We had been lovers, or he had been my dominant master for a little over a year, my master?, yes he took charge the first day that i meet him, i was a willing participant, he was a handsome man about 25 years older then i, and he directed all of our time together i did as he asked or told me, i did it because i loved him, or loved him doing me and me pleasuring him, well i went down for our monthly time together, i spent one week a month with him, that went on for three and a half years, when it ended i was shocked id wanted to be his wife or as close as possible forever.

It had only taken three trips to him, for him to change alot of things about me, i remained a passive submissive bottom, only now i was wearing panties, sometimes little bras for flat girls, sometimes he had me put on stockings, tiny little tight shorts, a short skirt, silk slippers, sexy little tops, always did i dress like that during my week, but it was at his house so no one saw me like that, when going out id wear my bra and panties and stockings under my male clothes. no one saw me so it was ok, i liked dressing for him it made him happy, now almost all his friends were gay men, and they knew what i was, me and robert, my lover, would go out on dates with other male couples a double date, i was far younger then the others, they were about 10 years age difference, most were anyway, sometimes robert would take me to parties with other couples, i would stay close to robert, i loved it when he put his arm around my waist and held me close while talking to others, i loved it when he would give me a long wet kiss in front of everyone.

well here is how my story went on, one day while at the house and we were in bed holding, hugging, kissing and me sucking him off, when he had cum in my mouth and id swallowed his large load of cum usually he would masturbate me so id get off, he was doing this and suddenly he stopped, i was close so i was horny and wanted to cum, he said im not going to finish you now, you need to do something for me, i said of course anything, he told me we were going out to a party that night and i needed to get ready, i said ok, and he said there are things i want you to do to get ready, ok i said, he then told me to shave off all my body hair except my long hair and eyebrows, although he had me pluck a tiny bit, now my hair was long and he told me to put a little wave in it, he told me i had to look pretty and sexy for him, i eagerly agreed, he left and i went to work, i shaved my legs, my butt, my pubic hair,i was smooth as a girl and just as pretty when done, he had also told me he would lay out my clothes for the night, well i was ready to get dressed, i went in and saw what i was to wear, there were a red lace bra, now there was no cup size because i didnt have breast, a pair of red lace panties, with no crotch in them my little cock would hang out and my hole would be exposed if i spread my legs and bent over, also a black garter belt with somme black shaded stockings, and a note, it said to put this all on and to put the panties on over the garter belt and stockings, there also was a red and black silk robe, full length, i thought at least his friends wont see me dressed up, well when he saw me without the robe he whistled first, told me i looked so hot and sexy, he came over and took me in his arms holding me tight and giving me a deep wet kiss, i loved feeling his tongue in my mouth, he told me i was his beautiful boy, i smiled i was happy he liked it, i then put on my robe and tied it closed, we went to the party, when we arrived and went in i knew it was all males, but i saw mostly the dominant type of men or tops and there were only 6 men including robert, it didnt seem like a very big party, they all had drinks and talked, then robert said well i brought along my young lover and i have a suprise for you gentlemen, i had him dress up for the party, he told me to take off the robe, i paniced but i wanted to please him so i did it, i felt so naked standing there in my little sexy clothes as they looked at me and a few ran there hands over me, all said i looked great, robert then told me privately that i was to treat the men as if they were him, i was to make sure they were pleased, to do as i was instructed, to start i walked around the room to them and let them feel me up and if they wanted we would kiss, deep french kisses, there hands were all over me, now it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, i thought robert would be getting mad at me because i was letting them do what they were doing.

then as i was doing this one of the men took my hand and put it on his cock, i rubbed through his pants and he got hard, real hard, he saaid he was really horny and he needed me to give him some relief, i didnt know what he wanted me to do, i belonged to robert, but he had told me to do for them what i did for him, i was lead over to a chair and i sat down, he pulled his pants to his knees standing between my parted legs and took my head in his hand and put his hard cock to my lips, i was so self conscious, there were 5 other men watching me suck a cock as they watched, i opened my mouth and sucked it in or he pushed it in but i was sucking, i enjoyed sucking cock so soon id forgotten aabout the others and i was doing as id been told, to please them anyway they liked it, so i sucked a bit more and since i was a pro at cocksucking, he came, right in my mouth and down my throat, he held the back of my head so i could take it out, it was pushed all in, down my throat, when he had finished he let go of my head, and another took his place, id given 3 blowjobs and my jaws were getting tired, so when the next man told me to lay over a small paded table type thing, only this one was shorter, as i lay there i found out that the height was perfect for a man standing behind me, he pushed in and sunk it to the hilt, i moaned loudly, he told me i was nice tight, he went slow at first then faster he was pounding my ass with his hard cock, then he hammered in and stopped, one thing i always loved about being fucked, when a man cums in you, you can feel it, there cock get harder and it gets a bit thicker, then you can feel it shoot its cum into you, the cum is warm, when they pull out you can feel the cum inside you, soon you feel it coming out, running down your thighs, when he came i loved it, then another man stepped up and took his place, this went on all night or most of it, i was fucked i think 8 times and gave about 12 or 13 blowjobs to completion, was i used yes i was, did i like it?, yes i did, was it to much, a bit, would i do it again, yes if robert told me to, i belonged to him my job was to make him happy, on the ride home he asked if i was ok, yes i said, he told me he was proud of me and id done a great job, i glad you liked it he said, then he added that means we can supply the entertainment for some of his friends parties, and your going to be the entertainment, i said ok out loud, in my head i thought im worn out in some discomfort, but i did it and liked it so hell yes i do it again, and i did, numerous times,.

there are more stories to tell, and id like to, but i need to hear from you telling yes i like your stories do more or say it wasnt good dont, to this day id do it all over again, my momories have kept some of the gay boy going, it excites me as i write them, and i dream of find a man between 55 and 65, to dominate me again, thanks for reading.



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