Hi i am writing this because i get off on some diffdont types of behaviors, im sure there are alot more out there like me but if you dont have someone you know put you in touch with them then your kind of in it alone, untill you meet a man that is looking for you, what kind of man do i mean, well a masculine one, 5'11" to 6'2" well built, big shoulders, trim waist a mans man, very handsome, a dominate man, take control type, a smart man, a kind man, a nice man, one that knows how to treat a lady, yes i just wrote that, a lady, why do i say a lady, because when i was just a boy and i was seduced by a man who was about 30 years older then i, i was taught by him, taught how to please a man, him at that time, and for three and a half years i was with him, 17 1/2 when it ended, but it was training for all my future, i learned how to act, passive and submissive to a man, to be soft spoken, how to dress for your man, how to be there for his every desire with you. I was feminized by him, taught how a female acts with her man, i was her.

i was taught to be a pretty boy.

Now ill tell you something about me right now, as a older man, i am writting this as i lay here, i have on a adhesive bra, cups that stick on my nipple, a c cup, why, the cups attach to my nipples and my nipples are very sensative, i love when they get attention, i have on a top with spagetti straps, sexy on me, i have on a pair of womens boy shorts, pulled up and they ride up the crack between my cheeks, rubbing my man pussy, i have on a pair of womens shoe slippers, very small sexy footwear, and im ready to have sex, i feel so like a female, im going to take a nine and a half inch long and six and a half inch in diameter latex cock deep in my pussy, can i take it all, yes i can, i just put it to my pussy and relax my muscles and sit on it, and it slides up into me, can i take all, yes i can to the balls, then i move my pussy up and down on it and it fucks me good, i get fucked by my hard cock about every other day, lately every day and someimes twice a day, i love it when i am full of cock, another female trait. thats me at this moment, and i learned it 26 years ago and still love it today.

When he started to tell me i was pretty i was in awe of him, he made me feel good and important, he made me feel wanted, and when with him i got all the attention, i loved being called pretty, and as i learned how to please him i liked being subservant to him, I was taught to pretty much wait on him like a good girl should, if he wanted a drink i got it or made it for him and took it to him, when watching tv i would sit very close and he would have his arm around me, he would kiss my neck and tell me i was beautiful and i belonged to him, i liked that because i was just a young boy and i belonged somewhere, i knew that most boys didnt have a much older man as a lover, most boys my age barely had a girlfriend yet, he told me i would look sexy in some panties, so i said ill wear them for you, he bought me some, and he bought me what i learned was a starter bra, no cups because i had no titties, but i had very sensative nipples even then, after wearing those for a few months he bought me some sexy outfits short shorts, skirts, hot little tight tops, for around his house when we were together, i only went to him for one week a month every month, he gave me money so i told my parents i was working and i had there approval, after about six months he took me shopping i was wearing a pair of tight little shorts i think a deep hot pink and a lite pink tank top, with sexy panties of course, we went to a womens botique that he knew of, there i was helped by a woman she measured me and then picked out some nice dresses, and they were what a woman or girl would wear out in public, i wasnt used to those types of clothes and i looked at him questioning the things, he told me to just pick some i liked and try them on, i did and the woman went to the dressing room with me, i undressed and she saw i was wearing panties, she smiled at me and said i looked adorable in them, i tried them on and picked four of them, we paid and left, now my hair was about four inches past my sshoulders and cut nice i thought, we went to a solon and he talked to a stylist and he cut my hair, it was in a kind of girls style, then he taught me to curl it some, after that we went to a make-up place and he had me taught how to apply light make-up, then we went home, we played around and i sucked his hard cock for him and he filled my mouth with his hot load of cum, i swallowed it as he had taught me, he pulled out of my mouth and told me i did a great job and he was happy, he told me he was going to take me out for dinner, i said ok and then he told me, i was to wear my bra and panties and a new dress from today and t hair and applyo curl my some make-up, i didnt know what to say, he said tonight your my date and i want you to be beautiful, so i did as he said, i was i thought pretty hot all made up, we went outand had dinner, at the reasurant we saw some of his gay friend couples, they knew me and commented on how beautiful i looked, i blussed and said thank you, after he took me home and undressed me and laid me on his bed on y back and he got on top of me kissed me then pushed his big hard cock into me, he fucked me good and long and deep, he told me this was what a good girl got for making him proud of me, i took it with pleasure, thats how my early life was.

I never lost my desire to be feminine with a man, ive always wore womens panties and now the adhessive bras, it gives me breast just like a woman should have, i wear womens underwear still every day under my clothes, if you saw me walking down the street youd look and say there is a real man, and i am on the street, but behind closed doors i am all woman, ive been riding my big fat cock for the last 45 minutes as ive written this, im a man in a girls sexual body and i love it and i love that i can sexually please a man as good as or better then any real woman can, i love to feel a hard cock in my mouth i love to suck on it and i love to feel hot cum shoot down my throat to my tummy, i love it when my lover takes me in his arms and gives my a deep wet french kiss as he rubs my panty covered ass, i love to be dominated by a maa and used for his satisfaction, i love to be a mans bitch, what am i doing now days, well im going to loose ten more pounds then run a ad for a older dominate man to be my lover for i hope years to cum, would i change any of my lifes experiences or lessons no not a chance, i love whoi was and who i am, if anything to comment on pleaase feel free to contact me.



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