I sprained my ankle a few months ago. I tripped up the steps, getting off at 59th & Lexington. A sexy guy with a (Russian?) accent helped me up, but our interaction was brief, and he really could've cared less. I bet he had great fuck talk.

I didn't get in to see a Dr. until later that evening, and by then it was fuckin swollen as shit. I was trying to be tough, but I was a big pussy when the nurse came in. He had on green scrubs, and he wasn't wearing underwear. His dick line was obvious, although he had a white t shirt under his top. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. 

He did some preliminary screenings, and when he held the flash light up, I forgot to look up. "Eyes up here young man." There was a laugh in his tone, and I knew he knew. His arms flexed, when they moved, which filled the rest of the space between his flesh, and the fabric in each arm. Fuckin hot.

I lay back, and waited for the Dr. to come in. The nurse's name was Seth, and he was pretty fuckin sexy. He had blondish brown hair, with a trimmed beard. I was guessing mid thirties, but I could've been wrong. Who cares. My point is, this man needed to fuck me. I wanted his dick.

The Dr. came in, and Seth walked out. I answered all the questions, and he felt around the ankle, and worked every toe, which sent waves of pain up my leg and back. He wrapped it, and put a brace around the ankle, and sent me up for a script. I passed Seth on the way out, and he smiled, and asked if I had a minute. For him, I had all day.

He pulled me aside, in the exam room near us, and said he wasn't supposed to reach out to patients, but if I wasn't doing anything later, maybe we could meet for some conversation. He gave me his number, and I texted him on my way out. It was a fuckin trip back downtown, where I begrudgingly worked the second half of my scheduled shift. My manager gave me a little shit, but she could clearly see the brace around my ankle, where my jeans stopped. 

I finished up, and checked my phone, with a couple missed calls, and a few texts from Seth. He was leaving work. He couldn't get a taxi. The lady in front of him smelled like piss. He got home alright. He was naked. He was showering. Jesus fucking Christ.

I met him at a small spot in the West Village. We chatted briefly, and although he'd changed into jeans, I could see his dick line. I told him he should invest in some underwear, because he's very distracting at the office. He said after I'd left, he got hard, and had to jerk off in the bathroom at work. He'd been interrupted twice, which was fuckin hot. He'd eventually blow his load all over the back of the basin, and have to clean it up, but the smell of his spunk was undeniable, and he made awkward eye contact with the nurse who was standing at the urinal, while he washed his hands.

He made me laugh, and I liked him. He was handsome, tall, athletic, scruffy, professional...but that fuckin dick. I would occasionally graze his arm, or leg, and glance to to see if his dick would flex. It did. Fuck.

We finished another round, and I said we should get out of there, and check out his place. He said he had roommates, and he wasn't "out". I said it was fine if we went to my place, but I had roommates also, who were gay. He didn't mind.

We get to my place half an hour later, and sneak in quietly. The guys are either out, or they're in their rooms. The place is a mess, but whatever. We go upstairs to my room, and I close the door behind me. He comes up, and starts making out with me hard, right away. 

Our clothes are coming off, a button rips off his shirt, my jeans get stuck on my ankle brace, and he quickly undoes the cuffs. Soon, we're fully naked, making out in my bed, and he's struggling to open the condom up.

We get him situated, and he's in me. This fuckin dude starts slow fucking, and kissing me softly on the mouth, and cheeks, working his way to my ear. He bites my lobe, and rubs his face on mine, sending scruff tickles down my neck. Fuck, he had me oozing precum in no time.

We're slow fucking for awhile, and of course a fuckin knock on the door. Tim opens the door to ask me something, and Seth nods at him, and says "What's up." Tim shuts the door slowly, and says "nevermind." We laugh, and get back to fucking.

His dick is the perfect size. He's got me almost split, but enough room for a comfortable slide, and he's long enough where he's JUST bumping up against that wall of tissue and muscle at the end of the tunnel. Fuck, he was getting me all sorts of crazy.

We never changed positions, we didn't even move our fucking legs. He knew just how to work that dick up inside, and he had me cumming like a stream, all over myself. He kept fucking, reaching down to jerk me off. He used my cum as lube, while he was fucking me, jerking me off in synchronized form. He told me he was cumming, and quickened his hand. We came together. Fuck it was awesome.

Ok, so usually I'd be done, and get up, or hint with a hip thrust, for him to get up and out of me. This time, I held on. I can't fuckin explain what I was feeling. I felt sexually spent, but physically fulfilled. I really didn't mind this. He was pushing my hair back, and kissing my forehead, nose, and mouth. He said it was fucking amazing. He said he wanted to come back again. He said he'd call me, and then he told me he was married...

I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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