My sister

this is a story in which i would love for this to happen to me.

its the first story ive ever written.if you like please email me at if there are any misspellings oh well i dont care this was written while i talked into my phone

Tommy grew up in a very big family he had a little baby sister that he loves very much, he raised her like she is his daughter they both grew up tommy got married 1 day tommy started dresses in his wife clothes he loves dressing up in the little girly clothes he's then took his fetish online went to a chat place she met at guy Tommy started discussing things that he loved tommy showed him pictures of his sister the guys name was rocket he told tommy he would fuck his sister Tommy love this idea then he told Tommy he would fuck his sister and then video tape it and make Tommy watch it why he was getting fucked by him while he was dressed in a sissy outfit Tommy thought this really turn him on he told rocket that he love this idea rocket told him you are my slave rocket said does your wife know you are a Sissy he said I am going to fly there you will pick me up and get me a hotel then you will show up here your new name is Mandy I expect you to be shaved Mandy agreed his cock was so hard he took the week off that rocket was coming rocket flew in and Mandy came and picked him up they went to the hotel rocket did not like his clothes so he said we're going shopping you need to dress like a bimbo slut they went out mandy was very embarrassed he had never been with a guy let alone go out in public but for some reason he went along because he felt like he was rockets property when they got back to the motel rocket made him dress up a new nice slutty outfit and then dance for him rocket took out the video camera then told Mandy to get on his knees rocket then took his cock out of his pants and shoved it on Mandy's face and told him to suck Mandy sucked his cock then he told Mandy to get up on the bed and bend over he then took Mandy panties off then applied lube to Mandys ass then told him it was going to hurt for a sec he then fucked Mandy's ass for a little while then he came in Mandy's butt then he said do you want your wife or your sister first mandy didn't know what to do he was scared he thought the game is over you fucked me now he's done rocket said it doesn't work that way cunt then reached into his bag and grab a collar and leash and some cuffs he then put them on Mandy rocket then said we can do this the easy way or the hard way Mandy said nothing just laid there in disbelief rocket said I'll give you a lil bit then you can decide as Mandy laid there he started rubbing his little clitty and got turned on again he then told rocket that he wanted his sister first rocket said let's go they drove by the dorm where his sister was her name it is becca mandy said rocket said good bitch rocket went over and started talking to Becca he then came back and said your little sister might be easy Mandy gulped and thought why am I doing it I love becca I don't want to see her in the hands of this sicko but my cock its so hard I want it so god I'm sick rocket told me his plan he said he was going to slip her a roofie then the party will begin you like that don't you bitch Mandy nodded and said yes sir rocket said go home slut your wife is probably worried I'll see you tomorrow Mandy became Tommy once again and went home he didn't know if he was turned on still or not he went home told his wife he is sick and went up to his room and he beat off several times didn't care I his wife came in he was way too horny that next morning he woke up eagerly awaiting rockets call he went downstairs while his wife was sleeping and watch porn jacking off thinking about tonight just as he came his phone rang it was rocket. Rocket said you ready to go to work Mandy went with it and said I have to go to work today then went up and told his wife he had to go to work today she was sad but said have fun Tommy drove to the hotel he got there. there was a note said put this stuff on it was a very sexy outfit a schoolgirl one with a short skirt the note said to wait there Mandy waited for what seemed like hours until rocket came in Mandy came in his skirt as soon as he seen rocket the anticipation was killing him did he actually do it rocket told him to lie down face the TV and whipped out the video camera mandy was squirming and rubbing himself the video came on and there was his little sister she was in some kind of room not this room she had just collected herself and rocket was talking to her he then pulls down her panties and told her she was a good slut she was crying Mandy instantly got protective and started getting mad rocket laughed, and smacked Mandy's ass rub some lube on his hole and started fingering it Mandy laid there and kept watching Rocket kissed becca and told her to be good then started shoving his cock in her pussy Mandy came again with excitement then rocket shove his cock in Mandy's ass Mandy squirmed and kept watching after over an hour he came 8 times and rocket told him Becca was coming with him Becca was going to be his wife he said he's already bread her hole Mandy started to cry what have I done he said my baby sister has Been raped and kidnapped and all I'm doing is getting fucked and loving it rocket told me I've got a surprise for you then took me down to this building and told me to get in this room where he set up another video camera you told me to get ready and since I was so sick that I reminded him of a dog so he told me you're going to suck a dog off 4 his video he laughed and brought in a Rottweiler and told me to get busy I just started rubbing his crotch until it's cock came out then I leaned in and started sucking it was so gross but I kept doing it I had to please rocket the dog came all over my face rocket laughed and let the dog go rocket then led me into another room where becca was there she was and there I am dressed like this with dog cum all over my face he then led me over to a bed then put the video on and told Becca to watch me suck the dog as he fucked her she cried some more as I just laid there and watched I can see her squirm and look like she came rocket then got up had pussy juice on his cock came over and stuck it in my ass you love your sisters lube huh I said yes I looked over at her she was fingering herself he told me don't mind her I gave her ecstasy I squirm as he nutted in my ass then he told me that him and Becca were going home and the next time I see Becca she will be a bimbo whore.




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