Coming back from college for winter break I became in charge of taking my brothers to their sport practices and back. Today I had to pick up my younger brother who is 15 and his friend from lacrosse practice. They both get in the car and I drop my brother off first and start to take his friend over. We start talking and he starts to ask me if it is easy to get a lot of girls in college. I tell him that im sure that he would never have a problem trying to get laid because he is a good-looking kid. His name is Joe his is about 5’10 160 pounds of nice toned muscle with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. Now I am gay but he didn’t know that so that I just kept going on with the conversation. I look down and notice that he has a little tent growing in his shorts. I also notice that his has a jockstrap on and I make a comment that is really cool that he still wears jocks. He starts to tell me how they are the most amazing thing and how he has a big package and it keeps it in place and how he has a whole collection of them. As we continue talking about jockstraps he asks if I want to come in and see them. Being really curious to were this is going I decided since nobody is home what would be the harm in seeing my brothers hot friends jockstrap collection.

We go into his room and he opens his top draw and I can see a lot of different jockstraps some just plain white others in colors and a few with a thong like back to them. I tell him that is really cool. He notices my raging hard on that I have at this point and he says so do you like guys in jockstraps because your cock sure does. My mouth dropped I could not believe that he had said this before I could say anything he was already naked in his jock. I look down and star e at his perfect 6 pack leading into a big bulge in his jock. I say your right it does look like you need a jockstrap to help support that big cock of yours. He asks if I have ever done stuff with another guys cock and I tell him that yes I have and that I am actually gay. He responds by saying I thought so that’s why I invited you up here I want to try some things out. I walk over to him grab it bulge and stat to make out with him he takes my shirt and pants off and grabs my 7 in hard on. I start to kiss my way down his amazing body and get to the top of his jock strap. I pull it down and a thick 7.5 in cock flops out, I start sucking on the tip of his cock. I grab the shaft and start to work my mouth down his amazing boy cock swallowing it whole. I continue to bob for a little and I stand up. He gets down on his knees and grabs my cock and starts to jerk it off and begins to kiss it. He tells me this is his first time and I tell him there’s nothing to it just suck on it and lick it. He opens his mouth and I slide my cock inside his warm mouth. He moves his tong around and begins to bob up and down on my cock. He continues to suck on my cock for 5 more mintues. I pick it up and bring him to his bed were I bend him over and start rimming his big fat jock ass. He starts to moan really load as I lick and his kiss his smooth ass. I start to rub my fingers on his hole and stick on it. I work it in well getting ready to enter my second. After about a minute of fingering he starts to beg me to fuck him.

I turn him around and lay him on his back I pick his legs in the air and start to slowly slip my dick inside him. I look into his eyes and start to pump in faster and harder. I begin to start pounding his ass and he his screaming in pleasure I decide to switch it up so I lay on my back and have him sit on my dick. He starts to bounce up and down as he fat cock keeps hitting my chest. I keep fucking him harder and harder and then shoot all inside him as my cum is running out of his ass. I flop him around and start to suck on his cock with alittle jerking in no time he was filling my mouth with all of his cum. I swallowed as much as good with some running down my mouth he bent over and licked it all.

He suggested that we go shower off. We walk into his big steam shower and I start soaping his back up and rubbing his abs getting him all clean. I work my way down his body and start to rub his cock and clean his ass. I start to finger his ass an deeply clean it but then he turns around and drops down to his knees and begins to suck on my cock swallowing it whole. i pick up up and bend him over and start to fuck him. his big tight ass swallows my cock and i start to move faster in and out i shoot my load in him we clean off and leave the bathroom



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