Stories by bdsmboy26

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 22 (Final Chapter)

    The conclusion to the ordeal these pledges have been going through.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 21

    The tables are turned on pledge Jared, and now pledge Ben gets his revenge. Meanwhile, pledge Mike delivers service that he's rated on, and he REALLY doesn't want to have to face the consequences of getting a bad rating.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 20

    Pledge Jared is in control of pledge Ben. But when he doesn't win the challenge, the tables are turned.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 19

    Ben gets spit roasted, and Mike returns back to the frat house VERY late, and is punished accordingly.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 18

    The post-cum torture continues for Ben, and Mike takes a very humiliating walk back to his frat house.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 17

    Ben is forced to suck miles of cock in his predicament. Meanwhile, Mike's humiliation increases at PAS.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 16

    Pledge Ben has a decision to make, but neither choice will end well for him. Meanwhile, Mike is over at PAS still trying to avoid the humiliation of revealing the vibrating plug in his ass to Tyler.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 15

    Pledge Dan is taught a lesson in self-control, while pledge Mike serves Tyler at PAS for the first time in order to keep him quiet.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 14

    Pledge Mike is punished for missing a workout, and pledge Dan sticks his nose in other people's business, yet again. Will he ever learn?

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 13

    Pledge Mike's ordeal at Phi Alpha Sigma begins, as well as the enforced workouts for all pledges.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 12

    Pledge Mike finds out about his fate at a rival fraternity, then arrives there for the night.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 11

    Brother Jason gives pledge Dan his requirements for his blowjob, and the consequences for doing a half-assed job. Then the brothers extend their fun with Mike's vibrating butt plug to another frat.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 10

    The frat brothers line up for their blowjobs, and many have special requests. Well, not just requests, with pledge Dan in the pillory...they're pretty likely to get what they want.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 9

    Now that the pledges have discovered what the K in the fraternity name really stands for, things get kinky!

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 8

    Jason and Chad have some fun sending vibration patterns to Mike's ass throughout the night. Then they go to his room to see if he wants it to stop, and if he's ready to earn that privilege.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 7

    Jason and Chad test the new remotely controlled vibrating butt plug in a glass of water and quickly see its true power. Then they find a good reason to use it to punish a pledge.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 6

    Jason finds a unique and very interesting toy online which may come in handy when punishing a pledge.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 5

    Tongue baths, sneaker worship, and harsh penalties for slacking...

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 4

    Pledge Mike slacks off, and is punished accordingly. Pledge Dan gives a bit more "personal" service to brother Jason.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 3

    Pledge Mike is put through some frat style humiliation. When pledge Dan comes to his rescue, does it help, or does he end up regretting his decision?

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 2

    The pledges are read the rules for the week and the consequences for breaking them. Then one pledge lies to hide his secret and ends up having to help a frat member remove his sweaty clothes after football practice.

  • Pledging the Frat, Chapter 1

    Mike pledges a fraternity that he's heard good things about. But is that the only reason, and is he getting in over his head?

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 11

    The formerly-cocky jock gets locked in a cage for the night, and put to the test. Can he control himself and refrain from touching his unlocked dick, as instructed? Or will his ordeal start all over again?

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 10

    The cocky jock is punished in the stocks using a very harsh, non-traditional position. Then when he mouths off again, he's put in a stress position that will prove to wear him down pretty quickly and fix his attitude issues.

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 9

    The jock is required to show his submissiveness with messages written on his hot ass in black marker. If he messes up again, it will prove to be an electrifying experience.

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 8

    The cocky jock slips up on his rules, then is disrespectful yet again. Punishment time! Ruined orgasm with some post-orgasm torture anyone? <evil grin!>

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 7

    The cocky jock is punished for cumming without permission, then is read the added rules for his renewed chastity sentence to keep him nice and horny the entire time.

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 6

    The cocky jock has a vibrating wand, a hanging feather duster, an oscillating fan, and a silicone masturbation sleeve used against him to ensure he's extremely horny, but denied the right to cum as he so desperately desires.

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 5

    The cocky jock is kept in predicament involving a huge dildo that he can't seem to keep himself off of (literally!), then is subjected to some relentless cock teasing.

  • A Cocky Jock's Attitude Adjustment, Part 4

    The cocky jock gets some electro-motivation on his cock, a plug in his ass, and his forced workout ordeal continues.


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