James was jubilant as he picked up the heavy bag and put it around his shoulders and started on his first day as the door to doorsalesman. It was hard in such a busy and packed city like New York to find a job and he was thankful to God he found one, though he had towork hard to get it. But his heart thanked more to Kyle, his collegemate for the job. It was Kyle who talked his boss into taking James as salesman. Otherwise that old beast would never have given the job to him. His boss, a man in late fifties dealt in undergarments and sportswear, and had nearly 25 guys working for him as salesman that took heavy bags loaded with samples of various undergarments from door to door around the city and took orders for supply.

The job seemed to be a big pain in the ass to James. The 20 year old college student thought it real painstaking to walk from door to door selling undergarments, getting abused by angry householders, or disgusted looks by housewives who get hot on being disturbed at odd hours. So he refused Kyle's preposition when he told him about the job. But that night when he returned to his flat and took Sean in his arms he thought he should think about Kyle's offer. As he made love to Sean that night and kissed the smooth lips od Sean he set his mind and agreed to take on Kyle's idea of business.

As he approached the very first house, he was excited and nervous. He rang the bell and a man in early forties answered the door. The man was short and had a great belly, a round face and big eyes. When James told him his business, he took him inside and dropped his pants. Showing his big belly and a huge waist, he asked as if dancing, "Do you have anything that is fit for this elephant I am?'' They laughed. After selling him the undergarments, James went to a couple houses more and by noon, he was tired. He ate at a small restaurant, then called Sean. After talking for a couple minutes, james resumed his work. By late noon he arrived at a house named ''paradise''. It was a beautiful two storied house with a balcony that faced the street ad a small garden at its front. James was tired but the beautiful house seemed inviting and James thought to make this his last sale for the day. He went and rang the bell. A few minutes passed and nobody seemed to answer. James again rang the bell half-heartedly. It seemed as if everybody were out. So James slowly turned to go. Right then, there was a click and thee door opened, and James heard a voice that felt as soft as butter and sweet as honey on his ears. James turned and saw a boy who reached roughly up to James's chest in height. James's was spellbound to see the boy. He was creamish white in colour. He had a small round nose, two bright green eyes, and his body was average body of a cute American boy with the baby fat at the right places. He was wearing a red colour cap that look gorgeous on his face, a loose t-shirt that was clearly oversize as it hung on his shoulders, and a white Bermuda pants that hugged his buttocks and legs well making him look angelic. James was so spellbound at the boy's angelic beauty that he forgot to speak, and the boy kept looking at him with questioning eyes as he kept sucking on the other side of the straw that was dipped in the apple juice bottle he was drinking from. The boy again asked James, "Hellooo, who are you?'' and this time shook James with his left hand. James was brought back into reality by the soft touch of his hand on his firm hand. He found his voice as he said the familiar lines "Hello sir, I am from Santa undergarments and have brought for you a nice collection of undergarments. Would you like to see the samples?"

During the whole time James said the words, the boy said not a single word but continued to examine the long, muscular gorgeous body of James that was visible beneath the thin fabric of his shirt. Due to the long hours of working in the sun, James was sweating, and the clothes stuck to his skin, giving a clear view of the defined muscles and abbs that were hidden beneath the clothes James was wearing. The boy took a final swig of his drink and threw the can in the dustbin and then said to James, "I think before you show me any undergarments, u better let your ones dry. You are all wet due to your sweat. Come inside."

James gave one of his precious smiles to the boy as he followed the boy inside the house , his eyes examining the round ass of the boy that were packed tightly inside his pants. The boy let him seat on the sofa in the hall as he went inside to bring in a couple of drinks. When he returned he was carrying a bottle of bear on his hand. He threw the bottle towards James, which James caught in midway, and then sat infront of James on the sofa, his legs wide apart. James thanked the boy, "Thanks mister............?? What is your name by the way?"

"Daniel Thompson, but my friends call me Danny. And what is yours?" replied Danny.

"James Clark. So Danny it seems you are Home Alone. Is there none other than you in house? I thought I could get some of my samples sold." Replied James.

"Nope, there is none. I have come to stay with my uncle, this house belongs to him. but he is out on some necessary business and will not be back for some time soon. So yes, I am home alone. And the second thing about your sample, if you have anything nice I would like to see them." Said Danny, with a sweet smile on his lips, while he gently scratched his crotch.

"Sure Danny. I have got some great samples, some great new underwear collections that would be very comfortable and beautiful. I will show you." Said James and began to open his bag. "Not here." Said Danny. "Come to my room, there is this mirror and I will be able to see the samples on me as I wear them." "no problem, as you say." said James.

Now Danny led James to his room from which he first saw James waiting at his doorstep a few minutes back. Danny was all alone in the house with nothing great to do and so he was there on his room upstairs watching his favourite gay porn and jerking his tool softly. That was when James arrived at his doorstep and rang the bell. At first Danny did not care to get up from his bed, but then when he did he thanked god for he saw the gorgeous stud on his doorstep. The moment Danny saw James, he fell for him. Such a young stud of 6 ft 23 inches with such defined muscles that were ready to tear off his dress and expose themselves, the handsome face of James made Danny want him immediately. So Danny got up, hurried downstairs and led James in. Now he was just planning to lead James to his bed.

As soon as they entered the room, Danny let go off his pants and stood before James as James took out his samples. At first James offered Danny a green coloured boxer, and Danny excitedly took off his underwear and wore the one given by James. While he did so, he turned his back towards James, so that James got a full view of his bubble butt as he bent to wear the underwear. This was enough for James and his cock grew rock hard inside his pants and a big bulge was visible on his pants. When Danny turned, he said he did not like the boxer and wanted something different. He saw the bulge in James' pants and grew happy. He said to James, "you are all wet due to the sun. why don't you take your clothes off and let them dry on the couch as you saw me the samples." James understood where this was going and so he happily took off all his clothes leaving aside his red briefs which were now failing to contain in them the huge cock of James that demanded full attention from Danny. As James took off his clothes, Danny thanked his luck. He saw the most gorgeous hunk of his life naked in front him, the most beautiful human body he has ever seen, the broad shoulders, the puffed out chest, the narrow waist, the flat stomach, the round firm muscle butt inside those red briefs, the strong thighs, the thick biceps. He was in complete awe.

James turned and smiled at Danny. Danny's pants were also showing off a tent and James happily noticed it. he asked Danny, " Would you like to try anything else?"

Danny gave a naughty smile as he said, " yes, the one you are wearing." "then you will have to get those yourself." Smirked James.

Danny stepped forward and put his small hands around James' narrow waist and kissed on James' navel. The huge tent formed in James's briefs hit Danny on his chest and danny now pulled down those briefs. The big !! inch thick cock of James flew out and hit Danny on his nose. Danny smiled. He wrapped his hand around the big cock and gently pulled the foreskin back and kissed on the enormous dickhead making james moan aloud. Then he opened his mouth as much as he could and took in James's tool inside his mouth. It was too big to fit inside his mouth. James enjoyed the sensation of the soft hands of James on his tool and the hot mouth of his around his cock. Danny began to suck the tool, taking it in and out of his mout, playing with the dick head with his tongue and then again swallowing it in. He was hungry for cock and he was taking his time sucking the giant tool licking all the way down to the base of the shaft, covering entire area with his tongue and then taking each ball inside his mouth and sucking them while he massaged the other ball with his hands. James was enjoying the workout of his cock by Danny and now he needed his action. He held Danny's head between his hands and pulled him up. He bent down to face the beautiful lad and for once their eyes met. He saw the wanting in Danny's eyes and then he placed his thick lips on the sensuous lips of Danny. He sucked on those soft lips and then his tongue passed his lips to enter Danny's open moth and began to wrestle With Danny's tongue exchanging their saliva. For some time this wrestle began and then James lifted Danny up and threw him on bed. He took off Danny's t-shirt and began feeding on the soft nipples of the boy. The nipples were soft and were a bit fleshy like woman's boobs. James took the whole booby nipple into his mouth and began sucking on them hard, biting the nipples, sucking them. Danny was excited; he pressed James head on his breast wanting more. James fondled the other boob of Danny with his firm hand. His rock hard hands against the soft flesh of the boobs felt great. Danny was making all sorts of sounds. After fondling and sucking for some time, James again went to smooch Danny. He took both of his ass cheeks on his hands as he lifted Danny and smooched him. Then he took the small cock of Danny in his hand and began jerking him. Danny was making too much noise and so James took his head and put his dick inside Danny's mouth as he began sucking on the small cock of Danny. The small cock was juicy. The experienced mouth of James made Danny cum within a couple minutes and James drank every drop of his sweet baby cum. Then he made Danny lie on bed turned down, as he separated his ass cheeks to have a look on his manhole. It was a red hole that seemed quite tight. James bent down and placed his nose right on his manhole and took a deep breath. The smell from the cunt of this beautiful baby boy aroused him hard and he pushed his thick tongue inside the ass hole. The hot sleek wet tongue filled his hole, and Danny loved the tongue fucking of his hole. Suddenly the pressure on his hole increased and he knew this was not only tongue but also a finger that was now working inside his asshole widening the entry. James was an expert in fucking by now and he loved ass licking. He slowly entered two of his fingers and fucked his ass while he sucked Danny's hole and balls. Danny made the pleasing sounds and James continued. James increased the pressure and pushed three of his fingers inside him widening his hole enough for him to now enter his hole. Then he rearranged Danny in 69 style and fucked Danny's mouth hard and fast gagging him reaching down his throat. After lubricating his tool enough by Danny's saliva, he again kissed his lips, sucked on his boobs for a while and then lifted his legs up in air to have a clear glimpse of his ass hole. Then he placed his big cockhead on the entry and pushed inside with a gentle thrust. His dickhead entered the ass hole breaking the entry barrier and Danny screamed in pain, tears in his eyes. But James was enjoying himself. So he again thrust his dick forward and went a few inches farther inside Danny. Danny felt his ass splitting in two but James did not seem to care. He was pushing himself inside Danny and with a third thrust he was completely inside Danny, the young lad, crying and gasping for air. James now stayed still for a couple minutes. When he saw Danny quiet he pulled back and again pushed inside Danny. This time Danny seemed to be enjoying. So he started fucking him with gentle strokes at first gradually increasing his speed. Danny was feeling euphoric with the great fuck he was having, the heavy giant tool finding its way deep inside him, splitting his ass and making him feel as if he were in paradise. After some minutes, James lifted Danny and rearranged themselves in doggy style. Now Danny was sitting on his knees and his hands and James was fucking him from behind while he held his waist. The big balls of James slapped against the soft flesh of Danny's ass cheeks as he entered fully inside him. Danny had already sprayed his juices once again all over his bed sheet. James felt his seed building inside him. he quickly pull himself out and went over to danny's face and jerked. He sprayed all his man seed over his face, spraying his eyes nose and lips with his juice. Both James and Danny were spent by the hot fucking session. They fell on the bed tired. Danny put his arms around James and gave him a tight hug. James hugged him back.

Beep beep. James heard his phone rang. He picked it up and saw Sean calling. He picked up the call and said Sean that he would be returning home soon in about an hour. He quickly got up, cleaned himself and got dressed. Danny was still lying on his bed. After getting dressed he went over to Danny and kissed himagain on lips and thanked him. danny said , " I will let you go if you promise to come again." James waited for a moment and then said, "I will be always there when you need a fuck." And smiled at him.

To be continued...................................................




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