided to take a risk and asked James if liked what he was watching. He nodded saying nothing. The two girls on the screen were locked in a 69 position. I patted the seat next to me and on the couch and asked James to join me,

As we watch the video I took my cock out and started wanking in front of a very nervous young James. What are you doing he asked nervously. I smiled at him and told him it was ok and he mustn't worry. Then I whispered in his ear don't you want to wank yourself off to. He didn't respond so I pushed the barrier again and whispered its ok nobody will tell. Come on rub yourself too, don't leave me looking like the prick, you know you want to I said nobody is looking. I won't look I reassured him. I left him for a few minutes but out the corner of my eye I saw the towel move to one side and him starting to jerk himself off .I didn't want to rush things and for my plan to work I needed him to be very excited so I let him get more and more into it without looking at him. I then looked at him and when he didn't stop wanking with me watching I knew he was ready to be taken to the next level. That's so hot I said watching him jack himself my hand moved onto his leg. Pull it harder I ordered. He asked me what I was doing as my hand slid up his smooth sexy legs. I ignored him as my hand cupped his hard balls. I think you know what I'm doing I responded my hand gently pushing his away as I took hold of his shaft. I'm not gay you're mad he said as I started to pump his boner. Its ok I reassured him I'm not gay either just enjoy it. He tried to protest further but his protest was feeble as I worked his cock harder and faster. My young sex God was becoming a willing partner. When he started to moan I knew he was past the point of return and I lowered my head to take his cock in my mouth. I nearly shot my load right there as I started to suck this boy's beautiful young cock. My mouth engulfed his stunning young specimen as I sucked up and down on his tasty pole like a lollipop.

He was now so excited that he started fucking my mouth and before I knew it he was shooting his warm Jiz down my throat. I deliberately made sure that his jizz went all over his body and loved the sight of it as it oozed on his firm hard six pack. I smiled at James who was looking a little like a confused deer in the head lights and told him we need to get you cleaned up. I boldly grabbed his hand and lead the confused young boy to the shower. I pushed him in and lathered started to rub his eager cock again as with the water streaming all over his body. Once again he tried to feebly protest by saying that this was wrong and we shouldn't be doing this but when his cock sprang to life I knew I was in business and that his protest would come to nothing. I took James hand and led it to my rock hard boner. Pull I whispered in his ear and I was very relieved when he complied with the order. We were locked in to each other both wanking each other off furiously. I took the bold step to try and kiss James. Once again he tried to protest pulling his mouth away but when I moved my lips over his this time he kissed back. Our tongues twirled around each others in a mad frenzy as James got more and more into it. With one hand pumping his cock I let my other hand move around to his tight bum. I squeezed it gently wanting it so so much. I let my finger gently start teasing his crack probing gently around his hole teasing him .James moaned as I took another risk by gently entering my finger into his opening using shampoo from the shower us lubricant.

We were now kissing madly, I had one hand pumping his cock and I was finger fucking his now wanton bum hole. Like a lion closing in on his prey I moved my body around his replaced my finger with my rock hard cock. I teased the outside of his crack with it rubbing it up and down over his hole. I want you so much beautiful James I whispered in his ear. When he moaned without protest I push harder at his entrance my cock going in slowly into his very tight never been fucked before hole. I was breaking my first cherry and loving it as I started to move faster and faster with more rhythm. James was so much tighter than my wife and my cock went so much further up him than it did her vagina. I was lost in ecstasy as I pumped his hole with absolute lust. James was now bucking back at my cock his wanton bum loving the fact that it had its first hard cock in it. I was getting close, my cock wanted to cum so badly it hurt. I placed both my hands around his lovely six pack and pulled his bum towards me humping his hole. We both moaned in ecstasy as my orgasm approached .Mmmmm I'm coming I screamed as I spilled my load into his lovely bubble butt. I kissed James passionately as we cleaned off loving the feeling of his firm body in my arms.

In the last two weeks James and I have had regular meetings. He has become my very eager and very horny young lover. If his parents and my wife knew what was going on it would cause disaster. We both know it but right now we are both lusting so much for each other that neither one of us care.



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