im sorry for any errors i suck at this crap

ok so it all starts off at my friend o's house lol his nick name is o... i was ripped as a bitch when i was over there. off weed of course... i always stayed at his house but we never ggot it on :/ untill tonight (:. it was like 1 in the morning and we were both blazed haha and we sat down next to each other laughing and shit. He was a tall skinny native boy but he had big eyes they werent squinty. he didnt really look native more like from middle east kinda. his hair black and alwayys slicked back it reached to the bottem of his neck.

we sat down and he turned on the tv to bikini round up. it was porn and it turned us on(it was straight porn) we started rubbing are crotchs and i looked over to his as he rubbed it, oh i wanted that dick in me so bad loll i wanted to suck him dry and then let him fuck the shit out of me... i wanted to bang him to his but was nice i just want to hold it in my hands. as i watched him i got even more turned on and i was as hard as a rock. then out of no where he grabbed my hand and gently placed it on his dick, i started rubbing it oh was he he big, i felt it his man rod, nice and thick, i turned to him and he smiled and said " your so good i cant to fuck you!" he go up and stood in front of me and start to strip. first his shirt showing his stomic he was skinny and tan with a little happy trail, his skin was so smooth, then his pants went down. he wasnt wearing underwear (; his dick was tan and 5 inches and he is not even hard. his balls hang low and the were big oh i wanted to like them and feel the slapping against me when he was fucking me. he but his knees on the couch his dick was only a little from my mouth and he said "open wide baby." i did as i was told and he put it in my mouth. now tht he is hard he was big i didnt bother to measure. i could suck him all the way i would choke. he was moaning to himself saying " oh yes oh yea ughhh your so good" then he raised his voice and asked "can i face fuck u?" i gave him a thumbs up. i opened my throat and relaxed. i felt his hands grab my head and he started to thrust into my face. hiis cock is so good oh i was so in heaven lol. he pulled out fasted tho. then said "time to fuck" and smiled at me. i said "you dont have lub or a condom?!" then he said "nothing spit couldnt help." so i got down on the floor so he can fuck me doggy style. he spread my checks and spit into my ass then spit all over his dick for lube. then with no waiting he put his dick head in and in like 2 seconds the whole thing slipped in " ugh ohhh just fuck me and fuck me hard!" i yelled and he started pumping it in and out! he had me by my waste fucking me over and over i kept moaning "YOU FEEL SO GOOD KEEP GOING O I LUV YOUR COCK FUCK ME NATIVE BOY FUCK ME LIKE A MAN!" I yelled aloud and he then grabbed my shoulder with one hand covering my mouth with another hand and wispered ib my ear "dont yell you will get me introuble, also your ass is so tight ohhhh i luv it" he keep going in and out it felt amazing i luv pleasing him. i luv getting fucked. then he said aloud "oh im about to cum im a pull out i want it on your face baby" he pushed me off and turned me around and go over me and start jacking it. i played with his balls then boom goes dynomite. "ughh ughh so good" it was going everywhere i cought some in my mouth then he got up off me because i started jizzing...




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