"I never really thought about us-together like this, but..." Martin watched in awe and amazement as the thick, heart-shaped set of lips above him formed those words with a deep southern drawl.

"I ain't even trying to bullshit you; all I been able to do is think about you and me like this, "Martin admitted, trying to force his own deep drawl past the dry lump in his nervous throat.

"Well, I ain't going to bullshit you, neither; you got a nigguh ready to try something new; know-I-mean?" The chunk of muscles that lay on top of Martin, trying not to smother his slender, one--thirty-two pound body, leaned him back and pressed his shoulders flat on the mattress. The thick, pink lips that Martin had been admiring just seconds earlier were now pressed against Martin's own thick, moist lips. Martin could feel the gentle scratch of the man's mustache against his own smooth upper lip. He could feel his own young cock swell and stiffen as the gorgeous beast above him forced their crotches into contact over and over again, his mammoth hands roaming Martin's body with the same intensity that his hungry mouth and his straining cock possessed. Martin shuttered as the huge hands came to a standstill upon reaching his hairless, chestnut brown ass cheeks.

"I ain't never done this shit before," Martin nervously disclosed. He teasingly ran his pedicured foot up his companion's thick calves, up to his tight thighs, and unto his equally well-sculpted bubble ass. "So you need to go easy at first."

"Me neither, but I got you, baby. Just trust me. I'm going to make it feel good; all you got to do is let me in."

"AHHHHGH!" Martin trembled as he felt the enormous head press against his super tight hole.

"Trust me baby; I won't make it hurt. Just open up!"

"OPEN UP!!!!!!" The last two words of that phrase seemed to echo all around Martin, causing unrest to settle upon him, maybe because those words were accompanied by a frantic pounding noise. Someone was at the door to his room. He realized that he was indeed dreaming of the heap of muscles and the beastly cock that was lined up with his virgin pucker. Thank God!

He opened his eyes. The one thing from the dream that remained was the lump in his throat. He threw the covers from his bed and realized that sweat cascaded all over his naked body. His heart beat faster than that of a rabbit on crack-cocaine.

Jesus, had he really just dreamed of sex with another man, and why the hell was his cock still rigid and hard from the dream, etching its way out of the waistband of his boxers, pooling precum all over his smooth stomach? He adjusted it, hiding it down the leg of his baggy boxers as best he could. He threw his half-sleep legs over the side of the bed, heading towards the pounding noise at door.

"We know you're in there!" he could hear his friend, Ahmil, yell. "Stop playing with yourself and let us in, bitch! I told you, no matter how much you pull on it, it ain't going to get no longer!"

Martin started to verbally retaliate, but then a more devilish thought overtook his mind. He etched the waist of his underwear down in the back, until the band cut into the supple underside of his cheeks, causing them to rise, and to look more bodacious than usual, which was not Martin's intent. He turned his backside to the door, then twisted his waist around enough to allow his hands access to the latch. "Come in," he sang, turning again to spread his hairless cheeks apart. He wanted the first thing Ahmil saw when he came into the room to be his winking brown eye.

"Fucking faggot!" Ahmil yelped, doubling back into the hall. He shook his head as if the image of Martin's spread ass had scarred him for life.

Kareem, who had been accompanying Ahmil didn't give the same reaction. He stood, not able to tear his light green eyes from the surprise. He tried to hide the delight in them as Martin spun around laughing. Kareem hoped that his light beige skin didn't betray his thug nature by blushing bright red before his friends.

"My bad, Kareem; I didn't know you were out here too." Martin held out his hands to give the boy dap, and Kareem accepted, as if he had not just seen the same hand that he was being offered used to pry Martin's asshole apart seconds earlier.

"We need a favor from you," Kareem informed. "The air conditioner is out on the other side of the dorm, and you got this big ass private room. Me and Ahmil want to crash in here with you for the night."

Martin decided that it would be pointless to ask if they were fucking serious, especially since they had come with pillows and blankets in hand. Instead, he stepped aside and motioned for them to come in. As annoying and intrusive as the situation seemed, he knew the two would do the same for him if the tables ever turned.

The two entered and literally basked in the sensation of the cool air, Ahmil even stripping from his sweat soaked tank-top and bowing before the air conditioning unit in appreciation. "Me and Kareem was over in our hot ass room dying, son!" he informed Martin. "Then it dawned on me that you over here with this huge ass room, and I know you too scared to take advantage of the location and sneak no pussy in, so I knew you were by yourself." Ahmil gazed around the room, taking note of Martin's ill use of space and opportunity. "Man, if I had this room, there'd be a different bitch in here every night!"

Martin frowned in annoyance. "Do I need to remind you that this is a Christian college? Any guy caught on the girl's side, and vice-versa, spends the night in jail and is kicked off campus the next day. I don't want to go through that, and I sure wouldn't ask Hailey to risk that shit for me."

Martin and Hailey had been together since the seventh grade. When it was time to go to college, it was she who had decided upon the school, hoping that attending a Christian school together would alleviate the chance that new experiences and temptations would drive a wedge between them. She had also decided that they were to get married upon graduation, and that he would work as a college professor, and she would teach courses online, which would give her plenty of time at home with their three future children.

"You need to learn how to do shit," Kareem chimed in. "You got this nice, corner room, with no other room joined to it. You can fuck all you want, and you don't even have to turn up your radio to drown out the sound. Me and Ahmil need this shit you got here, 'cause you ain't using her right!"

"I bet you and Ahmil would take full advantage...every night," Martin joked, insinuating that the two would be with each other. They had picked up what he meant by the raise of his thick eyebrow and the sly grin that slashed his face.

"Fuck you, nigguh, and fuck that gay shit!" Kareem laughed, throwing his pillow on the carpeted floor to claim his crashing spot. He stretched his blanket into a rectangle and threw it on the floor along with the pillow. His sweaty body was lowered down next, each tight muscle in it gleaming beneath the florescent light.

Ahmil mimicked Kareem's ritual a few feet away, fixing his bed so that he and Kareem were foot-to-foot, leaving plenty of walk space for Martin to get to the bathroom during the night without tripping over them. "Every time we see this nigguh, he talking about some ole fruity-tootie, dick in the bootie type shit," he laughed.

Oh god! Was he right? Martin tried to think back over the past conversations they had shared: their favorite Dragon ball-z episodes, weight training, Freestyle Friday on their favorite video show, 106&park, the best head they had ever gotten from a girl.... Nope. He couldn't recall talking about any blatantly gay shit recently. Thank God! The dream really was beginning to screw with his head.

"I don't always talk about gay shit. You're full of shit!" he thought aloud. He regretted his words as soon as they tumbled free, overly defensive. Deep down, he knew that Ahmil and Kareem had only been joking. Now they would wonder why he was so serious all of a sudden, and all he wanted to do was drop the conversation. "When have I ever said anything gay?" he challenged, ignoring the voice of reason in his head, which begged him to shut the hell up and let the topic die.

An evil smirk crept over Ahmil's golden brown face. He and Kareem had Martin worked up now, and it was always fun to watch somebody who was usually so well-mannered utterly lose their composure. "Know how I know this nigguh is gay?" He nudged Kareem with his white-socked foot and motioned towards Martin. "Everything he eats has to be shaped like a dick: hotdogs and sausages. Tell the truth; that's all you've ever seen him eat, right? That's all I've ever seen him eat."

"You're fucking retarded!" Kareem literally doubled over with laughter. "Where did you come up with that one?"

"I'm gay because I ate a hotdog?" Martin was seconds away from throwing a full on tantrum. He wished that he had half the muscle that Kareem's mannish body possessed. He would have even settled for the wiry basketball player's physique of Ahmil over his own skinny, boyish body at that moment. He certainly wouldn't be the butt of all there jokes if he wasn't the runt. "That's all that's ever any good in the cafeteria!" Martin realized that he finally had the upper hand, and his demeanor calmed a bit. This was his room, not the public cafeteria and not Kareem's souped up convertible. The cards were finally all in his hand. "If you keep up with this gay shit, you can take your sweaty ass right back to your own room, Ahmil. That goes for you too, Kareem."

"Know how I know this nigguh gay?" Kareem couldn't resist. "Cause he's always on his damn period! This nigguh fusses more than my mom. And, come to think of it, he's more of a neat-freak. Make sure your blanket don't leave any lint on his floor, of we'll never finish hearing about that shit!"

"That's it!" Martin huffed, heading towards the door. "Kareem, grab your shit!"

"Know how else I know this nigguh gay," Kareem continued, completely ignoring Martin and the swinging door. "He wants to kick me out, so it's just you and him."

"Go on with that shit, Kareem!" Ahmil warned. "This air conditioner feels too good. I ain't laughing at nothing else you got to say tonight!"

Martin cleared his throat and motioned towards the door. "I mean it Kareem!"

"No you don't!" Kareem teased, fidgeting around in his pillow case. He pulled out a toothbrush holder and opened it to reveal a fat marijuana blunt. "Because if I go, this goes with me."

Martin hesitated at the open door, and then closed it. "I'm dead serious!" he warned, bending to jab a folded towel over the crack at the bottom of the door.

"I know," Kareem sighed, "And that's your whole problem. You're too damn serious. Why are you getting so upset, knowing that we always play like this? Now, it's Friday, we ain't got class tomorrow, your girl has one of the prettiest faces and fattest assess on campus, and she only has eyes for you. What you got to feel so salty about?"

"I don't want to talk about it, and that's it!" Martin breathed. The other guys knew him well enough to not press. They didn't have to. The whole story would tumble from his lips at any moment. All they had to do is wait him out and keep him talking.

"Fair enough," Ahmil smiled. "Say, didn't we leave a bottle of Hennessey in here a few weeks back?"

"Oh no you don't!" Martin snapped. "You guys will not come in here and turn my room into a frat house. I said you can sleep in here...for the night!"

"You got something better to do than have a few shots with your boys?" Ahmil teased. "Tomorrow is Saturday." Ahmil knew that liquor made the task of keeping a secret more impossible for Martin, and he was dying to find out what had the usually well-composed boy on pins and needles.

Martin looked at the clock on his nightstand. It read 1:23 AM. "Correction: today is Saturday!" He slid his closet door open a slit and squatted, sticking his hand into the darkness, unknowingly giving Kareem another view of his track star buns as he groped around for the bottle.

Kareem adjusted his hardening eight inches, and pulled the blanket over himself to aid in hiding his shame.

Martin spun around with the nearly full bottle of liquor. "I haven't touched her since the last time, because I figured we should finish what we started together."

"That's what's up!" Ahmil smiled. "That's what I like about us. We don't make no moves behind one another's backs. I won't front; I'm closer with you two fools than I ever been with a lot of my boys back home, and I grew up with them."

"To us!" Martin smiled, holding the bottle towards heaven. He lowered it to his head and took three hard gulps before he felt the fire of the liquid course through his throat and chest. With a pitiful cough, he passed the bottle to Kareem, who now sat Indian style, the blanket still shielding his loins.

"Wait...wait..wait!" Ahmil protested before Kareem could tilt the huge bottle to his juicy lips. "We should finish everything we started, since we're all here together. We was playing this game: never ever-something"

"Never ever have I ever," Martin corrected. "Do we really want to get back into that?" During the last game, he had drunkenly revealed intimate details about his and Hailey's personal life. He had also learned things about his two friends that he wished he didn't know.

The objective of the game was for one person to stand and say something that they had never ever done...or something that they would never ever do in a million years. Anybody present who had done this taboo thing had to take a drink. Being slightly older, Kareem had experienced a lot more than Ahmil and Martin, which is why they had him to thank for most of the emptiness that the bottle contained. They never did understand why Kareem chose to hang around with two freshmen when he was a second-year senior.

"I'll start," Ahmil insisted. "You can continue to hold the bottle Kareem. I know you going to have to drink to this one anyway."

"Come on with it!" Kareem laughed.

"Never ever have I ever stuck my finger up my own ass while I jacked off" Ahmil was so tickled that he could barely get the words out.

Kareem proudly took a gulp, and then looked around and said, "Who else going to be brave enough to tell the truth? I know you both have done that shit too!" he offered the bottle to Martin, who had decided that he wasn't drinking to anything remotely gay, whether he had done it or not. The drink was waved away. "Well, I guess that means it's my turn." Kareem laughed. He tried to think of something that would be on their level. His erection had long subsided, allowing him the privilege of standing shameless in his tight, black briefs and saying, "Never ever have I ever...um....hmmm.....I don't know...tasted my own cum when I jacked off." He handed the bottle to Ahmil before giving the boy proper time to process his words.

"I was only like twelve," Ahmil explained. "Fuck it, I'll drink to that," he drawled, reaching for the bottle.

Kareem pushed his hand away and took a gulp before passing the libation. He flashed the boys his shameless smile.

"Ewww! What would even make you guys want to taste your own spooge?" Martin frowned. That was one thing he had honestly never thought of doing.

"Okay....Oaky...okay!" Ahmil grimaced, struggling to keep the focus on the game. He was one shot away from vomiting, and whether or not he took that shot was up to him, but he was far too stupid and too drunk to process that fact. "Never ever have I ever got head from a dope fiend." He turned the bottle up to his head and gulped before offering it around to Kareem and Martin.

"Get tested now!" Kareem laughed, pushing the bottle away. "You really let a crack head suck your dick, son?"

"Best damn head I ever got in my life!" Ahmil was now flat on his back, fighting to get his stomach to hold its burning contents.

"He's out of it," Kareem laughed, motioning towards Ahmil, who was slowly drawing himself into fetal position. "It's you and me now, Marty. Hmmm. Let me think of a good one." He reached over and took the bottle from Ahmil.

"No. It's my turn," Martin swallowed. The majority of his mind tried to talk him out of what he was about to disclose, but he couldn't fight against the tiny part that told him that his boys would see him through anything. "You're going to need to light the blunt for this one," he warned.

"It's major like that...for real?" Kareem sat the bottle on the floor and turned over to retrieve the blunt from its tangle of blankets and sheets. Martin turned his head away in shame, trying to ignore the fact that one of Kareem's beige cheeks was visible as his briefs twisted sideways because of his odd positioning.

Goddamn! Why had that sight made Martin's dick stir in his own underwear?

"I got her," Kareem smiled, holding up the crinkled blunt. "So, what is it?"

"Promise me that you'll be honest with me!" Martin begged. "You admitted to all other kinds of shit. If you've ever done this, please don't bullshit me." Martin took the blunt from Kareem and breathed life into it with a flick of his orange lighter.

"What?" Kareem leaned forward and eagerly handed Martin the bottle. "I swear, if I did it, I'll admit that I did. Pinky swear."

"Pinky swear? That's pretty gay!" Ahmil's laugh came bubbling from the pile on the floor.

As gay as pinky swearing may have seemed, it provided Martin with some degree of confidence. He leaned in and offered Kareem his long, brown pinky. "Here goes," he muttered, picking the bottle up. "Never ever have I ever...." He hesitated and drew in a breath, "dreamed about another man."

"What do you mean by dream?" Kareem asked, not wanting the answer to be the obvious.

"Have you ever dreamed that you were boning another dude?" Martin asked. Kareem watched as Martin's eyes glazed over with moisture. He could tell that the question wasn't based on a hypothetical situation.

Ahmil wasn't able to see the fear and desperation on Martin's face, or he wouldn't have yelled, "That nigguh is gay!" from his heap on the floor.

"Shut the fuck up!" Kareem warmed, giving Ahmil's leg a less than gentle nudge with his foot. "No, Marty. That's not true at all. This happens to lots of perfectly heterosexual guys."

"But never you?" Martin swallowed. "I knew it. This is fucked! I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

"No! Wait!" Kareem called as Martin frantically pulled on his shorts and shoes. The last thing he needed was to have the poor bastard wandering around in his present state. He and Ahmil were certainly in no shape to chase after him. "You're the straightest guy I know, Marty! A dream is nothing but that....a goddamn dream. You can't control what you dream about?"

"But you don't get it! It's not like I woke up and I was disgusted with the dream. I wanted it to go on...possibly forever. It felt so good to me, Kareem. Jesus, what's wrong with me?"

"Aint shit wrong with you!" Kareem pulled Martin closer, until their bare torsos kissed. He cupped the crying boy's clean shaven head in his huge hands and whispered, "I got a secret for you, too."

Ahmil stirred from the floor. "It better not be what I think it is!" he slurred.

Kareem stood, frozen in confusion, his glassy green eyes focused on the torment on Martin's face, and then on Ahmil's angry, demanding stare. "Come on, Milli; we got to tell him," he pleaded with Ahmil.

"Tell me what?" Martin's curiosity was peeked now.

"A couple of months ago," Kareem began. He glanced over at Ahmil, who still shot him eyes that begged his silence. "Me and Ahmil did some things."

"Things?" Martin questioned. "What kind of things?"

"Shit. This is hard to explain," Kareem breathed. "What did you do with that blunt? I'm going to need it."

"What kind of things?" Martin demanded, handing over the lighter and the burned out blunt.

"Okay, this is what happened," Kareem sighed, sucking smoke into his lungs. He paused again, trying to hold the pungent substance long enough to feel the effect.

"You can stop this shit at any time," Ahmil tried to reason.

"Okay," Kareem breathed again. "You remember the freak test that was circulating through the emails a while back? The one that asked what you have and haven't done, sexually, and what you are willing to try?"

"Yeah. I deleted that shit." Martin nodded. "What about it?"

"Well, me and Milli took it, and our scores were nearly the same. Anyway, I let him see mine and he let me see his, and it turns out that the one thing that neither of us had done was make out with a dude. It also turned out that both of us were...well...open-minded about the possibility."

"Wait!" Martin's heart beat fast and his mouth went dry as he processed what his friend was about to tell him. "You guys did it?"

"Fuck no!" Ahmil interjected. "We didn't do shit. Nothing happened. That's why I don't understand why he's talking about this silly shit."

"Oh, something happened," Martin smiled, taking the blunt from Kareem, "Something that you don't want him to tell me about."

"Well, technically, he's telling you the truth; nothing happened," Kareem agreed, "but it almost did. We were smoking together and watching a flick, and I noticed Milli watching me from the side of his eye."

"That's some bullshit!" Ahmil interrupted. "If you got to talk about this shit, at least tell the truth. You were the one looking at my dick! You reached over and you grabbed my dick first! Before I had a chance to knock the hell out of you, it started feeling good. I was high...and drunk."

"True," Kareem agreed. "I made the first move, 'cause you was on some ole peek-a-boo type shit, and I knew that a closed mouth don't get fed. But, when I did, you grabbed my dick right back, and when I kissed you, you kissed me right back. There's only one thing I did to you that night that you didn't do back to me, Milli! And you were not that drunk. You and I shared a six-pack. We usually go through twice that, and you're still able to drive. You just wanted to try some shit; admit it!"

"I knew you were going to find a way to work that part in about the one thing I didn't do back to you," Ahmil drunkenly chuckled. "I told you, nigguh, let it go! Icouldn't do it. It just didn't feel right. It did at first, but then it was like something was wrong."

"Or maybe someone was missing," Kareem suggested, motioning towards Martin. "Maybe it wasn't meant to only be between you and me, Milli. Maybe it didn't feel right because Marty wasn't there with us."

"Whoa...Whoa!" Martin laughed, passing the half-smoked blunt to Ahmil. "I had a dream about some dude that I had never even seen before. This shit that you talking is way different. I mean, even if it does turn out that I like dick, it may not be such a good idea to get it from the homies."

"Come on, guys!" Kareem tried to reason. "We all are interested in this shit. Why should we have to go find some random dudes to try the shit with when we're all right here right now? Think about it: we all know that we can trust each other. This shit will never leave this room. I don't know about you two, but whether I actually like the shit or not, I would much rather say that I tried it with somebody that I care about."

"I guess he makes some good points," Ahmil breathed, releasing a thick cloud of smoke. "Ever since that thing almost happened with me and Kareem, I've been checking for dudes that may be down to try some shit. I figured that it may not be as weird with a stranger, but every dude that I know will be down is so feminine and out there that I worry that they may try to call me out, or they're just not attractive. One thing I can say about all three of us is that we do look good."

"This is too surreal!" Martin laughed, clutching his head in his hands. "Not only are you both trying to talk me into some gay shit, but Ahmil, the pussy hound, Mr. 'I don't have one gay bone in my body,' is commenting on how good two guys look."

"Marty, all we're asking you to do is think about it," Kareem sighed.

A period of thirty second silence fell upon the room before Martin broke it with, "Okay. So, say that I do agree to it, how would we start?"

"Well," Kareem swallowed, "I guess the first thing is for all three of us to agree that this is something that we all want to try. It's not just the weed or the liquor. We have to get that out of the way right now, so that things won't get weird for us later."

"Agreed," Martin said. "If we do this, it's not going to be blamed on the alcohol."

"Fair enough," Ahmil agreed, "but the second rule is that it stays between the three of us...forever!"

Martin's eyes scanned his two friends, taking in the beauty of their sweat glistening skin, Ahmil's skinny, boyish, butterscotch form, covered in thin, silky patches of curly hair, and Kareem's smooth, hairless, beige skin stretched over the tight, protruding muscles of his thick but slender torso. He imagined kissing Kareem's pouty, pink lips, and of running his hands through his curly afro as he stared into his sleepy, bedroom eyes. He imagined seeing the two lumps that he had been watching in the back of Ahmil's underwear, thanks to his friend's preference to baggy, sagging jeans, in its full glory. He imagined running his hands over Ahmil's skinny body, and of kissing him while his fingers tangled in the boy's frizzy cornrows. "I agree," he nervously sighed. "Nothing that we do here goes beyond us three. So, what do we do now?"

Kareem stood and slowly etched his bikini briefs down, revealing his semi-erect eight inches. "We can start with just head," he suggested.

"I knew that's what you were going to say," Ahmil laughed. "You've been trying to get me to do that shit for nearly a month now, and the answer is still no!"

"Well, I'm down," Martin shrugged, "but I don't just do you; you do me back."

"You know I got you," Kareem smiled, walking over to Martin. He waved the thick, uncut muscle before the boy's face, and Martin hesitantly opened his mouth, excepting a bit more than he could handle. He released it with a cough, but the taste and the feel of his mouth being invaded was more pleasurable than he cared to admit. He was back on the growing lump of veins in a matter of seconds, allowing Kareem to pump in and out of the back of his throat. He was so turned on that he rose up in his chair and freed his own throbbing nine inches from the confines of his basketball shorts.

"Yawl are really doing this shit!" Ahmil watched, awe-stricken, from his place on the floor, less than five feet away from the action. His own thick cock strained against his mesh boxers. Nervously, he crawled over to his friends and pulled himself into a standing position. Resting with one arm around Kareem to help with his balance, he pulled the front of his boxers down and allowed his seven and a half inches to tumble free, the slit in the head already glistening with moisture. "You might as well suck this too," he offered, sliding his dick across Martin's cheek. Martin spat out Kareem's spit-covered dick and turned to take Ahmil's into his mouth.

Kareem lowered himself to his knees and pushed Martin's hand away from his own throbbing dick. He took the thick, curved nine inches into his hands and pumped, enjoying the heaviness, and waved it back and forth. "Damn, Hailey is getting all of this? No wonder she's always in a good mood," he joked, and then he dove in for the kill, sucking over half of it into his mouth. When he tried to go past the curve in the center, he choked, and realized that he had better work on the tip and the large, mushroom head instead of deep-throating. Martin moaned his approval of what Kareem was doing, and Ahmil echoed similar sentiment, pushing in and out of Martin's wet mouth.

"Don't stop it; nigguh, don't stop!" Ahmil moaned, caressing Martin's bald head.

Kareem jerked around at the sound of Ahmil's deep moans, and his eyes locked on the boy's butterscotch ass cheeks, flexing as they forced his engorged cock in and out of Martin's slobbering mouth. Kareem's hands followed his eyes, landing on the glistening mounds of flesh, and causing Ahmil to tense up. He slowly ran his index finger down the length of the boy's slit, stopping to attempt pressing it into his tight hole.

"Come on, Kareem," Ahmil sighed, pushing his hand away. "Why you always got to make shit feel weird?"

"Fuck that shy, virgin shit tonight!" Kareem protested, placing his hand back. "We agreed that we going to get ten types of freaky in this bitch, and that's what I plan on doing. Besides, more than just my fingers is going up in that ass, so you better be glad I'm trying to get you prepared."

"I think you a faggot for real," Ahmil sighed, and tried his best to ignore Kareem's probing fingers and lavish the feeling he was getting from Martin, who now sat stroking his own dick with a feverish intensity.

"Enough of this blowjob shit," Kareem sighed, pulling Ahmil away from Martin, whose mouth made a sound like popping gum as Ahmil's dick tumbled free from his lips. "Bend over this chair," he demanded of Ahmil, who stared at him like a deer in headlights. "Trust me!" he insisted. "You know I won't do shit to hurt you, boy!"

Too drunk to protest or support himself without help any longer, Ahmil threw his slinky torso over the back of the chair, lending his ass upward to whatever Kareem had in mind. His breathing returned to normal when Kareem squatted behind him, tracing his crack with the tip of his tongue. After a few seconds, that grew into him deeply probing the boy's hole with the slick serpent of a tongue, snaking his way in and out of his cavity as Ahmil gripped the chair and moaned in drunken discomfort.

"I wanna try that shit too," Martin drawled, leaving his chair behind to crawl behind Kareem and lick his already exposed hole.

"Do it right!" Kareem spat out Ahmil's rim long enough to demand. "Get my shit gushy wet!"

"I"mma eat this lil yellow ass out like some pussy!" Martin promised, spreading the cheeks wide with his fingers. He spat in the exposed, twitching hole, and then lapped at the puddle as it dripped down the winking rosebud. He used the tip of his tongue to push some of the saliva into the shuttering hole. All the while he could hear Ahmil's whimpers and moans above his head. He wasn't so sure that Ahmil was as pleased to have a tongue in his ass as Kareem, but he was certain that Kareem was enjoying everything he was doing. The man was throwing his skinny ass backwards, almost smothering Martin in attempts to make Martins tongue dig further in his crease.

Just when Martin had fully committed himself to the task of licking the hole and keeping his balance against Kareem's wild bucking, Kareem stood from his job of sucking Ahmil's rim. He spun around so fast that his hard cock slapped Martin in the face. He seized Martin by the shoulders and pulled the boy into a standing position. The tongue that he had just retrieved from Ahmil's cavity was crammed into Martin's mouth, and Martin accepted it, suckling it as if it were the sweetest thing that he had ever tasted. Their crotches mingled as they kissed, spearing pre-cum all over one another's stomachs, thighs and dicks.

"AWWWW.....MMMMMMM," They could still hear Ahmil moan, so drunk that he couldn't remove himself from the chair.

"Let me eat this little ass," Kareem begged, reaching behind Martin and popping his cheeks so hard that they jiggled. "Bend over this chair," he instructed pulling another chair beside the one Ahmil lay crouched over.

"You're a real freak," Martin obeyed, pushing the chair over closer to Ahmil's. He didn't want his friend left out of another moment of the ordeal. They had agreed that it would be the three of them through it all. He leaned himself over and kissed Ahmil's pouty, pink lips, and then his closed eyelids. His hands began to walk up and down the boy's torso as he felt Kareem's long tongue invade his own welcoming ass. His fingers crept down Ahmil's back and found the slick spot between his cheeks, the spot that Kareem's lavish tongue had just abandoned. The hole was still shuttering in and out, leaking with Kareem's saliva, just wet enough to allow Martin to push his middle finger in.

"Fuck!" Ahmil groaned, and his back arched. His bloodshot eyes flew open and landed, questioningly on Martin's smiling face.

"Just making sure you still with us," Martin teased, slowing the pace of his probing finger down inside of Ahmil to match the rhythm that Kareem's fingers and tongue played inside his own spread canyon. He didn't know if Ahmil was enjoying the feel of his hole being invaded as much as he was enjoying the sensation of what Kareem's long tongue and two thick fingers were doing inside of him, but he certainly was enjoying the feel of the boy's tight opening contracting around his wiggling finger. He decided not to stop, despite the boy's pitiful moaning.

"This shit is crazy!" Ahmil squirmed, reaching to grab Martin's fully erect nine inches. He rolled the swollen head around in his fingertips, too drunk to keep any special rhythm. Martin still moaned his approval of his friend's soft touch.

Martin leaned over again, tracing the outline of Ahmil's thick lips with the tip of his tongue. To his surprise, his friend opened his mouth this time, accepting the tongue into his warm mouth. The sound of their lips pressing together began to compete with the perpetual smacking sound that Kareem's mouth made around Martin's rim, and with the gushing noise that Ahmil's rim made as Martin's finger dove in and out. They were so entangled in their sweet kiss that it took them a few seconds to notice that Kareem had abandoned them to rummage for condoms in Martin's drawers.

They were still kissing when he returned, condoms and Vaseline in hand. "Which one to go with first?" Kareem marveled, looking at the two asses offered up to his perversion. "Milk chocolate?" He slapped Martin's ass so hard that the boy' back arched on impulse. "Or butterscotch?" Ahmil let out a yelp as Kareem's hand crashed down hard on his humble cheeks.

"Whatever you do to us, we get to do back to you!" Martin reminded, looking over his shoulder. It all still seemed surreal to him as he watched Kareem pull a rubber over his erection. Only the burning sensation of his rim, where Kareem's tongue and two fingers had just abandoned, told him that he wasn't still dreaming.

"I think butterscotch got a little more bounce to it," Kareem beamed, lining his condomed dick head up with Ahmil's entrance.

Martin wasn't sure whether to be disappointed or grateful that he wasn't picked first. Either way, he leaned over again, kissing Ahmil, and rubbing his back to take his mind off of what was sure to be a painful entry, as Kareem's eight inches were beer-can-thick.

"AHHHH.....AWWW....Shit!!!!" Ahmil yelped beneath his breath as more and more of Kareem's dick was pushed into his stretched opening. He closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers tight around the back of the chair to aid in taking the pain.

"You can take it!" Kareem coaxed, jabbing in and out of the boy, who clearly was not ready. "Don't run from it. Just let me get that ass."

"Get it!" Ahmil whimpered. "I'm a soldier, nigguh; I ain't running. Take it like you want it."

"That's my boy!" Kareem smiled, wrenching deeper. He slowed down only to reach over and work two fingers inside or Martin's welcoming ass. All the while, Martin cooed in Ahmil's ear and laced the boy's face with kisses, begging him to be strong and take what Kareem was doing to him. His tactics seemed to be working. Soon Ahmil was so into the ordeal that he throwing his ass backwards to meet Kareem's thrust, making his cheeks crash against Kareem's muscular thighs with such an impact that it sounded as if somebody was being slapped over and over again.

Martin was glad that his room was at the end of the hall instead of joined on to another room like every other room on the hall. The last thing he needed was for people to hear the moaning that Ahmil was doing, especially when it grew into a warrior's chant of "I'mma take this dick, nigguh! This shit hurt, but I'm taking it!"

Kareem laughed and removed himself from Ahmil's tight opening, watching as the hole worked in and out, trying to push itself back in place. He wiped sweat from his brow and gave Ahmil's reddening ass cheeks another slap with his hand, and then he walked behind Martin and began spanking the boy's cheeks with his still hard dick. "You going to be a soldier too?" he teased. "Ahmil is the baby of the group, too, nigguh. You better not let me find out that he can handle the dick better than you can."

"Go on put it in," Martin teased back, cockily. "Just remember, anything you do to me, I get to do right back to you; so don't get in this ass and start bucking like you lost your damn mind!"

"Ain't nobody trynna hurt you," Kareem promised, pressing his thick tip into the flexing hole.

Martin bit down on the leather backing of the chair to prevent the building scream from escaping his throat. Soon, the painful entry was over and Kareem was stirring his guts up like mashed potatoes, rocking in and out of the boy's channel so fast that the chair bucked beneath him, threatening to fall over. Martin freed himself from the fear of toppling over by taking his long legs from being wrapped around the chair and putting his feet on the floor. His shoulders and chest remained flat on the chair, but his ass was poked further up, making it easier for Kareem to slam in and out of his tunnel.

"How does that shit feel?" Kareem teased. "You like this big dick up in your guts, boy?"

"Hell yeah!" Martin lied, not wanting to be upstaged by how well Ahmil had taken the intrusion. "Gimme that entire yellow dick! I can take it!"

"That's what I wanted to hear," Kareem smiled, withdrawing from the tight opening. "I got the whiskey dick tonight; it's going to be a while before I bust, and I know neither of yawl trying to fuck with this big snake for that long," he explained, giving Martin's questioning face a gentle kiss. "Let me watch you fuck Ahmil."

"I don't know about all that; Milli look like he's really out of it," Martin appraised watching as Ahmil still whimpered and humped up and down in his chair. He wasn't sure, but he was almost certain that he saw tears forming in the poor kid's eyes.

"Fuck that shit!" Ahmil protested. "I'm down for my mother fucking nigguhs. I don't care how bad it hurt; I'm taking the dick tonight!"

"You heard'em," Kareem laughed handing Martin a rubber and the jar of baby powder scented Vaseline. "Still, go a little easy on'em. You know he's a crybaby underneath all this thug shit he talks."

"One last chance to change your mind!" Martin warned, lining his pulsing head up with Ahmil's swollen entrance.

"Nigguh, I said fuck me," Ahmil demanded.

Martin pushed in and Ahmil let out a yelp and punched the chair in pain. "I don't even want to do this shit," Martin whispered to him. "The ass feel good and all, but if you tell me to stop, I will. You don't got to prove shit to us, nigguh. I know you a G.!"

"I'm taking it....all of it!" Ahmil insisted, pushing himself further back on the chair so that his ass stuck out to meet Martin's long, deep strokes. "Fuck me like you want this ass, too, nigguh! Put some stank on it!"

"Oh, you getting cocky?" Martin teased wrenching wildly into the boy's opening. "This how you want me to fuck you? You want me to treat you like you my bitch?"

"No! No!" Ahmil grimaced. "I was talking all that shit, but "I can't take it. Slow down."

"Damn right!" Martin laughed. "So from now on, just lay there and take this dick the way I'm giving it to your little drunk ass!"

"Alright, Daddy," Ahmil promised. "You can get it how you want it....just be easy!"

"Oh shit; that nigguh just called you Daddy!" Kareem laughed. "Let me find out the dick is really that good."

"Oh, you will!" Martin promised, still wrenching in and out of Ahmil. He leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, hoping that if they kissed, it would silence the annoying whimpering sounds that Ahmil was making. It was to no avail. The sounds seemed to get even worse. As good as Ahmil's tightness felt to him, he couldn't put up with hearing his friend sound like he was in so much pain. He withdrew and snatched the rubber off, giving Ahmil's ass cheeks one more smack with his hands. "You're a big thug-baby, you know that?" he laughed. He then turned to Kareem and said, "Now let's see how you can handle the dick!"

"Oh, I can take some pain; I been shot before, and I been stabbed twice!" Kareem laughed, showing off the scars that he was always so proud of. "The only problem is that yawl need to decide who's gonna fuck me, cause there is only one rubber left."

"Bullshit!" Martin protested. "You fucked the hell out of both of us. We said nobody does anything to anybody that doesn't get done back to them! We said that; remember!"

"I'm down to take a dick....just flip a coin!" Kareem laughed.

"Fuck flipping a coin!" Martin fumed. "It's my room, and it's my rubber, so it's my ass. Bring it on over here!"

"Bullshit!" Ahmil thundered, finally able to leave the chair. His legs were wobbly as he padded across the floor to address Martin, and he wondered if it was from all of the dick he'd taken or the alcohol. "Both of yawl nigguhs just banged my guts out! I probably won't be able to shit for weeks, and you telling me I don't get to fuck nobody? Yawl nigguhs ain't going to bitch me out! If I don't get no cutty, I'm fitting to body somebody; so one of yawl needs to bend the fuck over!"

"That's why I love this kid!" Kareem doubled over with laughter. "Arm wrestle for the ass."

"No," Martin insisted. "This time Ahmil just got to stop playing the baby role. It's my turn to fuck! Besides, this nigguh can't even stand up; what he going to do with some ass?"

"Fuck you!" Ahmil wailed as a push from Martin caused him to go crashing to the floor. "I'm drunk tonight, but tomorrow, you can get fucked up!"

"Look; it aint going to be all of that!" Kareem reprimanded, stepping between the two of them. "Both of yawl want it, both of yawl can get it."

"I don't go raw!" Martin frowned.

"Nobody said you had to. Follow my directions and see what I teach you," Kareem smiled. "Lay on your back, the opposite way Ahmil is laying. Now scoot down until yawl balls is touching."

"What?" Ahmil laughed. "That's some real gay shit you talking. I don't want his balls on mine."

"Do it!" Kareem insisted. Martin obeyed with a shrug, and watched, awestricken, as Kareem forced both he and Ahmil's cocks together into a bouquet. The condom was then stretched over both heads and meticulously etched down until it covered the base of both cocks.

"I know this nigguh aint going to try to do what I think!" Martin shuddered.

Kareem expelled his disbelief as he squatted over the double-headed beast he had just created and fingered an ample supply of Vaseline into his tight hole. "I'm going to take both yawl nigguhs' down to the base on the count of three," he promised, pushing his rim against their heads. "One....two....three!" With a painful jab, he had worked both penises inside of him, and sat fighting back tears as the boys kept perfectly still beneath him, giving him a chance to regain his composure.

"I know this shit hurt," Ahmil sighed. "One dick at a time felt like I was being ripped into."

"I'm a real G., though, Nigguh!" Kareem moaned. "When you become a big boy, maybe you can take pain too!"

"That's how we know this nigguh really gay," Martin couldn't help but joke. "He is taking two big black dicks like one of them white bitches from Dogfart.com!"

Kareem bore his weight on Amil's bent knee and rode both dicks feverishly as he whacked away at his own swollen dick. "Yawl better stop trying to get jokes in and get a nut, cause once I bust, this shit is over!" he warned. "And I'm almost there!"

"Oh fuck!" Ahmil hissed in discomfort as he felt Martin's penis slide against his, glazing him with pre-cum.

"I'm cummin'!" Martin announced, so turned on by the sure extremeness of it all that he couldn't help but to release all over Ahmil's pulsing cock.

"I'm coming too!" Kareem announced, but he still rode like a mad man, as Ahmil hissed from the sensation of Martin's fluids being rubbed into his sensitive skin. Kareem's sperm flew out in abundance, and he pumped and rode like a maniac, sending most of it flying unto Martin's face and chest. Some landed on Ahmil's thighs. "Go on and bust too, Milli!" he coaxed, "Shoot that shit for me!"

Ahmil turned nearly as red as Kareem had become during the whole ordeal and began to flay around like a fish out of water. His drunken legs peddled up and down, like he was riding an imaginary bike, and he bit down on his tongue to hold in a scream as his cream burst forward, mixing with the mess Martin had already made of the condom, and bubbling down the bases of both he and Martin's still hard cocks.

"Goddamn! That's what I'm talking about!" Kareem cheered, hopping up from his seat of cocks and ripping the condom from the boys' dicks. He knelt like a dog and began to lap the white grossness away from their soppy cocks as they moaned with sensitivity. When he had devoured every drop, he joined his friends on the floor, all three breathing piquantly.

"Well boys," Martin sighed. "We did it. And it doesn't go any further than this room."

"Why you keep saying that it doesn't leave this room?" Ahmil laughed. "We know that it stays between us. Who would we even want to know this shit?"

"You want to know why he keeps saying it, Milli?" Kareem laughed. "It's because Marty is a closet faggot. As long as nobody knows what he does, it's all good with him."

"Ha ha, mother fucker!" Martin snickered. "Well what does it make you, Mr. I can take two dicks at once?"

"Know how I know Kareem's gay, Martin?" Ahmnil laughed. "Cause he gave me and you these little homo pet names: Marty and Milli."

"Know how I know both of yawl gay?" Kareem retaliated, "Cause I can smell yawl booty get wet every time I call yawl that shit!"

All three cuddled together laughing, until Martin sat up with a serious look on his face. "Wait! We just fucked!" he groaned. Exactly what does it mean if it doesn't mean we're faggots?"

"It means we got a nut together," Kareem shrugged. "You aren't going to get all mushy on us just cause we gave you some dick and some ass; are you?"

"No. you're right," Martin chuckled. "It was just some shit that happened...once, between three good friends. And it doesn't leave this room."

"Nigguh, if you say that shit one more time, you won't leave this room," Ahmil laughed. "Now no more talking; let's just try to sleep."

"Agreed," Kareem insisted.

"Okay; agreed," Martin sighed, but even when the other boys' laughter had turned into snores, he lay there all night pondering what had just happened between the three of them.



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