I got to tell my story of how my introduction to group sex came about and how I was feminized, in "life cums along", this is not a story, well it is but a different story, dealing with thoughts and feelings to first times with a man, feelings I had in gay relationships.

It was a beautiful day that day, about 70 degrees, clear, had a nice drive down, lots of time to think, id messed with boys my age sexually, some touching, kissing, stroking, I sucked overall it was just fooling around but id liked what experimentation id done, it wasnt done with any feelings, just boys doing things together .

Well we arrived at our destination, and I went to meet the host, he was very nice to me and put me at ease quickly, I was comfortable around him and after a hour or so I guess I trusted him, that evening he took me to his home, where we talked about everything, the subject turned to girls, that was a problem, I didnt want him to ask anything about me and girls, I didnt really like one, id rather be with other boys, well he asked and part of my fear in answering honestly was id been told he was gay and liked young boys,i wasnt afraid of him approaching me ii just didnt know if this would be right to tell him I liked boys better, well he got it out of me, as I was telling him I was looking down I didnt want to look him in the eye, while I talked he reached over to me and put his arms around me and pulled me into himself, id never been hugged by a man like this and didnt know what to do, but it felt so nice being in his arms I felt protected, he told me it was ok a natural thing, I was leaning into him and he ran his hand up and down my back, it felt nice, his hands were warm and they were big compared to mine or my friends, but we were just teens he was a full grown man, I did like it though, he held me for a few and then he stroked my hair, he told me I had very nice hair, then he took my chin with his fingers, he turned my face toward his, he looked me in the eye and as he did he moved his face closer to mine, then he put his lips to mine and started to kiss me, when his lips touched mine it was a meaningful kiss, it had feeling in it, our lips rubbed against each others and we didnt pull away, then I felt his lips open and his wet tongue touched my lips and I parted mine, his tongue came into my mouth and found my tongue we moved our tongues over each others, we kissed for what seemed a long time, I was breathing really hard and I had a erection, id kissed boys my age but nothing prepared me for the intimacy of being kissed by him, I wanted more, we kissed like that a few times and I was putty in his hands, he rubbed me, held me, told me how special I was to him and how it was so nice we could be able to spend some quality quiet time to get to know each other better, I made a uh-huh noise as my face was in his chest, I was so small compared to him he was about 6'2" 220, I was 5'6" 135, just a very small teen, but I liked him being bigger then me I felt safe in his arms and I felt wanted, I wanted to be important to someone and I wanted them to want me, and I felt that with him.

After the kisses and hugs I knew this was going the way id been warned about, he was gay and liked boys like me, and I had a pretty good idea that I wasnt going anywhere until he wanted me to, we cuddled and kissed and he rubbed my body after a while he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down, to me it was electrifying, he rubbed up and down my thigh, soon he was rubbing my upper thigh and then ran his fingers over my hard cock, he felt it and asked if I was hard because of what we were doing I said yes, he said good im glad you like it, I like rubbing you and feeling your excitement, after we were in that position he said lets move to another room, he got up and took my hand, we walked hand in hand to the stairs, up we went, in his bedroom he had me get naked,i did, then he did, I was anxious to see him naked, it excited me and id never seen a grown mans cock before, he was down to his underwear and he looked at me and pulled them down to his ankles, he stood up straight and there it was, I was shocked, his cock was semi hard and about 5inches or so, and so thick, mine really was a boys cock, a mans is much nicer, I staired at it, then he asked me if I liked what I saw, I was staring at it thinking how beautiful a mans cock is, it looked so adult, it didnt look bad or scary, it looked to me like it needed touching, so I did, I told him I really liked it and I rubbed it up and down, and it got hard, I later learned that it was 7 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 around when hard, I loved how it felt in my hand, so soft and yet so hard, smooth, it looked really good, having a mans big hard cock in my hand was a huge part of my sexual choices I made starting right then, I wanted to be around it all the time, to touch it and do anything else it wanted, I was a brand new cock whore, we lay together and he let me look closly at it and to stroke and rub and touch it, after what was maybe a while of me studying it he put a hand on my head and pushed my face toward it, I didnt need to be asked or told, I opened my young mouth and tried to suck it into my mouth, now seeing it had a effect on me sucking it was incredible, it felt so good in my mouth or what I had in my mouth, it tasted really good the skin moving over his hard shaft, I sucked as best as I could guess how, I took more and more into my mouth almost getting it all in there, I sucked he encouraged me to, I did it for as long as he let me, then he pulled me up, I was in awe id seen and touched and sucked my first mans cock, and I didnt feel id done anything wrong, I actually was enjoying it, best tie I could remember having, we lay with me in his arms him over me like a dominant daddy, we kissed and then he put his hand between my legs, I parted them to give him access to myself and he started to run his fingers along my crack, soon he zeroed in on my what he later called my boy pussy, his finger found my hole, he pulled it out to put it in his mouth to get wet, when he did that he put it back to my hole and he pushed his finger into me a bit I gasped, he told me to relax and enjoy it, I tried, he pushed more in, now my mind is racing, so far id done more then with anyone or all combined at that point, and now knowing where this was leading, here I was liking this to, he put it all the way in then started to finger fuck me, I liked it so I moaned, he gave me a peck and said your sure a good boy, your going to like it here with me, after a few he put in another finger, then later a third now I felt streatched open, not really painful it felt pretty good to me, but id opened my legs wider for him and I was fucking up and down on his fingers and moaning kind of nonstop, he slowed then took them out I moaned in protest, he asked how that felt I said it felt great I didnt want him to stop, he said there is more to learn, he moved his legs between my legs and moved my thighs apart even more, he leaned over me and kissed me deep, then he said tonight we are doing something no one can ever know about, we can continue our relationship together but no ome must find out, im going to make you belong to me now, im going to make love to your young boy pussy, this is how you please me or one of the ways, as long as im beiing pleasured we will continue to live our secret life together, we can be seeen together but no touching, kissing, saying anything that might let on, your my special boyfrind, I said ok, and he moved closer to my crotch, I knew what he was going to do, was I afraid, no I was excited, he put the head of his hard cock to my hole and id never felt anything like it, I was so sensative I felt his whole head at my entrance, I loved it, he pushed in, it went in a fraction, aand I moaned with the pain, he pushed harder, it went in more then he did it over and over just a little at a time, soon I was being filled up, he went slow so I could adjust to it as he went, it hurt but the pleasure was more then the pain, I open my legs as wide as I could, I didnt want to stop him, I loved being full of his big hard cock, then I felt his pubic hair and his balls on my ass cheeks, I knew he was in me all the way, he held still then he asked me what I wanted, I said I want you to fuck me and make me yours, he started to pump in and out of me slowly, he asked again what I wanted, first if youve never felt a big thick cock going into your virgin pussy you have not felt anything like it ever nor will you, as soon as he started to fuck me with a steady rythem I knew it was over, id let him fuck me anytime he wanted, id do anything for him so he would continue to fuck me as often as we could find the time.

Sex with a man is incredible, I need for him to be built well, hung hopefully, and handsome, and takes control, I like to be told what to do, kissing is so sensual, sucking is like taking control, hes yours while you give him head, and if you swallow youve got him till he shoots his load down your throat, being fucked is what I suppose a woman feels, he is controlling me, I am giving my heart, mind and soul to him I want to be in his control, he is using me and I want him to, I guess being a mans lover when you are a man, is like being a mans lover if you are a girl, I spent much time looking for dominate men to try to have relationships with over the years, I liked it then and I like it now, ill write some more about some other lovers and our activities later if you liked this one.



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