Danny was always a guy who could make you laugh. No matter what kind of mood you were in he could lift up your spirits, he was just that type of person. That was what I loved most about him. It wasn't his hot body or gorgeous face, but it was his personality. In fact it wasn't until freshman year of highschool that I found him attractive. I had one class with him, italian. I hadn't actually ever talked to him before, but within the first couple weeks of school, he started to talk to me on a daily basis. It wasn't anything major it was just small talk. I hadn't actually found him attractive at this point I also hadn't fallen in love with him either. It wasn't until about a week into december that I knew I had feelings for him.

I should mention that at this point in time no one knew I was gay. I also never suspected him of being gay until this incident.

We had a sub on this day of italian. It was just him me and my friend sitting and talking. We both liked to mess with our friend steph by taking her binder or phone and not giving it back to her. Today I took her phone and gave it to him. Steph kept trying to get it back but he wouldn't give it to her. So she would stop trying to take it from her, he put it in his pants. When he did this he told us he put it inside his underwear. For some reason I found that hot... really hot. Then he looked at me and said "I've got a bush down there since I didn't shave at all because of no shave November"

I didn't know how to respond. I had an instant hard on and I couldn't help it. However it wasn't for another few weeks that I found his attractive.

One day he walked into italian with a completely new hairstyle. Typically he would have long hair, now he has his hair almost like a crew cut just a little longer, and he would spike it in the front. As soon as I saw him I was like damn he looks cute like that.

I knew it was love for me because never before had someone become so hot in my mind because of their personality. Because overall it is more his personality than his actually appearance.

I didn't suspect him being gay until he started to touch me very seductively? He would hug me from behind and stay that way for a while, brush his hand on my back or chest, very seldomely touch my ass, and rest his arm on my head.

Well freshman year came to an end and I didn't see him all summer. I never texted him outside of school so I didn't try over the summer.

By this point in time I had already told 6 people of my sexuality and after explaining to them why I think danny is gay, they thought so too.

On the first day of school sophmore year, I was hoping for a class with him. The first 5 periods went by and I hadn't had anything with him. I was beginning to think I wouldn't have anything with him. This all changed when I got to last period. Luckily we got a class together. I wanted to jump for joy. The weeks went by and it was back to the way italian was freshman year.

The best night of my life would come a lot sooner than I expected. We had gotten a project in english and we had to have one partner. The teacher picked the groups and luckily put us together. I was so nervous and excited because I knew we would have to work together on it at one of our houses just the two of us.

It was a Friday and we had decided to go to his house because no one would be home so it would be quieter and easier to work. We had gotten a lot of the work done and it wasn't due for another two weeks so we decided to just hangout.

We had both smoked before so we decided to smoke together. We were both really mellow and carefree at this point. We were laughing about anything for a good half hour.

Then there was this awkward silence for about five minutes. Finally I broke the silence and asked him "What are you thinking about?" He then replied with "Well I wanna ask you something I just don't know how." I said "its okay just ask me straight out to beat around the bush." So then he popped the question "Are you gay." I honestly wasn't expecting this but I just wanted to be honest so I told him yes. To my surprise he turned around quickly and kissed me on the lips.

I could not believe this. The guy I have long awaited for just kissed me and basically told me he was gay. He broke the kiss and just looked at me smiling. I couldn't help but cry a little. It wasn't sadness but it was relief and it was happiness. Then he looked concerned and started to stand up when I just kissed him.

Then he pushed me down on his bed and pinned me down with his body on top of mine continuing to kiss me. We began to take eachothers shirts off. He then began to kiss my neck and was rubbing my body. I was rubbing his ass and felt his hard dick and mine rubbing against eachother from the inside of our jeans? He continued to get lower and lower on my body until he reached my jeans? He then slowly took off my jeans. The sound of my zipper going down because of someone else was making me crazy. Then he ripped them off and said "American Eagle underwear... good choice, it looks hot on you." And I said "Anything looks good on you hot stuff." And he just smiled then I wanted to go down on him too before he took my underwear off so I grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him down and started to kiss him again.

Then I rolled him over so that I was on top and began to kiss his neck and rubbing his body. I then began to lick his nipples and he kept jolting. I eventually got to his jeans and took them off ever so slowly. He was looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes. When I finally took them all the way off I saw that he was wearing Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs. Then he ripped his boxers off and forced my mouth on his 7 inch dick. I was in heaven. The feeling of having his delicous cock inside of my mouth was intoxicating. I was having a difficult time deep throating him. But he liked to be in control so he pushed my head down so that my nose was right against his pubes. I was so turned on by this. I always wanted to be dominated. I guess he didn't want to shoot his load in my mouth because when he started to squirm, he pulled my mouth off him. Then he went down and ripped by underwear off. He started to suck on my 6 inch dick and very easily swallowed it whole. I couldn't hold out as long as he did so I told him I was about to cum. He obviously didn't care because he just kept on sucking and eventually I shot my load into his mouth and he swallowed every last drop without a problem. Then thinking we were done, I started to get up. That's when he pushed me down and said we weren't finished yet. I just looked at him and smiled. He went to get a condom but I told him I didn't want to use one, I only wanted to feel the skin on his dick against my asshole. So he listened. I stayed on my back and he lifted my legs in the air. He then placed the head of his beautiful cock on my ass. He started to toy with me and was just lightly poking my asshole with his dick. Then he finally pressed with his cock and it hurt. I knew it would, not only because I was a virgin but because his head was big. When he finally got his head in it was painful but felt sooo good. He then slowly and gently began to thrust into me.

Eventually I felt his pubes and balls on my ass. When I felt this I told him it was okay to start to go as fast as he wants and do whatever position he wants. So he began to thrust in and out of me quicker and quicker in the same position and he would lean down and kiss me at the same time. Then he grabbed me from behind my back and picked me up so he was holding me in the air and fucking me at the same time. Then he put my back against the wall and still fucked me. This position and his cock and just him made me jack off and shoot my load all over his sexy body. Then he layed me down on the bed in doggy style and kept me like that until he pulled out of my ass and started to jack off. I wanted to swallow his cum so I turned around and began to suck his dick. Then he started to moan loudly and he held my head against his cock and forced me to stay where my nose was against his pubes. He then began to shoot his load and it tasted so good. It was like heaven. It seemed like he was cumming forever cause I had to swallow a lot. When I finally swallowed all of it he looked at me and said "I love you." And I said "I love you too danny."

Then he said to me "damn I'm surprised you swallowed all my cum I shoot a HUGE load haha."

And I said "you don't need to tell me that haha."

For the rest of the night we just cuddled and watched movies together and made out. Then we went into the shower together and had sex in there too. When I was leaving his house, I asked him if we could hangout more. He replied with "well of course we are dating now right?"

I said "you're right we are I'll see you tomorrow." And I left his house.



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