I have always had feelings for him. He's cute! Small! Not so tall. But about my height! 170 cm. I always taught he had slight resemblance of Justin Timberlake. He had a very fair skin, six packs. That sharp lines of his jaws, sexy and most time I cummed thinking of licking it. he's simply super super hot. With his half-vampire like teeth exposed for his every smile. God I wanna lick his whole body wet! While I Cameron jake, same age with him. 19. A hot teen myself with half formed six packs which I thought to be hot just that way rather than full formed six pack. I'm just like any other jocks who can get easy access to pussy.

As was lost in another dimension, a wet towel slapped my face "day dreaming huh? Which pussy you were licking hot boy?" grey with a jerky face. I who just returned from my dreamland laughed at the thought I wasn't licking any pussy there but it was grey's hot body. But " fuck you grey! That hurts! You asshole! I'm gonna squeeze your balls until it shatter!" I screamed.

I'm a gay. I've always known that I am. But I have no idea since when. Still in closet except those I have seduced before. And I'm a eye sugar type. I jumped from one to another. Depending who looks hotter. I knew grey for 3 or 4 months. He's my ex-best friend sean's friend. I was hanging out with sean before that and I had hots for him too. Despite I myself can make girls jaw hit the floor, I always went for the hot looking guy among my friends. And believe me, I can fucking seduce a straight guy! I have! But before I attempted anything on sean, I met grey and I changed my target... ;D

It was at my garage while washing my truck with grey. "you wanna crush my nuts? Watch it though, I haven't jacked off for 3 weeks, ( he was so damn cute when said that!) your hands might get sticky if you do that" he laughed cocky as he was showing his cock and balls out of his shorts(he wasn't wearing underpants), standing on the back of my truck. I was standing behind the truck as well. When he showed that cum palace of him, it was right in front of my eyes and right position for a blowjob. But I don't know how straight he was. "you might be right. I don't want take sticky slime in my hands" I said while in my mind I wanted that somewhere else. I'm honestly a nasty cum whore.

He turned around and started to wipe the truck. I looked at his ass. Without a underwear, his ass looked so hot. I wanted to bury my face inside there. I couldn't resist anymore! Shit my hand is moving itself. Oh shit!!! Its close to touch him! Last minute I could only redirect my hand and it end up cupping his huge balls gently and felt it there (did I succeed in stopping my hand or just found a better place to touch?). It felt good to feel his burning hot balls. Another slap from wet tower landed on my shoulder.

I was shocked! " dude I almost pooped in my pants! I thought you was gonna squeeze it hard! phew!!!" he laughed nervously. So did i. what a relieve. Then we continued to wipe the truck. I was warning my mind and my hand not to move one bit. When I relaxed myself, I raised my head to see him. Right the moment I raised my head, he was bowing down to wipe the back truck floor and his hot ass right in front my face wide open as if asking me to access it.

I lost myself on the sight. He was just too hot to resist. I peeled his shorts and licked in between his ass cheeks. I closed my eyes with the great feeling and realized next towel slap made irritation on my chest. What would happen now? My heart stopped beating and I can feel the pain in my heart. Pain of fear!

"its not your girl friend's pussy! If you gonna do that, you have to ask my fucking permission. This fag joke is going overboard CJ!" his scream became a whisper when he finished it with a smile! wat made him go soft? Why he isn't angry? Any straight guy would've shoved off my head for what I just did.

Furthermore he smiled to me! I was awestruck!!! My hands started to shake. With more confident, I made my next move. This time I didn't want to wait for any chance or involuntary moves. I wanted to confirm something. I fetched his balls again and gently rubbed it and I was shocked. He's penis have gotten hard! With a chuckle i asked " you're liking it aren't you? You are getting hard!".

With a jerky tone "someone is fetching my balls and I don't like it? I can't help it but all hand feel the same, and my boy respond to it" grey face turned red I can see it even though he turned his face way from me. I knew it for sure now! He's not straight! "how about mouth's? will it feel the same?" i made the air into a fag joke air. He

"well mister CJ, I haven't try that one yet!"

I can sense motive in that sentence. What he mean haven't try yet? "how about we experiment that inside the garage?" I expected a rejection.

"well let get done with this." Grey replied sheepishly.

I was just extremely happy but the air is just too weird all of a sudden. He was just too easy for it and its really weird. But I'm not giving up. I'm hungry. I don't simply a whore just because I love to eat cum. I have my pride and ethic. I just eat my cum when I crave so much. But it's a very rare opportunity for me to get someone else's cum. It been about an year when I last got another man's cum.

We was done faster then out thoughts and once I know we are done, i looked at him. He was facing me. His dick wasn't hard as it was while ago. But not entirely soft. I moved my hands to touch his stick. I touched it. I looked at him. His face was having no hint of what he's thinking. But he looked straight into my eyes. As far as I concerned, there is no rejection in his eyes.

I pulled him close. I rubbed is dick with his shorts on. He was just looking at me. I peeled his shorts and kissed his balls. I heard he moan. That was the license to suck his dick. I started to suck it. I took his full 6 inches (only but hot and delicious) cock into my mouth and let my lips grip around it. I slowly pulled my head away with my lips tight around his dick to make sure he feels goods (actually I'm so damn lusty).

After about three times with that motion, he grabbed my hair and pushed my head away from his dick but still held close. He looked at me and at his dick. "you said let's do it in the garage and you are breaking your promises".

I couldn't respond to it correctly. His face was just so red and hot and now with a expression very weird. I looked at his dick for once, as if Its gonna be a long journey to the inside of the garage and I'm gonna miss it. his dick which I can reach if I stretch my tongue, responded for my thought and oozed few drops of his precum. I reached it with my tongue and moaned as I tasted it in my mouth. Grey was just watching closely everything.

I looked at him and said " this will sustain me for now. Let's get inside the garage". He smiled... I felt like SOB. He's so damn fucking hot smiling standing naked with his dick is hard wet and close to my face ......

To be continued...... :D


satis strange



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