Based on a request from neat guys and readers Eddie and Jacobi to my last chapter, this is the fourth and last chapter of the southern farm boys and hunk Butch---this time in a four way.

The story will be narrated and told by cousin Hank.

After Billie and Butch had given each other hot blowjobs on Monday in the break room during lunch, they met after work on Wednesday at Butch's apartment for another hot blowjob but yet no ass fucking. They were new at this gay game but were horny as hell to suck each other's cock again.

They did a 69 as they deep throated their buddies rock hard cocks and ate each other's ass. They sucked and licked cock and ass for at least an hour before shooting big loads down the throat of their new fuck buddy. They were so now into gay fucking. They spent the night sucking and rimming ass until they had unloaded their balls three times in the mouth of one another.

At about dawn, Butch turned to Billie and said: "Well Billie, I think we cannot wait any longer keeping our secret from your brother Mickey and your cousin Hank. Lets go to dinner with them Friday and spring the news of our lust for one another as new fuck buddies."

"Yea Butch, you are right. Poor Mickey is still all tense about our parents finding out his secret. This is not fair. He is a neat young adult and my kid brother. I'll arrange dinner with them. Isn't this really weird that we all four are now fucking gay sluts. Who would have ever thought that you and I would become like Mickey and Hank, wild gay fucking addicts? Life is so unpredictable. Also, it is time to break off with our girlfriends. I'll do that tomorrow evening. When are you going to tell your little puritan bitch?"

"I'll do it tomorrow night also. We have to do that before the Friday dinner with Mickey and Hank. Word is going to get out soon. The girls need to hear it from us."


Billie and Butch took Mickey and me into Knoxville to a five star restaurant for dinner on Friday night. It was about a 45 minute drive. Man, it was so cool and expensive. What was up? Billie had never wanted to hang out with his brother ever since he got a full-time girlfriend. I don't understand.

After dinner and on our way back to our homes, we got the big news from Billie. Butch was driving and Billie was in the front seat. Mickey and I were in the back seat.

In a nervous tone, Billie turned back looking at us and said: "Guys, Butch and I have something to tell you. It may come as a big surprise."

Mickey looked nervous and interrupted his brother: "Oh shit, Billie, please tell me that you did not tell our parents about Hank and me? I cannot go home if you did."

With a shit eating grin, Billie said: "Relax my little brother, oh no it is very good news for you two. How do I say this? After you and Hank had sex with Butch last Friday night, he gave me ever hot detail on Monday during lunch. Shit, you are not going to believe what happened. I got so horny that I grabbed Butch and we had a fucking hot blow job during lunch in the break room. I loved sucking cock and eating cum. I know what you are thinking. Was it only a one time horny moment? No, on Wednesday night, Butch and I spent the whole night sucking cock and eating ass. Yea, we are fucking gay sluts like you two. We have dumped our girlfriends."

Mickey grabbed me and hugged me hard before he said: "Are you shitting me brother? I don't believe it. Is it true Butch? Is my brother pulling my leg?"

"No Mickey, we are fucking lovers and man do we like sucking cock. And I loved getting fucked by you two last week. No more female pussy for us."

The car had become filled with an over flow of raging hormone-driven lust, libido levels rising and primordial desires. I felt heat rising from my crotch. I looked over at Mickey and he had sprouted a monstrous hard on as had I. I needed a fucking release soon. Billie saw what had happened and he sprouted a huge smile and said to Butch: "Look buddy, brother Mickey and cousin Hank have huge tents in their pants. They are horny as hell."

I began to unzip Mickey's pants and saw a growing cum ring. I could not wait any longer. I found his cock, pulled it out and shoved my mouth down on his big soft velvet cock and slid it down my throat. Mickey reached over and unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and he too began sucking me off. We had been able to get in a position to blow each other. Man, this was so hot and a surge was building in my nuts.

This so turned on Billie that he reached over, unzipped Butch's pants and went down on his stone hard cock. The driving became somewhat erratic while Butch got his tool sucked.

We sucked cock for some 10 minutes as we moaned and grunted. It was so fucking hot to get it on with all four of us for the first time.

Soon I heard Butch say" Damn fuck, I'm going to come. Billie, swallow all my wad. Eat it all."

We all could hear Billie slurp as he took all the big load down his throat.

That set off both Mickey and I as we blasted our loads down each other's throat. It was a nasty hot load of thick goo. We milked each other dry. What now? Only Billie had not got of his nuts.

Billie unzipped his pants, had Butch use one hand to jack him off and soon he blasted a huge load in his own hand and fed the jizz to Butch.

This was too good to stop now. I hopped that Butch or Billie would suggest a four way. Then Mickey spoke up: "Hey, Butch and Billie how about us going to Butch's pad?"

"Yea man, lets head there now," said Butch.

When we got there, we rushed up to Butch's bedroom, threw our clothes all over the room, were now sprouting big boners again with some dried cum on our crotches.

Billie spoke up and said: Guys, one of us has to be the pussy boy tonight and take our big cocks. Who is going to be our bitch?"

Since I had the features of a twink or bitch, I was chosen. They were determined to use me and my ass for their sexual gratification. I was not about to object. In fact, I loved the idea of being fucked by all of them. I had become totally hard and ready to be the bitch. Shit, having all that cum inside me was a thrill. While one of them fucked me, I could suck another guy's cock. This was like the best sex ever.

The only one of us four who had been fucked by a cock was Butch on that Friday night at his pad when Mickey and I had fucked him. Now I was going to get the pleasure of more than one cock inside my ass.

They placed me on my stomach on the bed, put a pillow under my crotch, lubed my ass, spread eagle my legs that made a direct path to my man pussy. I heard them whisper as they planned the order of driving their big man steel hard cocks up my ass. Soon I learned my fate. Hot cousin Billie got down between my legs, positioned his rock hard cock directly in front of my ass crack. I felt his cock head part my ass ring and began to slowly drive deep into me. When he was about five inches in, I yelled that it hurt. He stopped for a minute to let me adjust to his big snake. Then he began to go deeper until my ass was stuffed with his entire manhood.

Soon the pain was replaced with pure pleasure as he thrust in and out using his big farm built hips to fuck me like one of the bulls on the farm. My screams were wild and primitive as I felt his cock hit something in my ass that felt so awesome. His pubic hair pressed against my fuck hole.

Then my cousin Mickey got up above my head, lifted my head up to meet his big leaking bobbing cock and drove it deep into my throat. Oh my god, both of my holes were now stuffed with cock. He rammed his cock down my throat until his pubic hair was up my nose. The smell was so awesome.

Meanwhile, I felt Butch reach under my crotch and he grabbed my cock and began to jack me off. I was sweating like a pig. I had never felt anything this lustful. My whole body was being ravaged by my cousins and this hunk hockey player.

I went wild humping and moving like I was on fire. With my mouth full of cock, I could only moan and grunt. After being devoured for some 10 minutes, I felt Billie's cock grow even harder and almost immediately he produced multi-spurts of his heavy thick cum deep inside my man pussy. The warm cum felt great.

When he was spent, he pulled out and said: "Who is going to fuck this bitch next?"

Without any reservation, cousin Mickey pulled his cock out of my mouth, got between my legs and was so turned on, he thrust his wet cock all the way to the base in a second. I felt him drive past whatever that special spot was that had Billie had found. He fucked me with such ease as his cock was lubed from Billie's thick cum. The feel of the cum and my buddies big cock stuffed deep inside me, I was delirious with the need to shoot my load.

Hell, Butch replaced Mickey's cock in my mouth. He drove so deep with his horse like cock down my throat that I almost passed out from having my wind pipe blocked. I felt faint but so good. I got fucked and sucked cock for some 10 more minutes when again I felt the big cock in my ass swell and as Mickey erupted with a river of cum, I exploded with my cock oozing cum out onto the bed sheets under me. The feel of my own cum on my stomach and chest plus the additional cum in my man pussy was an euphoria I had never experienced before.

But it was now Butch's turn to drive his manhood up my ass. He lost no time drilling my ass with a huge supply of cum helping him ease deep into my ass chute. He fucked me for the longest time. He must have lasted for 20 minutes as he stuffed his big tool deeper than any other of the guys cocks had been. I was almost about to come again from that pleasure of such a huge cock and rough fuck. I lifted my hips to meet his hard surges to make the fuck even more pleasurable.

When he crossed the blue line, he yelled: "Oh fuck shit, here I come. Take my man seed now."

He blasted the biggest load yet, I was filled to the brim with the three guys semen. When he pulled out, there was a flood of thick white cum running out of my ass and onto the bed sheets. The guys slid their hands through all that cum and fed each other the sweet and salty nectar including serving me a load. The cum tasted so great. I was truly now a cum slut as were my buddies. I love cum.

"Hank, you did great as our bitch. Man, you know how to take big dicks up your ass," said Billie.

The other guys also congratulated me on being a great bitch.

We were now dedicated fucking gay sluts and fuck buddies. The future would be fun. Lots of great cum for us. We will get our protein satisfied.

Hope you all enjoyed the orgy. Let me know.




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