I have always love the way he looked at me with such passion and lust at me the same time,and it was no different in the back of his parents car. James was the love of my life.

We was going on a joint vaction with his parents, to meet my parents for the first time. It has been five years since I saw them, and they have never met josh neither. They knew I was gay, and they knew about James. They just never met him in person.

We was heading to gatlinburg,TN. My parents has a huge log cabin in the woods in the mountains in gatlinburg. It has been a while since I been here and don't know what it looks like anymore.

We have been driven for about four hours and a half ,and we are not to our destination yet. I am starting to get real tired at this point in the trip. I look over at James, he is talking to a client about the blueprints to a house,and he looks stressed out about it.

I know what will help him out, and I don't want to lean on the glass window in the car cause we are on a bumpy back road. So I take the blanket that he got me for Christmas last month and cover myself up with it. I undo my seatbelt and lean my head in his lap, he noticed what I was doing and get a sorry ass guilt grin on his face.

"hey I am on vaction and you can contact my assistant about your problem, and we get it fixed for you soon. Thank you for choosing us Mr. Terrycloth." Said James " what are you doing Jacob ?"

"I am tired and want to sleep a little James, why don't you lay down with me so I can get in my favorite placement on your body."

That made him jump up and bout hit the small roof in his parents 2014 ford fusion. He undone his seatbelt also and laid his feet out in the car.that was my motion to get on top of him and lay on his chest. That was my favorite position on him. It was better then sex to me.

When I wake up all I can see is that I am not on James chest, and I am not even in the car with him. All I can see is a bright light in my face, and some one is holding my hand.

When I finally open my eyes cause they finally adjusted to the light I look around. I am in a hospital bed and there is a man holding my hand. He is is a older looking James. This man is reading a book, and has on glasses. He has small very small amount of facial hair, but I is kept clean. Nice and cut . He is a good looking man.

Is this my James the one I fell in love with. It can't be I just saw him a little ago. I fell asleep in his arms about a few hours ago. And now I am laying down in some bed. I start to hyperventilate I don't know where i am. The man that was holding my hand started to panic. He calls a nurse in on to check on me. Told them I have waken up, and he does all what they have said ,but he never let my hand ago. That is something James would have done.

The nurse told him I have just woken up from coma and I have just panic little cause I am not in the Last surrounding I was in when I went in coma.

What has happen to me how did I fall in coma, and most of all who was the man holding my hand. All I wanted was James to be next to me. Where was he why is he not here? It was starting to make me cry I did not know what to do.

" Jacob, Jacob ,don't cry I am here for you honey.? " it was a voice I know. It was James voice. That is when I realized that it was James that was holding my hand.

"James I am scared where am I I want to go home. Please James please ." J stared to cry.

"Jacob jacob listen go me . You need to stop crying and get ahold of your self. You fell in to coma five years ago. We had a car wreck when you fell asleep. We was hit head on by a drunk driver, and it killed him and Both of my parents.

" he told me " At least I still have the love of my life, and you have finally awaken sleeping beauty."

"how Long have i been asleep?"

Thanks for reading my short chapters. If I get good views I will post chapter two for Jacobs journey.



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