I had just moved to Niceville from New York and I was having a hard time fitting in. I still couldn't understand why my mom had to move to this small ruddy out of the blue nowhere town just because my dad had left us. I was most worried about school. I wasn't even sure if I would make any friends. My first week at his new school passed in a blur of home work and uncomfortable stares from people I didn't know.

Well at least the girls liked me. Well I couldn't blame them could I? I was looking more and more like my dad every day. I was almost six feet tall with ripped muscles from all my football practice and had long dark hair falling into my blue eyes.

In fact I was desperately waiting for football tryouts so that I would have a team again.

After my football tryout I was changing in the locker room when this guy walked up to me. i recognized him as Martin, the football team captain.

'Hey man' he said 'Stefan right?'

I nodded.

'Great tryout by the way. So I was thinking, since you're new to town why don't you come over to my place? I'm having a party tonight . . . . .'

An okay thanks was all I could say. Maybe it won't be so bad after all.


Now sitting in Martin's house I realized something, something I found really hard to accept. I found Martin really hot. The 'party' consisted only of four guys including me. Martin was crashing on his couch with his shirt off. He was a year older than me but was much more muscular. He also has light hair on his chest and had blonde pubes showing from the top of his loose shorts. I couldn't help but stare at his chiseled muscles and many times I found Martin staring back at me with his blue eyes, an all knowing smile on his lips.

There were two other guys there and judging from their perfect abs and muscles they were both on the football team too. I felt obliged to take my shirt off too but I didn't, scared that it might send across the wrong signal.

We were all waiting for this stripper that Martin said he had called. Frankly it was so awkward that I would've left very soon but I wanted to experience my first stripper.

Soon the front door bell rang and Marty got up to open the door. When he returned there was a guy with him, wait it wasn't a guy it was Mr. Diaz this history teacher from the school. The other two guys seemed to know what was happening as they grabbed a surprised Mr. Diaz and somewhat forcefully shoved him into a chair, pushing him back in whenever he tried to get out.

What's happening I asked Martin

Relax he replied we just needed some extra help with Mr. Diaz oh sorry Tony's lesson for today. Mr. Diaz or tony looked at everybody angrily from behind his nerdy sexy glasses. He was extremely well built with his white office shirt only accentuating his chiseled physique.

Martin held up a glass of soda almost as if offering it to tony and then poured it all over his shirt.

Oops he said now now we cant let tony here leave the house in dirty clothes can we? Come lets take his clothes off

Tony started resisting so I was assigned the duty of holding him still while the others hacked at his clothes with shears. First they cut off his trousers, the other two stroking his crotch teasingly. But as Martin was cutting off his shirt piece by piece, one of the guys, the one with the darker hair bought some rope and tied tony up.

Mr. Diaz or Tony now sat completely naked except for his tight red underwear, tightly bound to a chair. I found staring at his perfect body hard to resist. He had longish wavy black hair and soft stubble. His chiseled chest was covered in dark hair too. His tight underwear betrayed the size of his cock.

What shall we do now asked martin how can we humiliate our dear teacher even more? Stefan any ideas?

I didn't know what to say. I was turned on by the whole situation and I'm sure the guys and tony had all noticed the bulge in my pants. So I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. Haircut.

Soon I was standing behind the now gagged tony with a pair of shears while martin licked Mr. Diaz's crotch.

I started cutting into the hair starting at the top and soon getting really into it. The sensation of being in charge of someone's complete and utter humiliation was a turn on I switched for a razor with 4" clippers and decided to give him a Mohawk.

Martin now told us all to take off our clothes. When I was apprehensive they threatened to tie me up if I didn't. Martin ungagged mister Diaz and then shoved his dripping thick 9 inch cock straight into his mouth. Martin started groaning and so did misted Diaz. Soon it was my turn to do the same. Even before I could thrust, his tongue reached out and grabbed my cock. Even before he started sucking, I ejaculated, my cum shooting all over his face. Dripping white against his tanned skin. Feeling empowered I bent down and kissed him. A good French kiss which I moved into licking his nipple and then his abs and his cock. As I was sucking his 13 inch boner martin licked the cock from the other side. I couldn't tell who was sucking the cock or who was kissing.

After Mister Diaz came and lay panting in the chair I realized that martin had recorded everything and would probably blackmail Mister Diaz . . . . . . . .




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