When I was in high school I was always horny.  This was pre-birth control pills so it wasn’t as easy to get laid as it was years later when fear of pregnancy wasn’t so prevalent. Our senior year my male friends and I would relieve the stress by playing around with each other and eventually worked up to jacking each other off.  

One night a friend, Hunter invited me over to his house. He started talking about sex and before long we both had an erection. 

Surprisingly, my buddy Hunter started telling me how badly he wanted to find out what it was like to ‘have someone’s mouth on his cock.’ I played it off for a while but finally he came right out and said it, “If you’ll put your mouth on me, I might do it for you but I won't promise.”

Even with such a halfhearted promise, I must admit that ever since my buddies and I had started playing with each other, I’d wondered what it would feel like to have a cock in my mouth. But I’d always been scared ‘someone would find out because being gay in those days was the kiss of death.’ 

But after a few minutes of encouragement from my friend, Hunter, I finely agreed to put my mouth on him. 

I tried to give him the impression that I was very reluctant and was only doing it so that he would return the favor. 

With a little grin of anticipation he took off all his clothes and sat on the side of his bed with his legs apart. 

Reluctantly I got on my knees in front of him and after an appropriate amount of disclaimers and getting his assurances that he would never tell a soul, I closed my eyes and moved my mouth forward.

His cock felt like a hot stiff iron rod that at the same time was surrounded by soft flesh. As soon as I put my mouth on it, I immediately pulled it off, and flew to the bathroom and washed out my mouth. 

Being naïve, Hunter and I talked about it as though I’d just run a marathon and what it was like. Then, even though I thought he would back out on me, I asked for the return favor. Like Hunter had done, I sat on the edge of the bed naked with my legs apart. To my surprise, my friend quickly wrapped his lips around my hard cock and then as quickly as I, he ran to the bathroom and washed out his mouth.

While Hunter was in the bathroom, I thought, “There, I did it, now I know how it feels.” 

Later we talked about other things but eventually as testosterone drive teenage boys were want to do we returned to the subject of sex. And as usual we got into a strip poker game. We’d done this numerous times before and the loser had to do whatever the winner said which was usually walking naked in front of a window or something like that. I always enjoyed losing for some reason.

Again, as usual, I lost the game. When I looked at Hunter and said, “What do I have to do, walk around naked again?” 

Hunter looked very serious and then said, “No, I want something that feels good.” 

“Like what?” I asked. 

“I want you to put your mouth on me again.”  

The request sent chills down my spine and up my cock. After a lot of talking, Hunter convinced me that he’d never tell a soul, so I reluctantly agreed.

Getting naked, Hunter was soon back on the edge of his bed with his legs spread apart and his small but very hard cock was sticking straight up. 

Sinking down onto my knees between his legs, I leaned over and wrapped my lips around his stiff cock. I can still remember how warm and how hard it was.  And how soft the skin around the shaft was. 

Once I had my lips clamped around his stiff shaft, Hunter put his hands on my head and started slowly working his hips and fucking my mouth. It lasted about ten minutes before I tasted a salty taste in my mouth and pulled away. 

Ashamed that I’d taken my mouth off, I asked, “Do you want me to jack you off instead?”

But he surprised me when he said, “You can if you want to, but I’ve already finished off in your mouth."

Hunter must have liked his cock in my mouth, because he woke me up about two so I could suck him off again. This time I knew what to expect so I knew when he finished off in my mouth. I also went down on him again the next morning before I went home. 

I don't think that Hunter kept his word to never tell any of the other guys, because the next time I slept over, our buddy Charles was there too. As usual being teenagers, our conversation turned to sex. 

Although, Hunter didn’t mention my previous visit, our conversation moved on to how good it felt to have a mouth on your cock. 

And as usual, I lost the strip poker game and Charles won. After Hunter and Charles put their head together for a couple of minutes, Charles turned and said, “I want you to do the same thing to both of us that you did to Hunter last week.” 

We were already naked, so all they had to do was sit down on the edge of the bed. Because he was the winner, I did Charles first. When I took his cock in my mouth, he was so embarrassed that he clamped his legs against the sides of my head. I had to almost pry his legs apart so I could suck him off. 

But once I started moving my mouth up and down his shaft, he forgot his shyness and started working his hips. Throughout the course of the night I sucked them both off a total of three times each. 

After that, spending the night at Hunter’s house became a monthly thing and only stopped when we both went off to college.  Stopped for Hunter and me that is, but not for Charles and me.  After our little three-some, Charles included himself in our monthly sleepover every chance that he got.  

Charles and I ended up at the same college so we sort of gravitated together and I started sucking his cock on a more regular basis. 

In high school Hunter and I use to double date. If we had an especially hot make out session at the drive-in after we took the girls home, Hunter and I would park some place secluded and I’d suck him off before we went home. Or, if I was spending the night, we’d wait and I’d suck him off in his bedroom. Hunter like for me to spend the night because he usually got three or four blowjobs before I’d go home the next day.  

When I look back on the events I now realize that my young friend, Hunter, had known exactly what he was doing and seduced me that night the way boys seduce young girls into giving up their pussy. Unknowingly, to me when I’d gone to visit my friend Hunter he was planning on fucking my mouth.

Although it was years ago, it still makes my cock hard to think about Hunter’s hot cock sliding in and out of my mouth. 

The end…





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