Hi there, welcome to sun tanning season.

As I am telling you this story I am a little red from the morning sun. The other thing is that I am plugged with a rather large butt plug, the size of a pop can and about 6" long, and have a black leather gates of hell wrapped tightly around my penis. The pair are causing me to leak precum like a bitch in heat, which is why I am here telling you about it.

I woke up this morning and the first thought that came into my mind was how to fix the itch that has been bothering me for about a week now. I need to get something big and long inside of me and need it now. The preparation will take a bit of time but an enema is fun and that will make the insertion of the Rambo sized dildo a bit easier. So it is off to the bathroom to prepare that bag and fill my ass with three or four litres of water so that I am clean inside. After that I am going to take a tube of lube and stick it as far in me and squeeze the contents into my rectum, again to make it easier for the latex cock to work its way in. I am going to rub a bit more lube on the dildo and slowly work the head into my asshole, run it in and out a few times to get me open and then will shove the entire length in, right to the balls, and do that a few times just so it feels as if some big dicked hunk is making me his bitch, which is how I want to feel, cheap, trashy and used, just like a bitch in heat!

I have this 10-inch dildo that runs just nicely over my prostate and makes me leak like a tap, which I will be doing-I just know it. This one will be fucking me as if my life depended on it quick, fast and hard, I know this is just the prelim to what will be coming next. I'll use this to open my ass, so that the ring of my sphincter is used to being stretched like it will be, wide!

The next thing up my ass will be the big butt plug. I will use that to further open me up and relax those muscles. Oh the feeling of getting that stuffed quickly and hard, popping on the way out, very close to heaven. If it wasn't 6" long I would just use it to fuck me but I love the long stroke of a monster cock and I can feel that it will be time to change them out for the Rambo-sized invader. This is a 15" dildo that I have never been able to fit all in but today I am sure will be the day to try.

I will be sliding a bit more lube into me as well around the girth of the latex monster, now this thing has a cup on the bottom so it can stand up but I will be lying on my side slowly pushing it into me. I have learned over time that this position gives the most access to my rectum and I will need as much as I can get today.

With the first six or so inches into me, I will start fucking myself with slow languid strokes, as if this was a beautiful session with a lover. These long stokes help to open my rectum and ease my sphincter, that way by the time I am panting from excitement I have worked about ten or so inches into me. This is when I will roll onto my back and using the chesterfield as a lever and try to get more into me. I will really go to town and fuck myself for all I am worth, using the entire length and trying to go deeper every time, getting more of this monster in me.

It will take some time but the reward will be more than worth it. I am still on my back with my knees pressed into my shoulders and my cock dripping pre-cum all over my chest. The thought of that is just too much for me and I take a minute to slurp it off of me-very tasty! I love the feeling of a cock letting loose in my mouth and the resulting deposit of warm cum left for me to swallow. This comes close to that taste, but can't do anything about it now-perhaps after and let someone have that stretched out ass as well.

By this time I will have gotten onto my hands and knees and using a heavy table as an anchor drive the last few inches in, pushing for all I am worth trying to get that loving latex cock locked into my ass and bring me that supreme sense of well being. The more that I work in, the more comes and goes, just as if someone was between my knees pounding a big cock into my ass. It is just after a large draught of poppers and a complete body relax that I will give one last push back while opening my ass that I feel the balls on the bottom of the dildo rest against my own-it is all the way in! I'll be seeing stars, cumming on myself and screaming in ecstasy. This is a wonderful feeling and I am riding it for all it is worth. I am going to let this rest deep inside me for a few moments, and then, by moving ever so slowly get off of my hands and knees and move to my haunches; doing this will give me the chance to bounce up off the monster buried in me. Poppers in large amounts will help the move be nothing short of wondrous.

I am not sure if anyone out there has had a big cock or dildo completely buried in their ass, and that is not just big but a monster, if you have then you can relate to the need to feel it moving in its entirety. It is with abandon that I impale myself, draw about 12 inches out and slam it back in right to the balls.

The only downside of a dildo is that you can never feel the tightening of his balls, the slight expansion of his cock-making it thicker and longer or the explosion of his orgasm while he dumps cum into your ass. The upside is that you never get short changed-a dildo stays just the right hardness as long as you want. I wanted it hard for quite some time and used it until I could've put another cock in my ass I was so loose.

It was after quite a few minutes of self gratification that I came all over myself and let that monster slide back in right to the top. There will be a pleasant coming down period and then I pulled it out of what is now a sloppy, wet pussy. I found that large plug and pushed it into me just so I would stay stretched and the damn thing fell out-I was too loose! There was a wine bottle within reach, so I pushed that in and the feeling of being a little stretched was great so I grabbed hold of the neck and fucked myself with it for a few strokes- god, I am such a slut!! I let the feeling of euphoria pass over me once again and pulled the bottle out. I took a few hits of poppers just to let myself come down and literally crawled to the shower for a rinse off. Now off to find a real man- any takers out there?



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