Harry nuzzled his face into his lover's broad chest breathing in his musky scent. Maxxie smiled down at him fondly, taking in the peaceful look in his boyfriends face and ran his hand gently through his jet black hair. Feeling this gentle touch Harry stirred and struggled to half open his eyes as Maxxie smirked, remembering that Harry was not a morning person.

"Sorry babe, I didn't mean to wake you" Maxxie whispered as Harry collapsed his head onto the pillow beside him.

"That's ok...what time is it?" Harry mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, yawning as he did so. Maxxie turned onto his side and stretched out to reach his phone which lay on the bed side table. "It's....10:00am. Why you got somewhere to be?"

"10am! Fuck I'm late for class!" Harry jumped out of bed forgetting that he was naked and ran out of the door and into the bathroom which they shared with their other roommates. Maxxie laughed at his lover's nakedness, hoping that nobody else was up yet. Maxxie got out of bed and strolled casually over to the cupboard, pulling out some of Harry's clothes from the drawer, he headed for the bathroom. "Babe, let me in I've got your clothes!" he called.

As the door unlocked he was greeted by the 5'10, pale runners' body which he loved so much, and instantly felt himself getting hard. He put his hand on the other boys' chest and pushed him back into the bathroom slamming the door shut as he did. "Maxxie, not now!" Harry protested half-heartedly, knowing full well that he couldn't resist his blond lovers' charm. Maxxie pushed his lover up against the shower door and began to kiss his neck passionately, knowing exactly how to turn Harry on. "Maxxie...I haven't got time!" Maxxie kissed further down his neck and onto his chest, pausing at the nipples and licking them tenderly.

"Maxxie stop!" Maxxie paused and stood up straight, looking quizzically into Harrys eyes.

"Since when do you turn down sex?" he asked.

"Since I'm already late for music!"

"That's never stopped you before" Maxxie retorted.

"Well I...I just don't want to right now."

Harry pushed the other boy away and stepped into the shower, turning it on and adjusting the temperature. Maxxie stood where he had been left, utterly confused by Harrys' odd behaviour. The previous morning Harry had run into the bathroom and had been sick and he'd been acting strange ever since.

Harry had always been withdrawn and shy, never getting angry or annoyed about anything. This was partly down to the boys' bad upbringing as a child and none of this was helped of course by the rape Harry had suffered the year before at a party. However with Maxxie's love and the care of their friends Harry had begun to mend mentally and he had less and less nightmares of his past. Maxxie shook his head, and left the bathroom, realising that Harry was obviously upset about something.

"Jesus Maxxie! Put some fucking clothes on!" Mark exclaimed trying not to look at Maxxie's naked body.

"Oh please, you love it!" Maxxie retorted walking into the kitchen area. Mark had been Maxxie's best friend since they were children and that was why they shared their college apartment. Marks other friends, Ben and Will, also shared as there were four bedrooms. Mark handed Maxxie a bath robe which had been draped on the back of the sofa and he put it on reluctantly.

"So...what was that about?" Mark asked seriously, nodding towards the bathroom door.

"I don't know...He seemed fine and then he just...I don't know." Maxxie felt frustrated, he loved Harry and wanted to be with him like a normal couple, but with all Harrys psychological scarring, it was sometimes quite hard.

"Maybe he's just tired, I mean you guys did have a pretty late one last night!" Mark winked knowingly, imagining what the couple had got up to while he and the other roommates were out.

"NO we didn't. I wanted to...you know...but he just pulled away from me saying he was tired. It's like he's finding excuses not to be with me." As Maxxie thought this he felt a tight pain in his chest. Being with Harry was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and after all they'd been through together he could not imagine being without him.

The previous morning when Harry had given Maxxie a blowjob he'd been a little too forceful as he'd got lost in the moment and he was convinced that this was why Harry was acting strange.

Before Mark had a chance to reply the bathroom door opened and Harry stepped out, fully clothed, his hair ruffled up from the quick towel drying.

"Feeling better?" asked Maxxie, stepping towards him.

"Yeah" Harry replied with no conviction.

"Babe" Maxxie coaxed moving up close to Harry and placing his hand on his lovers' cheek, looking into his eyes concernedly. "I know something's wrong. And whatever it is, you can tell me...and" before Maxxie could finish the sentence tears began to well up in Harrys eyes and he fell into his older lovers' arms. Maxxie knew form previous experience that Harry needed time to cry before he could talk so he said nothing and just held him in his arms. Mark, realizing that the couple needed privacy, went back into his room closing the door quietly behind him.

Suddenly Harry pulled away from his lovers embrace and looked straight into his eyes. "Maxxie...I...I never told you who...who raped me..." Harry sobbed

"I know....and that's o, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to babe" Maxxie said reassuringly.

" I know but...I thought that...I thought...I thought that I'd never see him again. But now he's back...and Maxxie I'm scared!" Harry burst into tears again; his legs gave way as he broke down completely distraught and terrified.

"Hey, hey...It's alright! It's alright darling, you're safe do you hear?" Harry seemed no less reassured, "Listen to me...Listen! I love you so, so much and I promise I will never let anyone hurt you, do you understand?"

Harry seemed to calm down a little and he nodded. "Now has he spoken to you?"

Harry shook his head his body still racking with sobs. "Ok, now listen...if you tell me who the bastard is I swear Harry I'll make sure he never ever comes near you again!" Maxxie was deadly serious and while he was trying to remain calm for Harry's sake inside he was burning with anger.

"Harry please...Just tell me...I want to protect you!" Maxxie almost burst into tears himself, desperate to protect his lover.

"Ok..." Harry lifted his head once more to look into his lover's eyes. "the person who...who..." Harry paused unable to bring himself to say the name.

"Tell me baby, tell me" Maxxie pleaded.

"Troy...Troy Mcullen..."

To be continued....


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