Brad and I have been best friends since our freshman year of high school. He and his dad moved into the house next door just before school started. We immediately became the best of friends.

With both of our dads being divorced, they also had things in common and became good friends.

The four of us often spent at least one day of the weekend together, either going to a ball game or other sporting event, going to movies, or out fishing.

By the end of our freshman year, our dads began going out together usually on Fridays to singles bars. Sometimes they wouldn't return home until early Saturday morning. Brad and I joked with them about 'getting some' when they were out all night. They would turn red and ignore us.

Then during the summer after our junior year, Brad and I planned a week long camping trip. As we packed up for the trip, Brad said he had a surprise for me. I asked what it was and he said to wait and see.

It turned out that two days before our trip, Brad's dad, John, had bought two cases of beer to put in the spare fridge in the garage. However he forgot it in the bed of the truck and Brad had found it. Using the truck to go to the store for our supplies, he stashed the beer in the garage of a vacant house around the corner.

When he got home his dad asked if he had seen the beer in the truck. Brad had said he didn't see anything in the bed of the truck when he left for the store. His dad was pissed at himself for leaving it in the truck and figured it had been stolen before Brad used the truck.

We were using the truck for our camping trip and after we left the houses on Friday afternoon, we went around the corner and when Brad pulled into the drive I asked what was going on. He tole me the story.

"Fucking nice work," I said.

We quickly loaded the two cases and hit the road, arriving at the campsite about five. we quickly set up camp, iced the beer down, collected fire wood, then ate dinner. After eating, we started a cozy fire and broke out the old beer.

When we climbed onto our sleeping bags, we were both slightly buzzed but not drunk. We slept soundly, awaking the next morning with a sight headache.

Saturday we did some hiking after breakfast then after lunch decided that since we were on private property that belonged to a friend of Brad's dad and no one else was around, we'd go skinny dipping in the small lake. it was no big deal since we had seen each other nude many times in gym class at school.

We started on the beer as we swam, and after a few decided to get crazy and stay nude. Later we prepared sandwiches for dinner then had a few more beers next to the campfire. Brad kept pushing beers at me which I really didn't want. So, when his back would be turned, I'd pour most of it out and pretend that I had drank it.

When we went to bed, I was buzzed but not drunk. Brad seemed to be more buzzed that I was. Soon, it appeared that he was sleeping soundly, but I lay awake listening to the calming night sounds.

A while later, Brad turned over facing me and said softly, "Mark, you asleep?"

Not wanting to get him to talking and us staying awake, I pretended to be asleep and didn't answer. A moment later he repeated the question. Again, I remained silent.

He stirred and I felt his hand lay on my stomach. I wondered what he was up to. Seconds later, he moved his hand lower and I felt him grasp my cock. Somehow, I remained still as my cock began to stiffen.

From the light of the moon, I was barely able to watch him as he sat up and moved lower on his sleeping bag. Slowly, he leaned over and licked the tip of my cock.

I was shocked that Brad might be gay. He had never given any indication that he was.

Then as he held my cock, I saw his head lower again, this time swallowing my cock. I moaned slightly, still pretending to be asleep. He continued sucking my cock and soon brought me to a climax. It was all I could do not to react violently. As my climax ended, with my cock still in his mouth, I felt him swallow.

He slowly pulled off and lay back down. I moaned again softly turning over with my back to him.

Soon he was asleep as I lay there trying to comprehend what had just happened. It was my first experience with another male and I had totally enjoyed it. It didn't matter to me that he was gay. He was still my friend.

The next morning we got up as if nothing had happened the night before. We started coffee and as we sat, still nude, and sipped our coffee, I looked at him casually and asked, "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"Brad, I wasn't asleep. Did you enjoy sucking my cock?"

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed. "You were still awake?"

"Yes, I was."

"Mark, I'm sorry. I should have told you that I was gay but I was afraid it would end our friendship. I've wanted to do that for over a year now."

"Our friendship is not based on whether you're gay or not. It doesn't matter to me. I just never dreamed that you were gay."

"I have been since before I moved in next to you."

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Yes, very much. I also like to kiss and make out and get fucked in the ass."

"Shit, man, you take it up the ass?"

"Oh, yea."

"Doesn't that hurt?"

"It did the first few time to start, but by the time the guy climaxed, I was enjoying it."

"Who fucked you?" I asked.

"It was the summer between our freshman and sophomore years of high school when I was a counselor at the summer camp. The other counselor that shared the cabin with me as gay also and we began having sex. He was a year older than me and sexy. He got me to start fucking him and after a while i wanted to see what it was like. I soon got to loving it."

"Damn! Unbelievable. After all this time, I never dreamed you were gay."

"Are you upset or mad at me for what I did? I was afraid that if I asked you to let me suck you, you might say no."

"I'm not sure how I would have answered," I said. But if you want to do it again, you're welcome to. It felt great."

"Really? You'll let me?"

"Yea, I will."

He came over to me and asked, "Now?"

"Sure," I said as I spread my legs as I sat in the chair.

Brad was soon sucking me again but this time I could see it clearly and it was erotic to watch.

Brad sucked me twice more that day. Then the next morning when we woke up he began again. I decided to see what it was like and after he got me off, I went down on him. It was different, erotic, and exciting. He soon climaxed and after taking it all in my mouth, I looked at him and swallowed.

"What brought that on?"

"I just wanted to see what it was like."

"What did you think?"

"Brad, I hate to admit it but I enjoyed it."

The rest of the week Brad and I sucked each other frequently, even kissing and making out. Toward the end of the week he asked me to fuck him and I did. It was awesome, better that any of the cunt I had fucked. I then went all the way and asked him to fuck me. It did hurt like hell but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All during our senior year, Brad and I sucked and fucked each other every chance we got. After graduation, we left for college and and became room mates. We would have sex daily in our dorm room. Eventually, we fund a coupe of other guys into male sex and would 'study' together in our room. I had also suspicion that one of my instructors was gay and began putting the make on him. I was right and was soon having sex with him in his office there on campus.

It was toward the end of our sophomore year that there was a severe storm and most of the own was without power. It was a Friday and classes had been suspended for a week. Brad and I decided to drive the five hours and go home and see our dads.

It was almost ten when we arrived home. We pulled into Brad's driveway since we were in his car. Noticing all the lights out at his place and them on at mine, we thought his dad might be over with my dad.

As we cut across the yards, I noticed the blinds to the side living room window open. Looking at Brad, I said, "Let's see if they are there and where they are sitting so can we scare the hell out of them."

"You're mean but I love the idea," he replied.

We eased up t the side window and peered in. No one was there but the TV was on.

"Let's see where they are at," I said.

Making our way to the back of the house, we peeked into the windows. When we got to dad's bedroom window and looked in, we were shocked at what we saw.

There in the bed were both of our dads totally naked and in a sixty-nine sucking each others cock.

We watched a moment before slipping back to the front of the house.

Looking at Brad, I asked "Did you have any idea your dad sucked cock?"

"Fuck no!" he exclaimed. "How about you?"

"Not a clue," I said. "I can't believe this."

"Me either, but I think it's hot. No way can they say anything about us being gay."

Looking at Brad, I asked, "Shall we surprise them and walk in on them?"

"Fuck yea," he said, then added, "Be wild if we stripped in the living room and walked in asking if we could join them."

"I'm game if you are," I said.

"Let's do it," he said.

We eased up to the front door and to our surprise it was unlocked. We eased in quietly and stripped totally nude then eased down the hall to my dad's bedroom.

Slipping in, as we stood side by side, John noticed us standing there nude and boned. When he jumped, Dad looked our way.

Casually, I asked, "Can we join the party?"

"Mark, what are you doing here?"

"Well, it's obvious you weren't expecting us. The campus cosed for the week because of no power."

"What are you to doing with no clothes on?" John asked.

"Hoping to do the same thing as you two," Brad said and began walking toward the bed with me by his side.

"How long have you two been getting it on, if I may ask?" I said.

"Boys, we didn't want you to find out and certainly not this way."

"Hey," I began, "it's cool. We're gay also, but when did you start?"

We sat on the bed with them and talked. It seemed that back during our junior year, they went out one Friday night and went to a bar not knowing it was a swingers bar. They said that they met a husband and wife that invited them home for sex. It turned out that the husband was bi and the wife loved watching him suck a guys cock while another fucked her. They said the wife talked them into sucking her husband and having a three way with him. After it was over, they said, they began experimenting more with each other and found it was very satisfying and have continued on a regular basis. then they asked about us. We told them the story about the camping trip.

"You little shit!" John exclaimed. "So that's where my beer went."

We finally looked our dads over and we both agreed that they were both hot. Suddenly, as if reading each others mind, we began sucking our own father. They half-heartedly tried to stop us but soon they were kissing madly as we sucked their big hard beautiful cock. Each dad climaxed and watched as we both swallowed.

They then sucked us, swallowing our loads.

Dad looked at me afterward and pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. John did the same to Brad.

Then, they asked if we had eaten and when we said no they suggested we get dressed and they would take us out to dinner.

When we returned home, we all stripped and each father son team had a sixty-nine. After later reloading, Brad and I lay side by side on dad's king bed and raised our legs asking them to fuck us. Soon, they were kissing as they pumped our asses.

Brad and John spent the rest of the weekend at our house and we had hot sex, each father and son watching the other suck and fuck and Brad and dad watching me and John have sex then John and I watched dad and Brad have sex.

On Sunday, Brad and john went back to their place and dad and I were alone. Our sex became more passionate and loving.

Then, on Wednesday, dad asked me what I thought of John.

"I like him a lot, why?"

"Son, I never thought it would happen, but I've fallen deeply in love with him. I've been thinking about asking him to be my lover."

"Dad, if you truly love him, ask him. You need him as I'm sure he needs you. I want you to be happy, regardless if it's with another man or a woman. Besides, you two make a great pair."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Hell no," I said.

Later, Brad and I were alone and I told him what dad had said.

"Fuck, dad talked to me about the same fucking thing and I told him I would be glad for them."

Friday, I suggested we have Brad and John over for dinner and told dad he could ask John then.

We did and after dinner, in front of Brad and I, dad asked John to be his lover and John happily accepted. It was so great to see them both so happy. I suggested that John spend the night there with dad while Brad and I stayed at their house.

Saturday, we all had sex again, before Brad and i returned to campus, calling each other our step-brother.

the next semester our dads paid for us to get an apartment so we could have some privacy. John and dad both sold their houses and bought one together in a nice neighborhood that openly accepted gay couples.

At our graduation, Brad and I announced to our dads that we too were lovers.

It's been three years since Brad and I became lovers. Both couples are still deeply in love and happy. When we run into former classmates, they are shocked that we are gay lovers but accepting. Life has been good to all of us.




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