I was nervous as I knocked on the door. This was the first time I would hang out with them. I was just a freshman and all three of them were college sophomores. Well they invited me didn't they?

Before I could even knock, Matt opened the door. He wasn't wearing anything apart from a very tight pair of briefs which outlined the shape of his throbbing penis. He had a bottle of beer in his hand. 'Come in Tim' he said 'I'm glad you came'

As I walked inside trying to cover my erect penis I saw that James and Tyler were there too. They were both lounging on the floor again in nothing but tight underwear with beer in their hands.

Matt closed the door. He was looking at me quizzically. I realized he was looking at my clothes. I turned around and Tyler and James were standing behind me.

'No more clothes Tim' Tyler said 'only underwear' and he grabbed my arm very forcefully while James grabbed the other one and they pinned me to the wall, their hands stroking my body. James discovered my erection and started stroking my crotch. I saw Matt coming back with a pair of gleaming scissors. 'No' I said but then James started kissing me violently. He used his tongue to pry open my mouth, effectively shutting me up. I could feel Matt's scissors as they moved up my leg, cutting into my jeans and then my t shirt. James moved his mouth away and then teasingly licked my now bare chest.

'Now we can play' declared matt, playfully eyeing my bulge.

We all sat on the floor in a circle as I tried not to ejaculate.

'Its simple' said matt 'we will each draw a card from this pile and whoever pulls the smallest value must pay to the winner of the round'

'What will be the payment' I asked stupidly

Flashing a gorgeous grin matt held up the pair of scissors 'a haircut'

I was aroused at once but was also worried about my long black ponytail.

Matt offered me the pile of cards. Luckily it was a king. I saw that James had a one and that Tyler had won the round with an ace. He was grinning at James.

James sat in a wooden chair and Tyler tied him to it with a thick rope.

James had the chiseled body of a Greek god with bulging biceps and six pack abs and with matching blue eyes and long blonde hair. Tyler held up one lock of hair and cut it, flinging it to the floor. Matt got up and started licking his nipples. I also moved forward and carefully put my hand on James' crotch slowly drawing out his 10" uncut cock. I started licking it and matt soon joined me. I could feel his cock hardening.

Suddenly I heard an electric razor start up. Tyler was shaving the sides of James' head giving him a Mohawk.

Suddenly he said 'lay him down guys'

So matt and I untied him from the chair and tied him to the sofa legs on the floor with his arms stretched above his head and his legs spread apart. Tyler brought some shaving foam and started shaving the light fuzz in his armpits while he threw me the razor. I pulled down his underwear completely to expose his hairy balls and healthy peachy pubes. I started shaving them and didn't realize how much I was enjoying it till I saw the transformed James. There was absolutely no hair on his perfect body except for his sexy Mohawk.

Next round I lost to matt and I knew that it was my turn to be shaved . . . . . .




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