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Sexy young black men with a big bubble ass very good at sucking dickĀ 

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Big black ass fucked

15 May 2024 998 readers comments 6 Min Read

My name is Julia brown I'm 22 years old and I'm gay.i live In Cape Town I was born with a very big ass it thick and juicy they use to call me bubble butt at school

Topics: Black Men, Transgender, Big Ass

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Big ass bubble butt

11 Jun 2023 3849 readers comments 7 Min Read

Born with big bubble ass fanatised being fucked by older men with big black cocks

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First time gay sex (ch. 2)

16 Mar 2023 1878 readers comments 5 Min Read

As we showered together after long lovemaking. We dried up and we both wrapped ourselves with towels. We went to chill in dining room and watch movie about a guy couple we grabbed some food and wine.

Topics: Anal Sex, Big Dick, First Time

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First time gay sex

15 Mar 2023 2191 readers comments 4 Min Read

I'm a young black boy with a big bubble butt and I'm very good at sucking dick and good at twerking on top of a dick like being treated like a slave take control I can make men moaning for hours I'm good at what I do I know my story I don't mind be fucked long hours without any rest as long we having fun

Topics: Black Men, First Time