it all started around Easter when I moved to this street little did i know a few guys I knew went to my school including Craig as the weeks were getting nearer to the end of school and the exam were staring we all were talking about what we going to to do after school 

It came the end of school and me and Craig were doing typical teenager stuff playing computer games having the odd beer hanging around with friends the first weekend of July Craig had the entire house to himself his mum and dad took his younger brother and sister away for a few days to the east coast Craig asked me to come over I figured what the hell I'm not doing much I went round to see him and made myself at home Craig ordered a pizza and put on a DVD as we were eating the pizza and watching Craig told me something that he could only trust me with he told me that he was gay which didn't bother me at all because he was my friend 

the next night I went round to see Craig we sat on the sofa and talk but as we did Craig dropped a bombshell that he had a crush on me I felt a bit uneasy about it because I never been with guy before but thought about having sex with him I figured what the hell you only live once so turned to him and kissed him as were kissing each other we started to rub each other cocks we took it into his parents bedroom where he took of my jeans and start to stroke my cock I pulled down his underwear I couldn't believe my eyes how big his cock was so I started sucking him off  which I enjoyed after that I got sucked off and he did give the best blowjob and then he started to fuck me in the ass with him thrusting his cock inside me I never felt anything that good before after he fucked me I start to finish him a let cum in my mouth as he did I tasted his lovely cum and in return he jacked me off and cum on his face after we finished we kissed each and looked each other as lying in his parents bed he asked me to be his boyfriend so I said yes to 


big ginger

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